There is a lot of misunderstanding about what a Tier III data center is & what is Tier iii Data Center Requirements, how it differs from Tier II or even Tier iii Data Center Requirements, and what it offers. This post will make an effort to dismiss that uncertainty and offer information on what factors to consider when choosing a data center for colocation or data center managed services.


In the 1990s, The Uptime Institute released the initial set of standards for data center tiers. Since then, the data center business has developed enormously. But the fundamental principles remain the same and have been adopted as industry norms.

Data Centers of Tier III

All of the standards for Tiers I and II must be met by a Tier III data center. Because there are several channels for power, cooling, and systems in place at this level of facility, servers, networks, and systems can continue to function both during planned maintenance windows and unexpected outages.

Tier iii Data Center Requirements

Even totally fault-resistant technology is offered by a few Tier iii Data Center Requirements. They are marketed as Tier III+ data centers and boast 2N or N+1 for all infrastructure and systems. For the vast majority of medium-sized to big firms and industries, a Tier III / Tier III+ data center is the most affordable solution. With a projected uptime of 99.982%. You may expect to have a downtime of no more than 1.6 hours per year.

A Tier III or Tier III+ data center is the wise choice for businesses that need a constant online presence because the risk is lowered to less than 2 hours annually. It makes sense to use a Tier III+ data center with full online operations if your company employs shared systems and cloud platforms. Without worrying about downtime, you can support your operations around the clock.

What are Tier iii Data Center Requirements?

Larger companies use Tier iii Data Center Requirements, which include the following:

  • Uptime of 99.982% (Tier 3 uptime & Tier iii Data Center Requirements)
  • Maximum annual downtime is 1.6 hours.
  • Protecting from power outages for at least 72 hours, N+1 fault tolerant

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