How can you Easily Fix MySQL Extension, Which Is Required by WordPress

Missing a major PHP extension isn’t that something that you should be worried about. In the condition that you, in the long run, you visit the going with a message on your exhibit when trying to get to WordPress foundation clearly through the web program, then you are a few the huge WordPress customers who are considering dealing with a similar issue. We have to have a quick assistant about how you can fix MySQL Extension which is required by WordPress.

7 Essential Ways to Fix MYXQL Extension which is required by WordPress

Connect SSH and Check the PHP Version

To fix up the issue, you have to have SSH admittance to the worker. Interface it with your Linux VPS by SSH and afterward check the PHP variant which is as of now being used:

  1. “PHP – V.”

Use of Info.php File

You can even decide to check the PHP structure by strategies for making undeniable info. Php clearly into your public_html record. This is totally done using the underneath request:

  1. “<?PHP phpinfo(); ?> “

Exactly when you make the record, open your #1 web program and access the document or envelope.

Update the essential groups

In the event that in the condition that you have been running an Ubuntu VPS and PHP 7, by then run the accompanying referenced order: Able-get update

  1. able-get install php7.0-MySQL

Restart the Web Server

By then, at that point, restart your Apache organization for the developments to make results, or then again assuming you are using Nginx + PHP-FPM, by, restart the PHP-FPM organization.

Updating PHP

If somehow in the condition that you are running the PHP 5 runs the below-mentioned command:

  1. apt-get update
  2. apt-get install PHP-MySQL

You need to restart the reasonable set of services for all the odds to produce upon into results.

Searching Through Available Packaged containing MySQL

To see as, through every one of the accessible bundles that are containing PHP MySQL augmentation, you can discover somehow utilize this underneath referenced order:

  1. Adept-cache search MySQL

By then, at that point, in the condition that you have been running a CentOS VPS and you have the PHP 7 introduced directly on your specialist, you need to utilize the underneath referred to request to manage this issue:

  1. yum update
  2. yum install php70w-MySQL

Restart Apache

Restart the Apache or even the PHP-FPM organization inside the design, which you have been utilizing upon as Nginx + PHP-FPM like a web specialist. If you, as time goes on, have the PHP 5 introduced on your CentOS specialist, you need to run the underneath referred to arrange:

  1. yum update
  2. yum install PHP-MySQL

Restart the brief assistance for any movements to convey into the entire results. To look at for all of the available groups that are containing PHP MySQL increase, you would subsequently have the option to utilize the underneath referred to arrange:

  1. yum search MySQL

Right when you have all given the WordPress MySQL transformation extension for the PHP, you can without a truly wonderful stretch advancement back to your entire WordPress structure. If the whole methodology of establishment gets smooth and clear, the message identified with the missing MySQL increment won’t be introduced before you. You can, later on, proceed with the establishment of your WordPress expansion.

How can you quickly fix the cPanel Server?

In the event that you are on a cPanel laborer that you have root permission to, you should draw in and present the MySQL PHP module by the utilization of Easy Apache four interfaces in your WHM. Here we step by step guide for your help:

  1. Log in to your main WHM as root.
  2. Choose the alternative of “EasyApache 4”. You will see a website page as underneath:
  3. scan for-easyapache-4-choice in-Cpanel
  4. You will see a featured field “Currently Installed Packages,” click on the ‘redo’ button as demonstrated underneath: tweak easyapache4-alternatives
  5. Once there, pick ‘PHP Extensions,’ and in the hunt field kind MySQL, you will see the MySQL alternatives, as considered below: Search for-PHP-MySQL-expansion
  6. Select the required MySQL version according to your necessity of the PHP variants. You can pick the whole model that is shown, and this will cause no issues.
  7. Once you have picked the MySQL expansions there click on “Survey,” look down and click on the “Arrangement” button, you will see the site page as under cpane-easyapache-4-audit page
  8. easyapache-4-arrangement
  9. Once completed, click on the done choice and check your WordPress setup, and the mistake will be gone.

Step by step Guide to fix Shared Hosting

In the condition that you have as time goes on set up WordPress on the normal web working with the account, this mistake is yet unquestionably being instigated using MySQL growth being injured on your web working with the account. To allow it, you need to follow the underneath referred to stages exclusively:

  1. You need to sign in with the cPanel account.
  2. Search for the choice of “Select PHP Version” and a short time later snap on it.
  3. Once there, exchange the PHP model to Current from the dropdown as referred to under change-PHP-construction to-close by
  4. Once you have picked the PHP structure as current, tick on the elective that says “MySQL” and besides “mysqlnd” from the decisions presented and tap on save. cPanel-draw in PHP-MySQL-extension stage 5: Check your WordPress set up and the goof will be no more.

Quick Guideline to fix CentOS Server

In the condition that you are running your WordPress site on the CentOS VPS without using any kind of control board, your underlying advance ought to be going to check the PHP model which you have been running.

  1. # Hypertext Preprocessor – v

I will show you the PHP Version you are eventually running. For our circumstance, this is PHP 7.0. We need to set up the PHP-MySQL expansion for PHP 7.0. We can do this by the use of the going with order:

  1. # yum update
  2. # yum set up php70w-MySQL

Once installed, restart your web server, for Apache, it is:

  • systemctl restart httpd


  • service httpd restart

After restarting, your WordPress site needs to work accurately.

Important Guidelines to Repair on an Ubuntu Server

In case you are running your WordPress webpage online on an Ubuntu VPS aside from such a control board, your underlying advance is to examine the PHP variation that you are running as underneath referenced order:

  • apt-get update
  • apt-get set up php7.0-MySQL

Once installed, just restart your main internet server, for the Apache, it is:

  • service httpd restart

After restarting, your main WordPress web page must start to work properly.


Surely, this was a quick discussion about how you can fix MySQL Extension, which is required by WordPress! Follow the means which we have discussed above you in step-by-step detail to quickly fix this whole circumstance. We believe that our quick assistant will make your task a ton straightforward and simple to perform.


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