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The prospects that Bitcoin flow has created for hosting providers thrill us. Now, anyone can use Bitcoin to pay for website hosting because it’s simple, quick, and affordable. Additionally, because we are a privacy-driven hosting company, users can utilize our Bitcoin Server Hosting services completely secretly by using Bitcoin payments. Enjoy reduced costs and privacy protection because cryptocurrencies are now widely used. One of the main benefits of our services is that we accept bitcoin payments.

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Blogs, online shops, and corporate websites are all excellent candidates for our Dedicated Bitcoin Server Hosting service. Clients who use dedicated hosting share a single server. The built-in cPanel makes managing your website simple, and it is the cheapest option. It is also very simple to update. The benefits of dedicated web hosting will typically exceed the drawbacks for new users.

How do Bitcoin payments operate?

You can quickly and easily use Bitcoin to buy any web hosting solution from us. Your statement will be marked as paid after three validations because our system is fully automated. For Bitcoin Server Hosting, we apply the following exchange rate:

1 BTC = -1.5 EUR

1 EUR = -0.66667 BTC

Example: Silver hosting 6 months = 36.90 EUR

= 36.90 EUR x -0.66667 = -24.60012 BTC

As a payout option for our colleague program, we now accept Bitcoin. Simply give us a working Bitcoin email address when registering if you want your commissions paid in Bitcoin. As always, using Bitcoin is totally free!

How do Bitcoin payments operate

Using Bitcoin, you may make a safe and private purchase for your hosting solution. We have selected Bit Pay as our Bitcoin payment processor partner to ensure smooth migrations. As soon as payment has been received, orders begin to be processed. To view our offers for shared hosting, DEDICATED, and VPS servers, click the links.

Fast and Secure Bitcoin Dedicated Server Hosting

Our Bitcoin DEDICATED Servers provide security, privacy, speed, and scalability. We constructed all of our Bitcoin DEDICATED servers with SSD discs to give your apps the greatest performance possible. We accept Bitcoin because we also want to offer the simplest and safest payment options. It is a cutting-edge peer-to-peer digital payment method that is safe and secure.

Fast and Secure Bitcoin Dedicated Server Hosting

Your Bitcoin payment will be done safely and suitably, so you can relax. Even while we often process Bitcoin payments on the same day. If the Bitcoin network is busy, it can take a little longer than usual. All of our Bitcoin DEDICATED plans include a quick setup. So after the setting procedure is complete, your brand-new Bitcoin DEDICATED is ready to use in a matter of minutes.

Arzhost Now Accepting Bitcoin

A Canadian hosting company named Arzhost has built high-performance infrastructure hosting systems for companies around the world for almost 20 years. We provide a broad selection of hybrid, cloud, colocation, dedicated, and IP Transit services that are completely customized.

Our goal is to empower clients by providing them with innovative infrastructure Bitcoin Server Hosting that is quick, reliable, and up to date. While maintaining a 100% network uptime SLA. A rapid response team that operates around the clock and has some of the fastest response speeds in the business helps with this.

Arzhost Now Accepting Bitcoin

A business must investigate hosting and dedicated servers in great detail. You might want a wide range of applications. All at reasonable prices, including total or remote control, root access, DDoS protection, limitless bandwidth, and maximum performance.

Whatever your demands, our extensive expertise and experience will give you the technical support you need to determine your hardware and software requirements. Our clients include big IT corporations, small businesses, and web hosting providers.

The benefit of Using Bitcoin as a Payment

Finding hosting that takes Bitcoin Server Hosting may be challenging. Arzhost is aware of the expanding demand for internet privacy and a safer method of doing business. As protecting your privacy is in-built in our DNA and since Bitcoin payments are quickly becoming the most widely used cryptocurrency. Taking this next step makes perfect sense for us. We accept Bitcoin for all types of web hosting services, including dedicated, hybrid, cloud, colocation, IP Transit, and others.

Benefit of Using of Bitcoin as Payment

Why choose

The foundation of Bitcoin Server Hosting is dependability. We provide the best bitcoin server hosting services available with 100% uptime and our No Bull Guarantee. Our knowledgeable support team is available to help you 24/7/365. Expect individualized assistance and prompt response times.


All of our cPanel-equipped dedicated servers, VPS, and shared hosting packages are completely managed. Live chat and the help desk are available to you around the clock.


All shared & dedicated server hosting plans are secured with Cloud Linux, firewalls, intrusion detection, malware scans, Lite speed, and FREE SSLs and run on the most recent hardware.


We’re dedicated to giving you the best web hosting in the business. This is why we providing a steadfast 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.


Arzhost has you covered if you’re searching for a dedicated server that performs well. Dedicated Bitcoin Server Hosting can be purchased using Bitcoin or one of our other payment methods. Once the order has been processed, the dedicated server will be provisioned within 1 to 7 days. You can read our blog post to learn more about how dedicated server functions and their advantages.


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