how to add another email account to outlook 2016

Outlook is a web base application it is like Gmail. It is a Microsoft application by using outlook you can send and receive emails from your pc. Outlook has two versions Microsoft express outlook and Microsoft outlook. Microsoft express outlook was first introduce in window 98 to window XP. Microsoft outlook have latest features and it is powerful then express. If you want to use extra features of Microsoft outlook you will be pay for it. If you want to use Microsoft outlook you should know that how to create account in Microsoft outlook. and how to add another email account to outlook 2016.

how to add another email account to outlook 2016

  • Open outlook from pc search Manu
  • Click on FILE

open file

  • Click on add account

click on add account

  • On the next step what we see it’s depend on our outlook version.
  • If our outlook version is Microsoft 365 and outlook 2016

enter email address

Enter your email address and connect

  • If our outlook version is 2010 and 2013 then it will look like this

email address and possword

Enter your name, email address, and password.

In outlook version 2016:

2016 version

  • Enter email address
  • Click on advanced option and check box to let me set up account manual.
  • Click on connect

choose IMAP

  • What we choose POP or IMAP, IMAP is best.

IMAP settings

  • On the next window we need to enter incoming mail and outgoing mail.
  • Server is our arzhost mail server. For incoming server we use ‘ If we want to prefer POP connection then use ‘’. Outgoing mail server is always ‘’.
  • We should use only arzhost mail server name. Avoid to use subdomain name. otherwise we will get insecure warning if we use incorrect hostname.
  • If we use IMAP then use port 993. For outgoing port we use 465 or 587.

Port 465 is recommend with SSL. But some email clients are unable to use it.

If it is unable to use it then port 587 is best with STARTTLS.

  • Click on Next button

IMAP password

  • Enter your password and click on connect button

successful added

  • If all these steps are successful then we will get set up.

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