Python software packages and libraries are installed and managed using the package management tool How to Install Pip on Mac? The Python Package Index is a repository where the programs and libraries are kept (PyPI).


You will discover three ways How to Install Pip on Mac? in this guide.

  1. A Mac operating system
  2. Python is present
  3. An individual user account with administrative rights

Using, Install Pip on Mac OS

The procedure uses the command line to install pip. The pip package for Python is automatically downloaded and installed by the script.

To install Pip, adhere to the procedures below:

1: Open the Terminal by pressing Command and Space. To open a new terminal window, click the app icon.

2: Verify that Python3 is installed by checking your Python version:

  • Python version 3.

3: Run the command below to download pip:

  • curl -o

A direct download link can be specified using the curl command. To specify the name of the downloaded file, use the -o option.

4: Execute: to install the downloaded package:

  • in Python 3

How to Install Pip on Mac? Hold off until the installation is complete. You’ve just finished setting up pip on your Mac.

Install Pip with Easy Install on MacOS

A Python module for managing Python packages is included with setup tools in the easy install method. Before pip, easy install served as the default Python package manager.

Run the following command to install pip using easy install after opening a terminal window:

  • easy install pip with sudo

Wait for the installation to complete before entering your administrator password.

Using Brew, Install Pip on MacOS

Homebrew, an open-source package manager, provides another way to install pip on macOS.

Run the following command to confirm that Homebrew is set up on your computer:

  • install Python using brew

The command instals the newest versions of setup tools, pip, and Python.

The script instals a different copy of Python because Python is already preinstalled on macOS. There are various advantages to having a separate installation:

How to Install Pip on Mac? The most recent official Python3 release is more recent than the Python2 version that came pre-installed with macOS.

Having a different Python version gives your system an additional degree of security.

Set up using ensure pip

Since version 3.4, pip may be installed in Python without the requirement for external commands or an internet connection.

Run the following command in a terminal to install pip using ensure pip:

  • Python3 —upgrade ensure pip

Similar to easy install, the ensure pip command establishes a pip installation.

Pip Installation Check

How to Install Pip on Mac? Check the version of pip installed on your system to ensure proper installation.

Activate the terminal and type:

  • —version pip

Your computer’s pip version is displayed in the output.


Your Mac’s Pip installation ought to be operational at this point. With more than 50,000 packages available in its repository, Pip is an excellent tool for managing and installing programs.

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