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Online hosting is a widely used online hosting solution in which a provider uses a single physical web server to host several websites. The majority of website providers don't require a lot of server resources. Shared web hosting, as at ARZ Host, enables suppliers to deliver dependable service at a reasonable price. Web hosting services are provided by ARZ Host.
  • Free Domain Transfer Looking for a hassle-free move to a new web host? ARZ Host eliminates the stress and expense of domain transfers by offering it completely free of charge. Whether you're starting a new website or seeking a better hosting experience, you can seamlessly transfer your existing domain to ARZ Host without any additional fees. This convenient feature allows you to consolidate your web presence and manage your domain and hosting services under one roof, simplifying your online management.
  • Daily And Weekly Backups Rest assured that your website's content and data are always safe with ARZ Host's comprehensive backup system. They provide both daily and weekly backups to ensure multiple layers of protection for your valuable information. In the event of unforeseen circumstances like accidental deletions, system failures, or cyber-attacks, you can easily restore your website to a previous version without losing any critical data. This commitment to data security safeguards your online presence and provides peace of mind, knowing your website is always retrievable.