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10 Best WordPress Theme For E commerce

It can be difficult to select the best WordPress eCommerce theme for your company because there are thousands of WordPress themes available. Your task is to choose the one that best meets your needs from among those that all provide strong features and gorgeous styles.

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We’ll show you 10 of the top Best WordPress themes for eCommerce to make the process simpler and increase your sales. We’ll also provide you with some pointers and a list of essential qualities your new theme must have.

10 Best WordPress Theme For Ecommerce - Boost Your Online Store

Your WordPress website may display and sell your products thanks to e-commerce WordPress themes. The majority of the time, they are integrated with WooCommerce and contain additions like store and product layouts, shopping carts, checkout pages, and product filtering and sorting options.  Best WordPress Theme for eCommerce essentially offers website owners a simple way to conduct online business.

Why Would You Need an eCommerce Theme?

A successful online store must have an eCommerce theme. It provides a unified, expert appearance that is in line with your brand identity, serving as the aesthetic and functional foundation of your website. A well-designed eCommerce theme has a number of advantages that improve user experience, increase sales, and set your company apart from rivals.

First of all, an eCommerce theme makes sure that your goods or services are presented consistently and attractively. For users to browse and find what they’re looking for, it offers a structured layout with product categories, featured areas, and clear navigation menus. 

An eCommerce theme aids in establishing credibility with potential buyers by presenting your products in an orderly and aesthetically pleasant way.

An eCommerce theme is also made to streamline the purchasing procedure. The consumer experience from product selection to purchase is streamlined thanks to the incorporation of features including shopping carts, safe payment gateways, and simple checkout procedures.

An intuitive and user-friendly design boosts consumer satisfaction and raises the possibility of repeat business.

An eCommerce theme will also typically be search engine optimized, guaranteeing that your online store will appear high in search results. It comprises attributes that make it simpler for search engines to crawl and index your website, such as meta tags, schema markup, and SEO-friendly URL architectures. Increased organic traffic and clientele result from better exposure in search results.

Another benefit of adopting an eCommerce theme is customization. Many themes have a variety of modification options, enabling you to tailor the look of your store to fit your brand. Colors, fonts, and layouts may all be changed, and you can even add your own logo and branding components. With this versatility, you can give your clients a distinctive and memorable online purchasing experience.

Last but not least, an eCommerce theme frequently includes extra features and functionalities designed specifically for online selling. A few examples of these include social sharing buttons, related product recommendations, customer reviews and ratings, and product image galleries. By giving customers pertinent information and enticing them to interact with your store, these features improve the entire user experience and aid in driving conversions.

Top 10 Best WordPress Themes Ecommerce 2023

We took into account a number of things when compiling our list of the top 10 Best WordPress Themes for eCommerce. Since WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress, finding themes specifically made for it was our top priority. 

10 Best WordPress Theme For Ecommerce - Boost Your Online Store

We also looked at the features, customization choices, and beginning website count for each theme. Let’s get started with our best choices right away.

  1. Shoppe by Themify
  2. Shoptimizer
  3. Storefront
  4. Woostify
  5. OceanWP
  6. Botiga
  7. Divi
  8. Astra
  9. Neve
  10. Flatsome

1: Shoppe by Themify

The Shoppe theme by Themify comes next on our list of the top WordPress themes for online stores. Shoppe makes it simple to design unique e-commerce sites, headers, footers, and more with a proprietary drag-and-drop builder. 

Additionally, the website skin option makes it simple to modify the theme’s layout with only one click. It offers more than 60 ordinary page templates and more than 20 store page layouts that can be quickly loaded.

Shoppe has a number of fantastic features for WooCommerce. The fast glance function, which enables users to rapidly view product details in a popup without leaving your shop page, will be adored by site visitors. Additionally, an Ajax cart will be provided, allowing customers to add things without having to reload the page. 

Shoppe enables you to add items to wish lists, display a product gallery slider, enable image zoom, and add sharing options for your products. Shoppe offers a filtering tool that enables users to categorize products by price, color, or category to make browsing easier.

Key Shoppe Features 

  1. Drag and drop page builder by Themify
  2. 14 header designs
  3. Six Woo-exclusive shop features
  4. 8 beginner WooCommerce websites


  • Smart layout options
  • Builder addons
  • Plenty customization options
  • Built-in drag-and-drop builder
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Affordable price
  • Wide selection of pre-made templates


  • Moderate learning curve

2: Shoptimizer

The focus of Shoptimizer, the entry after this one, is site speed. The primary CSS file is immediately minified with Shoptimizer, enabling visitors to see your website almost instantly. 

The theme is additionally made to boost conversions by enabling a simplified ordering process that does away with distractions like headers, footers, and sidebars, letting your consumers focus on the work at hand spending their hard-earned money.

 Additionally, the single product FOMO feature enables you to include an animated stock counter to entice customers to buy a product right away before it sells out.

Even if Shoptimizer doesn’t offer a variety of layout options, you can use the page builder of your choice to make the dream e-commerce site. You’ll have access to a front-end visual building experience that makes developing your site simpler with support for Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, and more. 

Additionally, Shoptimizer has a ton of features that can help you increase sales on your website, such as unique product badges, the option to request a callback, security badges that foster greater customer confidence, a wish list tool, and more.

Key Features of Shoptimizer

  1. Automatic minification of essential CSS
  2. Support for important plugins for page builders
  3. Accommodating to all
  4. 20+ characteristics that increase sales


  • Clean design
  • Simple admin panel
  • Faster than many other themes
  • Extensive documentation
  • Fast technical support


  • absolutely nothing that we could fault

3: Storefront

The Storefront e-commerce WordPress theme was created by Automatic, the company that created WordPress. With this free WooCommerce theme, you can quickly and easily set up an online store. 

With the Storefront extensions bundle, however, you can add a lot of bells and whistles, such as full shop styling via the WordPress customizer. You can still manage your store’s design with Storefront’s free edition, but your options are more constrained. 

The WooCommerce product catalog, pages, and graphics can all be changed. Consider adding capabilities like sophisticated product filtering or the capacity to modify product data or layouts. You’ll have to buy the additional package in that scenario.

Key Features of Storefront

  1. Developed for WooCommerce
  2. Online theme editor
  3. 14 pre-made beginning designs, three of which are free
  4. higher-level product filters


  • Many consumers still prefer shop fronts
  • Gives your brand exposure
  • Direct relationship with customers


  • Additional costs
  • Riskier

4: Woostify

Our top pick for the finest WordPress eCommerce themes, Woostify, is a quick-loading, SEO-ready theme made especially for WooCommerce. It offers a lot of flexibility for your eCommerce website with a live theme customizer, numerous product, cart, and catalog layouts, and a variety of layout styles. Customization is simple thanks to the Gutenberg block editor or Elementor, which you may use to customize your pages.

With Woostify’s free version, you have access to basic style options. Various site and WooCommerce settings can be changed, but the majority of the other choices call for add-ons. To edit items and pages or to make templates, you can install and use Elementor. 

With a pro license, you can obtain all pro-add-ons and 20+ starter website designs if you continue with the core Woostify theme. A buy now button, a callback function for customer service, a header and footer builder, and more are among them.

Key Features of Woostify

  1. 20+ introductory sites
  2. Small (sub 30 kb) page size
  3. Specifically designed for WooCommerce
  4. Equivalent to Elementor


  • Lightweight and Fast
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Customization Options
  • SEO-Friendly


  • Limited Free Version
  • Learning Curve
  • Support and Documentation

5: OceanWP

OceanWP is the eCommerce WordPress theme we’ll use next. This theme offers countless customization options to let you personalize your online store thanks to its smooth interaction with Elementor and Gutenberg. You’re guaranteed to find a layout that precisely meets your needs among the over 220 prepared samples. 

Additionally, you can simply install demos with a single click, manage page settings at the page level, make your own templates, and more with the Ocean Extra plugin.

The pro version of OceanWP offers even more features than the free version, which is already brimming with them. You can build the ideal e-commerce site with instant access to Freepik and Flaticon, A/B testing tools, over 220 ready-made demo websites, and 22 plugins. 

For instance, the Ocean eComm Treasure Box extension enables you to customize the shop, single product, basket, checkout, and thank the pages of your online store. You can also use a WooCommerce popup or a buy now button to draw attention to sales or certain products.

Key Features of OceanWP

  1. Add-on for Ocean eComm Treasure Box (pro)
  2. Continuous A/B testing
  3. More than 220 demo sites
  4. Integration of Flaticon and Freepik (pro)
  5. Complete compatibility with Elementor


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Many customization options
  • Many available demos
  • WooCommerce integration


  • Even with free demonstrations, premium extensions are necessary.
  • The OceanWP theme requires the Ocean Extra plugin.

6: Botiga

The second of two WordPress e-commerce themes from a Themes is Botiga, which we’ll discuss next. The free theme on our list with the most features is this one. Anyone can adjust a theme because it is all managed using the well-known WordPress customizer, including WooCommerce settings.

It has numerous settings for the product catalog and individual products, such as image zoom, gallery layout style, Ajax add to cart button and drag gable product elements, which makes modifying your online store a breeze.

With many styling options at your disposal, Botiga has you covered. With a straightforward drag-and-drop editor, you can make custom headers and footers and select from a number of layout types for items, posts, and pages. You may also add a scroll to the top button, decorate the WooCommerce buttons and icons, and activate parallax effects. 

You can start with one of the eight starter designs, add your products, and easily open your online store if you want to keep things simple.

Key Features of Botiga

  1. Builder for headers and footers
  2. Portable and SEO-ready
  3. 8 first designs
  4. Support for Gutenberg and Elementor
  5. Several layout choices


  • Convenience
  • Personalized Service
  • Local Support
  • Unique Products
  • Quick Decision-making


  • Limited Inventory
  • Higher Prices

7: Divi

Divi is the next contender in our list of the top WordPress themes for online stores. Thanks to its front-end, no-code Visual Builder, it offers the most customizability among WordPress themes. With more than 200 design components, you can create every piece of your website while seeing changes to it in real time. 

Using the Theme Builder, Divi’s over 20 WooCommerce-specific modules let you easily design product layouts, store pages, and other content. The Theme Builder gives you full creative control over your e-commerce website by enabling you to design headers, footers, search results pages, and other custom layouts to showcase products.

When creating those product pages and templates, Divi also provides bulk-editing modules, keyboard shortcuts, and copy-and-paste styles, all of which can greatly enhance your workflow.

Key Features of Divi

  1. over 200 design components
  2. Theme Creator
  3. Visual Builder without coding
  4. 20 or more WooCommerce modules
  5. Over 2300 design layouts


  • User-friendly builder
  • Simple text editor
  • Easy install
  • Streamlined maintenance
  • Impressive templates


  • load time of the builder could be faster
  • Integrated (or more clearly marked) tutorials within the builder

8: Astra

In order to create the ideal online store, the Astra e-commerce WordPress theme offers seamless interaction with WooCommerce, front-end editing with Elementor, Spectra, and other page builders, and dedicated WooCommerce modules.

You may develop unique page templates for each section of your site using Astra and Elementor. The drag-and-drop theme builder in Elementor makes it simple to customize your site to reflect your individual taste and branding, whether it be for headers, footers, single posts, product archives, or everything in between. 

One of the lightest WordPress themes available, Astra measures in at around 50kb on the front end. Faster page loads thanks to a lightweight theme can significantly improve your site’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Key Features of Astra

  1. Suitable with well-liked page builders
  2. Small weight for quick page loads
  3. 40+ ready-made e-commerce starter templates
  4. Online theme editor


  • It is an incredibly quick WordPress theme.
  • It works with popular page builders.
  • There are more than 180 demo sites in its gallery.
  • There are numerous choices for customization.
  • The prices are quite reasonable.
  • It receives frequent updates that include bug fixes and new improvements.


  • Beginners may initially feel lost.
  • Weekend support is generally very slow.

9: Neve

Neve by ThemeIsle is the next theme in our list of the top WordPress themes for e-commerce. Neve offers a quick, highly-customizable website for your online store that is built with mobile devices in mind, is compatible with all popular page builder plugins, and effortlessly connects with the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plugin.

Neve is pre-configured to work with WooCommerce, but upgrading to the pro edition will unlock some amazing, improved features. You’ll have all you need to advance your e-commerce site with design features like a rapid product view, a floating cart, off-canvas shop filters, and a wish list. 

The pro version also provides multiple checkout page layouts, six WooCommerce starter templates, and endless design options via connection with Elementor.

Key Features of Neve

  1. 100+ starting templates, 6 WooCommerce-specific websites
  2. (Pro) Enhanced for WooCommerce
  3. Elementor-specific Woo modules
  4. Ready for AMP and mobile-first


  • Lightweight and Fast
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Customization Options
  • Compatibility
  • SEO-Friendly


  • Limited Free Features
  • Learning Curve
  • Plugin Dependency
  • Limited Support

10: Flatsome

Flatsome is the following e-commerce WordPress theme on our list. With a front-end page builder, multiple product layouts, integrated variant product galleries, and full theme modification via the live WordPress customizer panel, Flatsome was specifically created for WooCommerce.

The front-end design editor of Flatsome has over 35 design elements that can be customized, including sliders, price tables, product categories, banner grids, and more. This is just one of its many noteworthy features. 

Additionally, utilizing the Flatsome Studio, you can import more than 100 pre-built layouts that are entirely focused on e-commerce. If you’d rather not create layouts from scratch, this enables you to launch your website rapidly with a pre-designed layout.

Key Features of Flatsome

  1. Native Google fonts
  2. Different product layouts
  3. Drag and drop constructor
  4. 35+ design elements from Flatsome Studio
  5. Through Flatsome Studio, more than 100 e-commerce designs


  • It is equipped with UX Frontend Editor
  • Flatsome theme very useful for online shop
  • Easy to customize
  • Image resizing feature for online store
  • Mobile Responsive
  • And many more features from the Flatsome theme


  • Need a compatible plugin
  • The price is quite expensive
  • Need time to learn the Flatsome theme


Since your website’s theme will act as the public face of your company, investing the time and money to discover the best WordPress theme might pay off in the long term. Make sure the theme you choose has the functionality you require and offers sufficient versatility for potential updates as your Best WordPress Theme for an eCommerce store expands.


Which theme is best for eCommerce WordPress?

The WordPress theme Astra is excellent for eCommerce sites and online stores. It is simple to use, highly flexible, and seamlessly integrated with well-known eCommerce plugins. Astra is a terrific choice if you’re searching for a quick, responsive, and fashionable theme for your store because it has a dedicated WooCommerce connection, 20+ Woo-specific modules, and a ton of free shop layouts to assist you in building the ideal e-commerce business.

Which theme is best for e commerce website?

Due to its dedicated WooCommerce connection, 20+ Woo-specific modules, and countless free shop layouts to help you build the ideal ecommerce store, Divi is the finest alternative overall. Divi is a fantastic choice for eCommerce websites because of its flexibility. With WooCommerce and other eCommerce platforms, it integrates seamlessly. It makes sense that Divi has been used to build many eCommerce websites.

Is WordPress the best for eCommerce?

WordPress is not an eCommerce site builder but provides plugins to make your site eCommerce-friendly. WordPress enables you to build a huge variety of websites. You can overlook some essential features for your e-commerce site because WordPress isn’t e-commerce-focused. WordPress may currently be used to create and manage any kind of website, including online stores. WordPress also makes it simple to manage the product selection and gives you complete control over an online store’s functionality.

What is WordPress eCommerce theme?

WordPress themes for e-commerce enable you to showcase and sell your products. They frequently include WooCommerce integration and feature upgrades like shop and product layouts, shopping carts, checkout pages, and options for product filtering and sorting. To provide the best user experience for customers, brands install eCommerce themes pre-built e-commerce store designs on their e-commerce websites.

Is WooCommerce a WordPress theme?

So what is WooCommerce exactly? WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin for setting up an online store. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. It means that installing WooCommerce on a WordPress website would be as simple as adding any new plugin from your dashboard. It will construct all the necessary pages and features for you to launch your online store in “a few clicks.” 

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