Tier 3 Data Center Availability

Tier 3 Data Center Availability, a multi-tenant data center provider that offers the connectivity and infrastructure necessary to power today’s digital businesses, has opened in Birmingham, Alabama. Up to 5MW of power, 18,000 square feet of white space, and 13,000 square feet of office space with conference rooms, demo spaces, hoteling cubes, and workstations are all provided by the facility’s first phase. Which is now client ready.

This property, which is ARZHOST’s leading facility, may grow to more than 200,000 square feet and more than 60MW of vital IT load to act as a center of creativity and technology for the neighborhood.

Low-latency, high-capacity connection is a vital part of this emerging architecture as data centers migrate increasingly toward the edge of the network to serve a growing number of applications seeking local processing and storage.

The Birmingham data center of ARZHOST provides customers with access to the full range of the company’s solutions, including cloud storage, colocation, and rich connectivity, as well as managed service providers, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firms, and content providers with operations in the Southeast. The facility is a part of ARZHOST’s private, high-speed network fabric, which offers secure cloud connectivity, 100Gb+ bandwidth, low-latency connections to Internet Exchanges, and access to a wide range of carriers across data centers.

Best Tier 3 Data Center Availability performance, dependability, and connection are provided by ARZHOST in the markets it serves. The firm is committed to addressing the infrastructure needs of companies and communities in developing and underserved regions of the Southeast United States where access to Tier 3 data center requirements and robust connectivity is scarce.

Tier 3 Data Center Availability

In this new neighborhood, the definition of data center tier offers the connectivity required to meet an increasingly distributed IT environment. They are allowing businesses and governmental organizations in the Birmingham area to offload the expense and difficulty of managing their data centers. On July 11, the data center in Birmingham, Alabama will hold its official opening.

“The Birmingham facility is designed for security and reliability”, says Mark Masi, ARZHOST Chief Operating Officer. “With construction designed to withstand 150+ mph winds, N+1 power, and cooling systems. A fully-protected private network and improved security were developed to accommodate Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) standards. “Our data hall can be customized for specific solutions as well as built to accept cabinets of varied density”.

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