DNS is an overall structure for making a translation of IP conveys to clear region names. Exactly when a customer events to get to a web address like “example.com”, their web program or application plays out a DNS Query against a DNS specialist, giving the hostname. The DNS specialist takes the hostname and resolves it into a numeric IP address, which the web program can interface with.


A fragment called a DNS Resolver is responsible for checking if the hostname is open in close by hold, and if not, contacts a movement of DNS Name Servers, until over the long haul it gets the IP of the help the customer is endeavoring to reach, and returns it to the program or application. This ordinarily requires not by and large a second.

Totally qualified space name

A FQDN is an uncommon space that can’t be confused with another. For example, if your site was example.com, you may have a couple of FQDNs.


View the going with article for extra nuances:

SOA record

The Start of Authority record is the vital resource record in a DNS Zone archive. The SOA record decides the going with authoritative information about a specific space:

  1. Fundamental name specialist of where the SOA record was made.
  2. Overseer email of the zone record. (A period is used rather than the @ picture).
  3. The space’s persistent number. This is the adjustment number of the zone report.
  4. Clocks:
  • Strengthen time
  • Retry time
  • End time
  • Least TTL
[server]$ nslookup - type=soa arzhost.com 



Non-genuine answer: 


starting = ns1.arzhost.com 

mail addr = hostmaster.arzhost.com 

consecutive = 2015091000

restore = 14534 

retry = 1800 

pass = 1814400 

least = 14400

DNS Can Do Much More

Well that is we’ve covered the critical kinds of standard DNS establishment, you ought to understand that DNS can be something past the “plumbing” of the Internet. Advanced DNS game plans can help do some amazing things, including:

Overall laborer load changing (GSLB): fast directing of relationship between globally passed on worker ranches

Multi CDN:

Guiding customers to the CDN that will give the best knowledge

Geographical coordinating:

Recognizing the genuine space of each customer and ensuring they are controlled to the nearest possible resource

Worker homestead and cloud development:

Moving traffic in a controlled route from on premise resources for cloud resources

Web traffic the board:

Weakening organization blockage and ensuring traffic streams to the right resource in an ideal manner

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