Data Center Availability Tiers

Data Center Availability Tiers are a rating system that is used to consistently assess data center facilities in terms of their prospective site infrastructure availability, often known as uptime. The tiers are numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4 with some operators even striving for 5.

The tier ratings specifically outline what a data center can provide in terms of redundancy and flexibility as well as the amount of potential downtime a customer may encounter over the course of a year.

Generally speaking, the distinction between data center tiers is that Data Center tier 1 provides no redundancy of any important system, and Data center tier 2 uptime has partial redundancy in their electrical & HVAC systems. Meaning of Data Center Tier 3 has dual redundancy for power & cooling equipment, and Data Center tier 4 meaning has fully redundant infrastructure.

The Uptime Institute, an impartial organization that has certified over 2,500 data centers across more than 110 countries, regularly rates data centers. Tier I has the most anticipated downtime or the worst performance. While Tier IV offers the least anticipated downtime or the best performance, according to the Uptime Institute’s classification system for data centers.

Which uses four separate tier certification levels: Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, and Tier IV. The Uptime Institute’s four data center tiers are vital since each level covers the standards for all lower tiers, making them progressive.

What Elements Impact a Data Center’s Tier?

Based on standards for electricity, cooling, maintenance procedures, redundancy (i.e., duplicating important components), and fault tolerance. The Uptime Institute’s tier certification rates Data Center Availability Tiers.

What Elements Impact a Data Center's Tier

The particular technology and suppliers that are supplying the facilities are irrelevant to these ratings, though. As a result, data centers are estimated only on their capabilities rather than the company from which they acquire their HVAC and electrical equipment (e.g., Schneider Electric, Eaton, and Vertiv).

How Are Data Centers Rated by Tier?

Data Center Availability Tiers certification ratings are optional because there is no legal necessity for them. As a result, not every data center has a designated tier.

How Are Data Centers Rated by Tier

The operator of a data center facility must submit its site plans and engineering & architectural requirements, commonly known as Tier Certification of Design Documents, to the Uptime Institute for assessment before the facility, may receive a tier certification from the organization. The Uptime Institute’s staff will then go to the specific data center to check its operations as part of its assessment. Examining how the facility comports with its original design documents. The Uptime Institute will then give a rating after its evaluation is finished.

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