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Build WordPress Security

High-Alert Security
for Advance WordPress Site

Easy-to-use solutions are provided by Website Security to assist in defending your website from the most prevalent security risks. After all, your website serves as the hub of your company, your brand, and all the fantastic things you're doing to the world. With all the resources you require to safeguard your company's online presence and your clients, it merits thorough protection.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Traffic
  • Daily check & monitor your software
  • Extreme Reliability Standard
  • Free SSL Security
Starting at $2.43/mo*
Managed WordPress Hosting's got major perks.
Managed & Automated Tasks
WordPress is ready to use and installed on your hosting account. We regularly backup your website and keep it secure by making sure you're running the most recent version of WordPress with all security updates installed.
Ready-to-go WordPress
WordPress is already set up and ready to use on your hosting account.
Advanced Security
Security for control freaks. Enjoy site backups, virus protection, Administration Access over SSL, Web Application Firewall, Virus and Malware Scanning, Enforced Password Strength, Brute Force Protection and more.
Simplified Control Panel
Using our simple and beautiful control panel to scale resources, manage accounts, and more. A range of operating systems and licenses are offered for automatic installation from the ARZ Host Control Panel.
WordPress hosting Feature
Simple Control Panel, Unlimited FTP and email accounts, unrestricted bandwidth, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
WordPress Performance
High-performance features like load-balanced servers are part of our platform's WordPress optimization. Your website is prepared for traffic spikes thanks to our clustered server infrastructure.
What,s Include?
  • PHP Version Control
    Activate CDN and use PHP 8.2 in the ARZHOST cPanel. Install a cache plugin, avoid high CPU plugins, and optimize your images, database, and fonts.
  • LiteSpeed WordPress
    We provide advance WordPress plugins with advanced cache management tool and optimized featured.
  • WP CLI and SSH Access
    SSH is the most recent security and protection protocol, hence Arzhost instructions all of its clients to use it. SSH is most frequently used to establish secure connections to an SSH daemon running on a distant server.
  • DDoS Protection
    All our Arzhost Hosting servers are protected by a powerful anti-DDos Protection program that absorbs attacks and ensures that your services are always available.
  • Professional Email Address
    We can allocate IPs with all our dedicated servers up to 256 failover IPs (/26) with $3.00 per IP monthly cost. ARZ Host does, however, offer you the option of geolocating it.
Customized Without Any Limit

All WordPress Hosting Plans Included

What,s Include?
  • Free SSL Certificate
    Free Shared SSL Certificate with all plan and it will be installed automatically.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
    Support via Live Chat, Ticket System (Email), Weakly backup, Online Support Portal, Community Forum Access, Absolutely Free Support.
  • Superfast Website
    Our ARZHOST site working with provider hugely effects your page load speed and finally your essential concern. Faster areas have better SEO rankings, lower kick back rates, and higher change rates.
  • eCommerce Optimization
    Generally speaking, we provided ecommerce optimization strategy you can use to increase the conversion rate of your website.
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
    By keeping your account updated at all times, we maintain the security of your WordPress hosting plan. The latest and secure version of WordPress is installed by Arzhost automatically.
We Keep The Terms Simple

Why Choose Us For business

  • What is difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting?

    Server configuration is the main difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting services plans typically offer resources that are optimized for the platform. WordPress will be automatically installed and kept up to date for you.

  • Can WordPress be my host?

    Well yes! You can WordPress manage your own host. At Arzhost, we provide managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting plan with fully optimum server configuration. Using the latest version of WordPress hosting and install it on your own server or enjoy all hosting services at very reasonable cost.

  • Which hosting is best for WordPress?

    No doubt Arzhost is one of the best platform for the WordPress business website. Arzhost offers optimized WordPress hosting for as low as $0.99 per month. Everything is easy to set up, even if it is your first time getting hosting or using WordPress. Buy the cheap WordPress hosting and get more traffic.

  • Why Choose Arzhost for WordPress?

    Arzhost automatically installs WordPress on your new account when you sign up for a web hosting plan with us. We continue to offer dependable and inexpensive WordPress hosting, as well as giving our clients access to the goods, resources, and support they need to properly manage their websites. You won't have to worry about locating the right WordPress version because Arzhost always installs the most recent version, giving you access to your website's most up-to-date features.

  • What are the benefits of WordPress hosting?

    WordPress web hosting is the ideal option for business websites. WordPress hosting not only provide great performance even provide highly compatible server configuration. Well, different hosting providers provide different features, we will talk the benefits of WordPress hosting:

    1. cPanel customization
    2. High-alert security
    3. Hosting services application
    4. 24/7 technical support
    5. Unlimited mailboxes
    6. Best database web hosting
  • Where can I host my CMS?

    Of-course! Arzhost has been a great host platform for several WordPress Sites that have super-boost servers as well as reseller servers for our major online users. These servers are super-fast and 99.9% uptime guarantee. The software abilities inside the servers are perfect and their receiver support is fantastic.

    Arzhost is the greatest choice for your online business since it comes with everything you need to get started with WordPress full of CMS. Arzhost give you instructions for each step of the right way.

  • Who is WordPress most suited to?

    The content management system CMS is easy to modify and ideal for:

    • Bloggers
    • Agencies
    • Hosting companies
    • eCommerce companies

    Especially bloggers are the typical group for WordPress. CMS was primarily developed with blogs in mind. Arzhost is one of the most popular CMSs in the blogosphere. Both small and large companies and agencies benefit from its flexibility.

    Arzhost offers even easier options for creating a website and portfolios. Website builder is precise for all industries and offers suitable marketing tools.

  • Should I buy WordPress hosting?

    Well eventually it comes down to how relaxed you are with managing an online website business. But even if you’ve handled the install process for a WordPress site before, and you know how to update everything regularly, we make sure to manage your WordPress site categorically. Don’t be hassled about doing all the heavy excitements and let us do it for you. Arzhost WordPress hosting just makes your life stress-free. And isn’t that worth the price?