Tier 3 Certification Data Center

To gauge how successfully a Tier 3 Certification Data Center can serve an organization’s needs, we created our Tier Certifications more than 25 years ago. Since then, these certificates have attained widespread acclaim and offer a distinctive quality seal for high-performing companies. Few programs can compare to the quality of assessment provided by Uptime Institute, which includes organization-specific, component-level, and performance-based evaluations as well as an incredibly detailed, unbiased site visit.

Awards distributed worldwide

A monument to the amount of international respect that Tier Certification has attained as an industry standard for design, building, and operations is the fact that we have issued more than 2,500 certifications in more than 110 countries. Organizations all across the world recognize the importance of a Tier Certification that has been awarded, from rural to metropolitan and everything in between.

The advantages of certification

A business has achieved a greater degree of performance if they have received a data center Tier Certification. The data center has been confirmed as meeting the organization’s requirements and withstanding obstacles in the real world.

The advantages of certification

Numerous advantages of Tier Certification include:

  • Show clients and stakeholders that your data center satisfies stringent requirements and can accommodate business needs as determined by an impartial third party.
  • In addition to providing advice on locating and correcting weak aspects, our certification exams also provide information on addressing strong points. Make use of these reports as a road map for making crucial business decisions and changes.
  • Risk reduction. Poor data centers expose you to a variety of risks, but according to Tier Certification, an organization’s infrastructure is designed to reduce risk.
  • More effectiveness. Your infrastructure may save you money and minimize downtime if it is operating well. Tier Certification guarantees that your system is operating effectively, efficiently, and only utilizing the necessary resources.

What is a Tier 3 data center?

As a fundamental differentiator, a Tier III data center features numerous power, cooling, and systems channels, with redundant distribution paths to support the critical environment. The primary way that Tier 3 differs from Tier I and Tier II is by not requiring data centers to shut down for equipment maintenance or replacement. Its projected uptime is 99.982%, which translates to 1.6 hours of downtime per year.

Certification Tier 3 Data Center

Certification Tier 3 Data Center

The second-highest certification in the Uptime Institute’s approach for grading data center performance into four categories is a Tier 3 data center. Tier 3 data centers must accomplish the following in addition to completing the requirements for Tier 1 and Tier 2 data centers:

  1. Redundancy of N+1. To enable normal maintenance without downtime, Tier 3 data centers have N+1 redundant power and cooling distribution pathways.
  2. a 72-hour outage guarantee. It is necessary to have three days of uninterrupted power that is not connected to any external sources.
  3. Maximum annual downtime is 1.6 hours. The annual maximum for maintenance and emergencies is this amount of downtime.
  4. 982% of the time. Emergencies and unforeseen maintenance may cause some disruption. Services geared toward customers might be affected.

The Uptime Institute’s most popular certification is for Tier 3 data centers. Which are frequently used by businesses larger than the normal small- to medium-sized corporations. Many of the services offered by Tier 4 providers are also offered by Tier 3 providers. Although they give a somewhat lower uptime guarantee and are not fault-tolerant.

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