FileZilla Stuck on Retrieving Directory Listing

This mix-up is caused by the horrible settings in the FTP server misconfiguration of the FTP client. When easy mode setting injures and significantly more.

That is the explanation, around here at ARZHOST, we consistently get requests from our customers to address errors like “FileZilla Stuck on Retrieving Directory Listing” as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today here at, we’ll see how our Hosting Experts Planners fixed the issue for our customers.

What is the ” FileZilla Stuck on Retrieving Directory Listing” error?

This slip-up “FileZilla Stuck on Retrieving Directory Listing” suggests that the customer couldn’t get to the records from the FTP server.

Customers experience an error message like this.

  • Error: Failed to recuperate list posting

As of now, could we see the clarifications behind the error and the true response to fix it.

What Causes the Failed to Retrieve Directory Listing Error on FileZilla?

Directly following getting different reports from various customers. “FileZilla Stuck on Retrieving Directory Listing” we decided to inspect the issue and imagined a lot of plans that killed it for most of our customers. Similarly, we examined the reasons due to which this issue is set off and recorded undeniably the most ordinary ones under.

  • Windows Firewall: In many cases, the FileZilla server worked locally yet not in a good way. Whenever a connection try was made locally this error was set off. “FileZilla Stuck on Retrieving Directory Listing” This error is set off because FileZilla’s connection was being blocked by the Windows Firewall.
  • Despite the way that the unique case for a particular port might be incorporated into the Firewall, it uses a "Latent Mode" to send and get archives. This is done on random TCP ports. Accordingly, these ports are upset by the Firewall and this error is set off.
  • Encryption: There are a couple of sorts of connection encryptions that you can use while trying to interact with the server.
  • Yet some are more secure than the others they can reliably cause issues even with the bona fide relationship by holding the relationship back from being set up.

Since you have a central perception of the possibility of the issue. We will progress forward towards the plans. “FileZilla Fixed on Recovering Directory List” Try to complete these in a specific manner where they are familiar with avoiding struggles.

Top 4 Reasons and Deals with Fix it.

Here at, we have the best 4 clarifications behind this error to occur and “FileZilla Stuck on Retrieving Directory Listing” how we research it.

1: Wrong encryption settings in FTP client

For instance, in FileZilla, when you communicate with an FTP server. You will see something like this:

  • Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (11,22,33,44,167,111)
  • Request: MLSD
  • Error: Connection composed out
  • Error: Failed to recuperate list posting

“FileZilla Stuck on Retrieving Directory Listing” This happens when encryption is set to “Use clear FTP over TLS if open” in FTP client settings.

Consequently, we changed the encryption to “simply use plain FTP” by executing the under advances:

  1. Regardless, we click on the File menu and pick Site Manager.
  2. Then, add Host and change Encryption to simply use plain FTP.
  3. Also, change the Logon Type to Normal and enter Username and Password.
  4. Finally, click Connect to continue.

2: Issue with Passive mode

FTP works in both dynamic and inert mode. As per usual, FTP clients like FileZilla, CuteFTP includes cold as move mode.

However, once in a while, you may get an error like “FileZilla Stuck on Retrieving Directory Listing” in cold mode. Then, the effort to change the default move mode simply by doing the means under:

  1. Go to Settings > Edit and tap on Connection > FTP and pick Active.
  2. Then, under Active mode IP > select Ask your operative structure for the external IP address.
  3. Finally, under Passive mode,> pick Fall back to dynamic mode and snap okay to save.

3: Missing reserved port reach in FTP server

By far, in most of the cases “FileZilla Fixed on Recovering Directory List”  error happens when dormant port arrive at isn’t referred to as FTP server arrangement.

In cPanel for FTP servers like PureFTP. We play out the going with propels:

1: We sign in to the server through SSH.

2: Open the/var/Cpanel/conf/PureFTP/neighborhood archive and we add the section like:

  • ForcePassiveIP: X.X.X.X

We add these movements to the record since the FTP server exists behind the firewall.

3: Then, we change the server’s default idle port reach, by running the request.

  • resonation "PassivePortRange: 49152 65534" >>/var/cPanel/conf/PureFTP/neighborhood
  • /user/neighborhood/cPanel/scripts/setup FTP server pure ftp’d - - power

4: Then, at that point, we plan the server to allow the separated port reach to go through the firewall.

5: Finally, restart the PureFTP organization.

  • /user/neighborhood/cPanel/scripts/setup FTP server pure ftp’d - - power

4: Lacking Port reach in firewall settings

Routinely this error happens when a firewall blocks disconnected FTP ports. Along these lines, it achieves getting an error like “FileZilla Fixed on Recovering Directory List”.

We perform the going with steps to add the inert port reach to the firewall.

1: For firewalls like iptables, we open the, etc/sysconfig/iptables record in a substance chief:

2: Then, add the part like:

  • iptables - I INPUT - p TCP - - dport 49152:65534 - j ACCEPT

3: Finally, run the request to save:

  • organization iptables save

This is how we fix the mix-up like “FileZilla Stuck on Retrieving Directory Listing”.


Along these lines, the “FileZilla Stuck on Retrieving Directory Listing” screw-up can happen as a result of a misconfiguration in firewall settings, wrong confined port reach, and anything is possible from that point. Today at, we’ve discussed the super 4 clarifications behind this mistake and how our Hosting Experts Planners fixed them.

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