Check to see if a website is down

As a site owner, you should to continually screen its uptime. There are outstanding conditions where people clearly areas can’t visit your site when genuinely, it’s on the web. So in this instructional exercise, we will acquire capability several different methods on the most ideal approach to check if a site is down or that it’s open all throughout the planet.

 Basic 4 systems to check if your website is down

  • Visit Website Planet.
  • Fill in your site address (URL) on the field and press the Check button.
  • Webpage Planet will show if your website is on the web.
  • Checking with Proxy Server

If your site is up on your side yet separated any place else, it can cost you traffic and brand reputation. This can happen as a result of specific issues — like laborer upkeep or DNS changes.

Procedure 1 — Checking with Website Planet

Website Planet gives a unique online checker that updates if your site is up.

You ought to just follow these essential advances:

  1. Visit Website Planet.
  2. Fill in your site address (URL) on the field and press the Check button.
  3. Webpage Planet will show if your website is on the web.

This is what you will check whether the site is up:

Procedure 2 — Checking with Host Tracker

Host tracker gives basically more information separated from Website Planet. This site excesses you to check the page speed, https, ping, follow, port, prosperity, security, etc.

Also, this device can in like manner be used to screen a site logically. It will give you robotized sees if your site goes down. Regardless, to see the value in this part, you need to enroll for a free fundamental or pay $9.92 to $74.92/year.

However, you can regardless use the online device to Check to see if a website is down website status free. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Access Host Tracker and peer down until you see a CHECK SITE portion.
  2. Obviously, the site means to check the page speed. In any case, since we need to know whether your site is open all throughout the planet, you should pick the Ping tab.
  3. Fill in the information required — your site URL and the test region. Pick All World in the space tab expecting you need to check your site status all through the planet, click CHECK.

If you get results like the one over, your website is on the web. You should a few preventions in light of the fact that the connection may have been blocked in view of various reasons. Expecting the majority of checks are Good, you can be sure that your website is online around the world.

Procedure 3 — Checking with Site24x7

Site24x7 grants you to check your site availability from more than 100 unique regions, including China, Barcelona, London, New York, and Sydney.

Nearby to checking your site page online status, this device also gives you clear information on the total response time, a chance to decide DNS and to line, anyhow the principle byte and last-byte time.

Here is the way to check your website online status using this gadget:

  • Visit Site24x7, and you will immediately see a field where you can enter a site URL.
  • Fill it in with your site address (URL) and snap Test Now.
  • Hold on for a piece until the total of the information is collected. You will by then see a diagram and a table with additional nuances.
  • If the site is down, it will show run pictures and Host Unavailable under the Status and the IP areas

Procedure 4 — Checking with Proxy Server offers a signal plan to check your site status by using a central person specialist to send your site to different zones and confirm its status.

As you may have known, getting to a site through a go-between worker can promise that the site is available at another space.

This is possible considering the way that the affiliation will at first show up at a go-between worker arranged in an absolutely unique piece of the world, by then the specialist will send a requesting to the site, which will by then be appeared on your screen.

Here is the way you do a strong online check status of your website by using the above plot:

  1. Investigate to, by then quick the Try it with the statement for free catch.
  2. Enter a considerable email address and press Send me code. Thusly, you will get a free VPN login code in your letter box (you will require it later).
  3. Present the item by tapping on VPN for Windows. Then again, you can in like manner present the Mac, Linux, or Android interpretation of the item. Pick according to your PC working structure.
  4. Follow the foundation association. By then, open the VPN program on your PC and enter the code you have become in your email.
  5. Pick a specific country to test your site link. For example, we use this item to check whether ARZhost is online in Tanglin, Singapore.

If you can’t get to your website page in the wake of changing your specialist territory, it suggests that your webpage is down in that specific district. Have a go at checking from different territories to guarantee your site is available all throughout the planet.


Well done! You have as of late sorted out some way to check if your website is down or working generally speaking using four particular online gadgets. To get a more careful result, you can join the total of the strategies above.




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