Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Arzhost is one of the “best dedicated server hosting” companies out there, and for good reason. Its 99.99% uptime guarantee also puts it near the top of the list when it comes to performance.

Dedicated hosting servers sound pretty great, right? Introducing a business-focused website is not a simple task. As you must build an online destination with commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Security, and other factors in mind. You can get different dedicated hosting packages with Arzhost:

  • Starting Price: $100/ per month
  • Premium Price: $170/ per month

With Arzhost, you can get a domain name for the first year, free SSL certificates, and 7-days money-back guarantee. Considering its features, it’s an affordable dedicated hosting service.

How do we choose the Best Dedicated Server Hosting?

To select the best dedicated hosting services. We gathered thousands of data points on more than 60 web hosts. Arzhost provides full-control, privacy security, and uptime guaranteed resources benefits for both VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting. Well, the high performance of a dedicated server customer’s website is stable and predictable. While customers with high-traffic websites are often the best fit for dedicated hosting.

Here are other criteria we considered for dedicated server hosting:

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. Anticipated Resources
  3. 100% server uptime guarantee
  4. Customer Reviews
  5. Server Location
  6. Inexpensive cost
  7. Anti-DDoS Protection
  8. Control panels
  9. Additional IP addresses

Is dedicated server hosting worth it?

Well yes! The dedicated server can be worth it if you have a large business and are dealing with high traffic. “Best Dedicated Server Hosting” provides more reliability and stability than shared web hosting. The dedicated server leads to an increase in the power of security. While this is the reason it is essential for companies taking transactions over FTP or SSL.

If you are on multiple sites, are getting so much traffic that you’re regularly adding resources. Then it’s likely worth it to upgrade to a dedicated server. While considering the best VPS hosting services before choosing the more expensive option of dedicated plans.

Is my dedicated server hosting scalable?

Absolutely yes! You can easily scale up the capacity of your dedicated server to meet your needs. While if you’re anticipating growth shortly, you can switch over to larger or additional servers. Choose a dedicated server plan that comes with the latest hardware technology. While some hosting providers offer a huge discount on money servers.

Our “best dedicated server hosting” plans typically start at $100 per month. While if you need cheaper dedicated services, you might for a legacy cheap dedicated server hosting plan.

Below are a few specifications your dedicated server plan should offer;

  1. High-secured monitored data center
  2. Managed and unmanaged server hosting
  3. 99% uptime guarantee
  4. Anti-DDoS protection
  5. 24/7 premium support
  6. Unlimited bandwidth & reliability

Ways to manage a Best Dedicated Server Hosting

At Arzhost, here are many ways to manage the website of your dedicated plan. Managed “best dedicated server hosting” makes it easy by providing you with the software and hardware you need to create the right environment.

  1. Take care of your business with the Account management panel (AMP). AMP allows customers to manage domain names. Account/billing information open support tickets, and additional services from a central location.
  2. One-click installation of popular business website applications including WordPress, Joomla, and more optional.
  3. Protect your site with the Backup manager. It allows all types of customers to automatically back up website files and databases.
  4. Server management with cPanel. cPanel allows all types of business websites to create new FTP and E-mail accounts, organize domains and subdomains, manage databases and manage files on the server.
  5. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) allows customers to maintain server files remotely through a secure connection. While including uploading creating and managing file permissions settings.
  6. Creating hosting accounts with Web Host Manager (WHM), gives users who manage multiple business websites the ability to create user accounts with custom resource distribution.



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