Tier 4 Data Center Uptime

The highest accreditation in the Uptime Institute’s system for dividing data center performance into 4 tiers is a Tier 4 Data Center Uptime.

Tier 4 Data Center Uptime must accomplish the following in addition to achieving the requirements of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 data centers:

  • Redundancy of 2N+1: Tier 4 data centers have two times as many distribution paths as are required, in addition to a backup, and are fully redundant.
  • 96-hour outage insurance: It is necessary to have four days of self-sufficient power that is unconnected to any external source.
  • No more than one downtime period a year: The maximum downtime permitted in a given year is 26.3 minutes.
  • Uptime of 99.995%: The highest Tier 4 Data Center Uptime guarantee is offered here.
  • No lone sites of failure: Every process is totally redundant, therefore there won’t be a single outage that brings the system to a halt.
  • Every piece of IT hardware has a fault-tolerant power design: IT operations are unaffected when a piece of equipment breaks down or a distribution path is interrupted.
  • Maintaining a safe working environment by continuous cooling: In order to boost productivity and lengthen the useful life of the hardware. The atmosphere is kept at a comfortable temperature.

Enterprise-level support for mission-critical infrastructure is offered by Tier 4 data centers. In the event of any mechanical failure, they guarantee that the device will still function safely. Complete redundancy, fault tolerance, and high levels of security provide protection while reducing the likelihood of downtime.

Tier 4 Data Center Uptime

In order to provide maximum efficiency and lengthen the lifecycle of hardware. The environment’s temperature and humidity are continually maintained in the ideal ranges. Customers in the most expensive tier, Tier 4 Data Center Uptime, are often large, globally competitive transnational enterprises.

Why Should a “Constructed Facility” Receive Tier IV Certification?

The Tier IV certification from the Uptime Institute verifies the caliber of IT services in the same way that the ISO 27001, ISO 20000, and ISO 22301 standards do. If you want to conduct business with global corporations, you must meet this condition. All fundamental decision-making processes revolve around it. The facility’s proficiency has been formally acknowledged by Tier IV certification.

Receive Tier IV Certification

Less than 26 minutes of downtime per year, or 99.9% uptime, is the standard for Tier 4 Data Center Uptime. The approval ensures the confidentiality and high availability of the data. Financial, Fintech & RegTech, Health & Life Science, International Institutions, Security-Defense-Space, Online Services, and Operators of Essential Services all employ Tier-IV approved data centers.

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