Error Occurred While Reconnecting to Network Drive – How Do We Fix It?

“Error Occurred While Reconnecting To Network Drive” error is associated with network drive arranging and it’s a sign not unexpected occasion among people. Who work with network-set-up structures regarding an ordinary timetable. The issue appears when trying to get to an association drive and going with an error message appears:

  • An error occurred while reconnecting <drive letter> to <file path> Microsoft Windows Network: The local device name is at this point being utilized. This affiliation has not been restored.

Later the Windows 10 structure 1709 Fall Creators Update (Enterprise and Education deliver). Countless of our customers using Windows itemized that. When they made a pass at opening an association shared envelope on a nearby PC they got this slip-up

Around here at ARZHOST, we fix this mistake for our customers as a piece of our Server Management Services. Today we have to see how our Hosting Expert Planners fix this error for our customers.

What Causes ‘The Local Device Name is at this point being utilized’ Error on Windows?

Locating the prompt justification behind the issue you are overseeing is perhaps the fundamental stage while examining. “Error Occurred While Reconnecting To Network Drive”, can save you time and help you with picking. The ideal procedure to put everything in order so guarantees you check out our summary of causes under:

  • Drive arranging has turned out severely The course of association drive arranging can to a great extent make issues like this one concerning drive letters.
  • Some drive letters are unassigned Some drives may have wrong or regardless, missing drive letters which makes this error appear.
  • Report and Printer Sharing is weakened If this decision is injured in any firewall you might be using, arranging becomes irksome and overflowing with errors.
  • No space on the server Users have uncovered that they expected to let loose somewhere near a few gigabytes on the root drive of the association’s server to discard the issue.

Directions to fix ‘A mistake occurred while reconnecting’ on Windows Server

While trying to open an association shared envelope on a nearby PC Window 10 structure 1709 customers consistently end up with the going with error:

  • Restoring Network Connections an error happens when your effort to open an association coordinator: An error occurred while reconnecting Y: to \\nas1\share Microsoft Windows Network: You can't get to this normal envelope because your affiliation's security courses of action block unauthenticated guest access. These methodologies help with safeguarding your PC from dangerous or vindictive contraptions on the association.

Likewise, on various PCs with Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or Windows 10 with a type of up to 1709, comparative shared association envelopes open routinely. Simply in the state of the art transformations of Windows 10 (starting from 1709 structure). The guest induction to the normal envelopes using the SMBv2 show was disabled normally.

While getting to an association coordinator under a guest account over the SMBv1/v2 show. “Error Occurred While Reconnecting To Network Drive”, occasionally makes our gathering unprotected against the MiTM (man-in-the-middle) attacks.

In Windows 10 Home and Pro 1709, these movements are not applied and the association access under the guest account ends up incredible. The best method for fixing this issue is to organize access with confirmation. If by some fortunate turn of events the SMBv2 show is maintained by the device.

Game Plan 1: Remap the Drive Using Command Prompt

Remapping the association drive is the power game plan proposed by Microsoft for customers managing this issue. However, it has worked for certain customers and it has become one of the most elaborate methods for this issue. “Error Occurred While Reconnecting To Network Drive”, Take a gander at the means we have organized!

  1. Search for “Request Prompt” either soundly in the Start menu or by tapping the request button right near it. Right-click on the chief outcome. Which will appear at the top and select the “Run as a leader” decision.
  2. Customers who are using a more settled type of Windows can include the Windows Logo Key + R key blend to raise the Run talk box. Type in “cmd” in the container and use the Ctrl + Shift + Enter key blend to run Command Prompt as ahead.
  3. Reorder the request shown underneath and guarantee. You click the Enter key on your control center.
  • net use */delete
  1. Later you see that the movement is done viably, run the going with the request:
  • net use Z: \\server\share/user: username secret word
  1. Guarantee you override the username and mystery key placeholders with the right username and mystery word. Confirm whether the issue is settled!

Game Plan 2: Reinitializing Computer Browser

In some cases, it was seen that the PC’s program was causing conflicts with explicit parts of the functioning structure. As a result of which this slip-up was being set off. Thusly, in this movement, we will stop the Computer Browser. To do that:

  1. Press the “Windows” + “R” keys meanwhile to open the Run Prompt.
  2. Type in “cmd” and press “Shift” + “Ctrl” + “Enter” to yield the Administrative Privileges. Click on “yes” in the “Are you sure you want to allow this application to make changes to your PC” brief.
  3. Type in the going with request and press “Enter”

net stop "PC Browser"

  1. Believe that the request will be executed then, type in a specific order and press “Enter

net start "PC Browser"

  1. Confirm whether the issue endures.

Game Plan 3: Delete a Key in Registry

If the methodology above has failed to work for you, guarantee you make a pass at deleting a particular vault key that might cause the issue. “Error Occurred While Reconnecting To Network Drive”, Customers who boxed with explicit CD/DVD and virtual drives had the choice to decide. The issue with this technique so guarantees you look at it!

  1. Since you will eradicate a library key. We recommend you see this article we have circulated for you to safely support your vault to prevent various issues. Regardless, nothing unwell will happen expecting you to follow the means circumspectly and precisely.
  2. Open the Registry Editor window by creating “Regedit” in either the request bar. The Start menu, or the Run talk box which can be gotten to with the Windows Key + R key mix.
  3. Investigate to the going with the key in your library by investigating at the left sheet:


  1. Click on this key and endeavor to observe a key named MountPoints2 inside the Explorer key. Right-click on it, and pick the Delete decision from the setting menu. Insist any trade boxes which may show up.
  2. Confirm whether the screw-up message appears ensuing to restarting your PC.

Game Plan 4: Assign Drive Letters Properly

Customers have uncovered seeing a drive with no given outdrive letter in Disk Management. Which was arranged as the perilous drive letter during the frameworks organization process. Similarly, if the drive in Disk Management has an unforeseen consigned letter in contrast with the one in-network arranging. You have to change it to something other than what’s expected. Follow the means under

  1. Above all, you have to guarantee that no reports from the limit devices you want to adjust are being utilized or open in another way. Then, at that point, guarantee you are not duplicating or moving anything from or to the plate before proceeding.
  2. Starting there forward, either use the Windows Key + X key mix or right-click on the Start menu and pick the Disk Management decision to open its control focus.
  3. Right-click the volume with the drive letter you want to change and pick the Change Drive Letter and Paths After that. Click on Change and peruse an overview of available drive letters.
  4. We brief you not to pick letters an or B since. They were held for floppy drives on more prepared working systems and this can bewilder more settled programming instruments. Click on Apply and avow any trade boxes which may appear before closing the device. “Error Occurred While Reconnecting To Network Drive”, Confirm whether the issue perseveres.

Game Plan 5: Enable File and Printer Sharing in Your Firewall

Exactly when File and Printer Sharing is injured in any firewall you might be using, issues occur with shared drives and this is just one of the issues which may appear. Expect that you are using an untouchable firewall. You should find the decision. In any case, the Windows Defender Firewall is turned on normally if there could be the same firewalls presented and the means under are associated with it.

  1. Start Control Panel employing searching for the utility in the Start button or by tapping the Search button or the Cortana button at the left piece of your taskbar (a base left piece of your screen).
  2. Later Control Panel opens, “Error Occurred While Reconnecting To Network Drive”. Change the view to Large or Small images and investigate to the base to open the Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. Click on Windows Defender Firewall and snap on the Allow an application or component through Windows Firewall decision from the left side summary of decisions. An overview of presented applications should open. Guarantee you click the Change settings button at the upper right piece of the window and give supervisor assents if essential.
  4. Investigate the File and Printer Sharing decision and check the case right near it before clicking OK and applying the changes.
  5. Click OK and restart your PC before retrying to check whether the screw-up appears.

Game Plan 6: Make Sure There is Enough Space on the Server

This issue similarly happens expecting there isn’t adequate space on the server PC of the association you are a piece of. Accepting you have direct induction to the server PC of your association, guarantee you free sufficient space on the root drive of the server by deleting everything that you don’t accept is major.

There is no precise total that ought to be freed anyway guarantee. “Error Occurred While Reconnecting To Network Drive” you leave something like a few gigabytes available preceding checking whether the issue is settled!

Game Plan 7: Changing the value of Protection Mode in Registry

Accepting nothing based on what was simply referenced procedures work. We will try at changing the value of Protection Mode through the library for Windows 10. The Protection Mode workaround is officially seen by Microsoft itself and this mistake for the most part happens to non-administrative customers. Who are upgrading from an earlier interpretation of Windows?

1: Press Windows + R, type “Regedit” in the trade box, and press Enter.

2: Once in the library director, investigate the going with way:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\

3: Once in the right region, search for the going with key:

  • Protection Mode

4: As of now, change the key from 0 to 1. Save changes and exit. Restart your PC and check whether the issue is agreed to be incredible.

If this workaround doesn’t work. “Error Occurred While Reconnecting To Network Drive”. You can truly attempt to delete the mappings by including the going with the request in a raised request brief:

  • net use */del/y (sub the * for a genuine drive letter.)


Today at arzhost, we saw how our Hosting Expert Planners fix the “Error Occurred While Reconnecting To Network Drive”, Windows error.


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