Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection

Customizable Dedicated server with DDoS Protection defence are available to meet your needs. Whether you want to run an application server, a game server, or sell DDoS defence from Arzhost.

To meet the demands of enterprises on both sides of the world. All servers are located in top-notch data centres in Chicago, the United States, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Bucharest, Romania.

Please enquire and let us know your hardware needs, or let us consult you. As our inventory is continuously changing.

Why DDoS Protection Is Necessary for Your Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection – A suitable cyber defence strategy has become crucial to operating an online service in the current internet landscape. When DDoS-for-hire services are widely and easily available to everyone. Anyone with little money and the drive to harm is continually threatening websites. Email servers, app servers, and game servers.

Why DDoS Protection Is Necessary for Your Dedicated Server

DDoS attacks that are running in gigabits of intensity cause thousands of dollars in losses every day, and the threat is always growing. Numerous services and DDoS attack solutions are available, and many of them promise to shield your company from these attacks. Many businesses find it difficult to make the right countermeasure selection to help mitigate this threat.

Businesses and organizations can find solutions from Arzhost that are specially designed to meet their needs. Since we evaluate the threats beforehand and customize the Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection based on customer input, packet captures, and extensive testing, Arzhost’s DDoS-protected dedicated server hosting solution is not a one-size-fits-all. Our cutting-edge mitigation system enables us to quickly stop massive assaults and use granular filtering to block skillfully designed tiny attacks.

Arzhost’s DDoS-Protected Servers

There are numerous solutions based on remote/proxy Dedicated servers with DDoS Protection, but while useful if you want to host your server with another provider. This type of solution has some drawbacks, including incompatibility with game servers and the risk of disclosing the unprotected IP address of the backend server.

Arzhost's DDoS-Protected Servers

Here, a Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection becomes the best defence against DDoS for your online business.

Modern DDoS mitigation gear is installed behind the dedicated servers for Arzhost. Contrary to remote protection, where traffic flows to and from many data centres, this allows total control over how traffic enters your server.

Real client/player IPs are displayed by anti-DDoS servers

A very typical advantage of employing a DDoS-protected dedicated game server is that you may host games that utilize visitor IPs to manage player access. This is not possible when utilizing remote protection solutions since all traffic passing via the proxy will use the proxy IP, making it impossible to block IP addresses that are displayed on your backend server.

Real client player IPs are displayed by anti-DDoS servers

Custom Arzhost configurations for remote protection, such as GRE tunnels and the use of X-Forwarded-For headers with HTTP traffic, are helpful in some circumstances but are ineffective for many different kinds of the game server.

Instead of being constantly interrupted by latency and disconnect issues. A protected server allows you to concentrate on your primary duties, such as managing and operating the game and its participants.

Stops IP Leakage from Originating Sources

In contrast to protection by proxy, which just shields an unprotected server IP by a protected IP that then transmits the clean traffic to the unprotected backend server IP, dedicated servers that integrate Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection eliminate the issue of their server IP being disclosed to attackers.

Additionally, you are not restricted to a single IP address. You can request as many DDoS-protected IPs as you require to host a variety of solutions on a single dedicated server.

Stops IP Leakage from Originating Sources

Protection against DDoS for Email Servers

While email servers cannot be protect by remote protection, websites can be protect seamlessly. Anyone with the ability to examine email headers can find the unsecured backend server’s IP address and launch a direct server assault.

This weakness is remove and all known types of DDoS assaults are protect from using an email server that is host inside a DDoS-secured network.

Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection for Games Using Steam

Some game servers, like those used by Steam-powered games, are incompatible with proxy protection. Because they broadcast the IP address at which the game server daemon listens on so-called master servers. That list the game servers that are currently online in-game.

Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection for Games Using Steam

The announced game server IP cannot be pull down because it already has native DDoS protection. Therefore protected servers are helpful in this situation.

Arzhost’s Own DDoS Protection

The internal mitigation hardware used by Arzhost can quickly identify attacks. This stops attackers from launching numerous brief attacks of various types to take advantage of time. It takes for standard DDoS mitigation devices to detect and stop a DDoS attack.

This frequent time frame that persistent attackers typically try to exploit is close by our internal DDoS firewalls. We safeguard servers that host a wide range of applications, including Camfrog, VoIP platforms, Minecraft, Steam-powered games, and bespoke app servers.

DDoS Protection for Sale via Arzhost

Reselling Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection under your brand is another application for our secure dedicated servers. The server’s ability to receive multiple IP addresses enables it to be transform into a secured VPS hypervisor.  A reverse proxy server, outperforming even our best KVM VPS plans.

DDoS Protection for Sale via Arzhost

We also provide white-labelled control panels so that our resellers may concentrate on marketing while we handle all technical matters.


Getting a Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection from Arzhost is great for owners of game servers, and email server administrators. App server administrators, and resellers of Dedicated servers with DDoS Protection. It has dependable technical support and saves time and energy.

We can handle all of your network security concerns, freeing you your time to concentrate on your main business. If a dedicated server is too big for your needs. You may start small with a VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth. A Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection VPS and dynamically increase capacity as your project expands.



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