Virtual Machine Consolidation is Needed

Virtual Machine Consolidation is Needed in VMware vSphere have a number of advantages. They function properly and dependably if the appropriate hardware and software configuration are used. If the VMware vSphere Client occasionally displays the virtual machine consolidation needed status. A system administrator must resolve this issue. The necessity of VMware virtual machine disc consolidation is discussed in this blog article along with a solution to the problem.

What is VMware Disk Consolidation?

Virtual Machine Consolidation is Needed disc files after taking VM snapshots is the process of doing so. You can start disc consolidation whenever you want to stop performance loss and other problems. Changes are written to the appropriate delta disc when you create delta discs during a snapshot (the latest delta disc by default, until one of the previous snapshots, is selected to restore the virtual machine). Because each delta disc retains all modifications made compared to the previous delta disc state and the parent disc is left unmodified, redundant data is present in the virtual machine storage.

What is VMware Disk Consolidation

Performance declines as the chain of snapshots and associated virtual disc files grows. When you execute Virtual Machine Consolidation is Needed, data from delta drives is combined onto a single disc, and the data store where this VM’s contents are kept is empty of any duplicate data. After you condense virtual machine disc files, storage space is cleaned. Keep in mind that VMware advises limiting the number of snapshots per VM to 32.

Reasons that the VMware Disk Consolidation Error Might Occur

The VM Summary tab of the VMware Virtual Machine Consolidation is Needed vSphere Client displays the error message ” Virtual Machine Consolidation is Needed” consolidation is needed” (screenshot below). Incorrectly deleting a VM snapshot is one of the frequent causes of this error message, which can leave VMDK files related to snapshots and log files on the data store (for example, after you performed the Delete All or Delete operation for VM snapshots).

Reasons that the VMware Disk Consolidation Error Might Occur

The following are the most typical reasons for Virtual Machine Consolidation is Needed:

  1. Insufficient disc capacity on the VMFS data store to combine virtual disc files and VM snapshots. This error could occur if the data store has less free space than 1 GB.
  2. ESXi host on which a VM is running has a storage system attached, however it performs poorly. Snapshot consolidation may not succeed if the snapshot size is large or times out.
  3. problems with the ESXi host’s connection to vCenter.
  4. A third-party application, such as a backup programme, can lock snapshot files. This might happen if a backup application froze a snapshot before finishing a backup job (backup applications can create a temporary snapshot of a virtual machine when running a backup). Without employing snapshot techniques to provide a consistent backup of a running VM, backup apps are unable to quiescent disc.

In essence, you must make the VM disc files consistent again.

How Do I Fix the Mistake?

By selecting Snapshots > Consolidate from the menu that appears when you right-click the VM name in the VMware vSphere Client. You can correct the virtual machine consolidation needed state.

The following confirmation message appears:

On your virtual machine, all redundant redo logs are combined during this operation. Are you certain you want to go on? To approve and combine virtual machine disc files, click Yes.

How Do I Fix the Mistake

Note: Virtual Machine Consolidation is Needed, for instance, by copying all VM files to another folder on a data store, and then carry out VMware disc consolidation if there is worry that some data may be lost.

Wait until the logs have been cleaned and the VMware disc consolidation is finished. The task panel is located at the base of the VMware vSphere Client interface, where you may view the task progress. Performance of the running VM may suffer throughout this process. The size of the VM, the quantity of snapshots, and the load on the VM all affect how long it takes to complete this operation.

The notice that VMware virtual machine disc consolidation is required should vanish once the operation of VMware disc consolidation has been completed.


This blog post has outlined suggestions that will assist you in resolving the desired Virtual Machine Consolidation is Needed situation. When a snapshot chain is broken, a snapshot is locked by another ESXi host, or a snapshot is defective, VMware virtual machine disc consolidation is typically required. Run a VM backup program on a regular basis in your VMware vSphere system.

If you have a data backup, you can recover the data and go on working if something goes wrong with the vCenter process or if the data is lost, damaged, or encrypted by ransomware. Like other crucial VMs, the VMware vCenter Server needs to be backed up. A professional backup solution that enables backing up virtual machines in VMware vSphere is ARZHOST Backup & Replication. Install ARZHOST Backup & Replication on your computer.

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