IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone

Email customers like to get to email through the most reliable, largely consistent, and easiest mail clients, similar to Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. Regardless, “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” countless they have often experienced an error like isn’t responding in their Devices.

Before you proceed with any of the means underneath. Assuming no, one mind, have a go at using the going with mail servers:


Around here at ARZHOST, we now and again get requests from our customers to fix an error message isn’t responding as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today at, we should jump into the hints on how our Hosting Experts Planners fix this error.

Purposes behind the mix-up message isn’t responding?

For the most part, this mix-up happens on account of horrible email settings or considering minor issues with the email server or web association. “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” Moreover, the customer may experience this screw-up while receiving the mail on the email client.

What causes not to Respond?

This mistake message is generally found in cells like iPhones. These error messages are accessible in Desktop additionally anyway the repeat is terrifically low. We separated different customer reports right after doing a clear assessment. “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” thought about a summary of inspirations driving why this issue occurs.

  1. Application in an Error State: The convenient application can be in an error state with the association interface. A quick restore of the applications works for the present circumstance.
  2. Weakened SSL: SSL is a vital security part without which numerous association associations won’t work. Gmail's IMAP is one of these and doesn't work expecting that SSL is weakened (now and again).
  3. Email in an Error State: The email in which you have incorporated your email account has a couple of parts and plans. There is conceivable that the game plan records are in a mistaken state and not functioning truly to form. A re-development of the email address will fix the issue for the present circumstance.
  4. Outdated Application: Many critical programming wholesalers (Apple, BlackBerry, etc) quickly flooded and conveyed an update that appropriates this issue when it occurred on a mass scale. If you haven't revived your application, it is proposed that you do thusly.
  5. Network Error: If there is an association confined at your end. The application cannot talk with the right servers.
  6. Server Outrage: If there is to be certain an issue with Google’s servers at the backend, there is nothing you can do besides keeping things under control for the issue out. Exactly when the servers figure out, your email client will normally start working.

Before you start with the game plans. It is basic to determine that you should have an open and dynamic web connection. “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” A restricted association (ones that have mediator servers, etc) relationship might toss the relationship between your client and Gmail’s servers.

Error message isn’t responding – How are we fixed?

Around here at ARZHOST, where we have throughout capacity in running servers. “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” we see various customers manage issues with the email server. Today at, we should see the critical explanations behind IMAP error and how our Hosting Experts Planners fix this slip-up.

Game Plan 1: Force Leaving the Application

The essential thing which you should effort is power halting the application. Whenever the application is running (even in the background), there is a couple of taken care of elements that are used by it. If any of these get terrible or a part of the application’s modules goes into a slip-up express, the application will cause a couple of exceptional issues like the error message being discussed.

Expecting you are using a convenient application, guarantee that you close the application properly (by disposing of it from the new applications too). In case you are on the PC, “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” leave the application and end the effort by investigating the task boss. Ensuing to compelling the application to close, open the application again and check to accept the issue is settled.

Game plan 2: Sending your Account

One more workaround that turned out to be incredibly useful is informing yourself (your record). How this treats jerk your email record and power it to get its modules to get completely functional. This might handle the not responding issue you are going up against.

Essentially investigate your nearby informing application (from where you are getting this error) draft an email to your email address and send it. Hold on for a few minutes while also restoring your inbox. “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” At the point when you admit your email, animate your record and check whether the issue is made do with incredible.

Game plan 3: Updating OS/Email Client

As we referred to beforehand, there were still a couple of circumstances where previously, the email client itself got into a mistaken state and couldn’t show up at Google’s IMAP servers. To fix this issue, you want to revive the functioning structure to the latest structure. “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” This goes especially for Apple customers where Apple conveyed a special update to decide the email client issues.

Expecting you are using another client, guarantee that you update it to the latest structure. Ensuing to invigorating, restart your client/device absolutely and following reconnecting to the right association. While having a go at matching up your email again beware of the remote possibility that the issue is settled. In like manner, have a go at reinstalling the email client and check if that fixes the issue. Especially, if you are using Gmail, uninstall it absolutely and reinstall.

Game Plan 4: Checking Internet Connection

We also went north of a couple of circumstances. Where because of an awful web connection, the slip-up was going on. There are a couple of situations where the web relationship has a couple of imperatives that cause it not to work. You must have a go at changing to your Data association (cell association) and check whether the issue is at this point present in light of everything.

Also, go into your adaptable data settings and engage Mobile Data use for all applications. That is recorded there since this has been known to fix the issue in some cases.

If the issue is missing, it infers that the association which you were using was not filling in true to form. Hence you should ponder advancing it. “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” If still doesn’t respond in the new association, it probably infers that there is another issue. You can do various solutions to fix the issue.

Game plan 5: Deleting the Account and Adding It Again

Yet again the most broadly perceived fix for this screw-up message. Is to absolutely eliminate the record and thereafter have a go at adding it. Right when you do this, the record gets taken out from your contraption close by all of the arrangements and settings. So when you log your email address into it again. All of the plans are worked without any planning and if there was an issue. “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” would have been settled.

In this article, we will let you know the most ideal way to take out an email account from your iPhones. You can copy the means in your Android or various devices:

  1. Open the Settings in your iPhone device and snap-on Mail. By and by on the accompanying page under the title of Accounts. You will see all of the records recorded there close by all of the hints. Select your Gmail account which is causing you the issue.
  2. As of now investigate the lower part of the page and select Delete this record.
  3. The record will at present be dispensed with. As of now investigate back to Settings and a short time later Mail. Hereunder the title of Accounts, you will see the button of Add Account. Click it and enter all of your licenses.
  4. As of now have a go at getting to your Gmail record and checking whether the issue is settled.

Game plan 6: Allowing Access into Google Account

Every so often, the Gmail account doesn’t work since. You haven’t supported it to be comprised into another device. “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” To do, all things considered, effort the going with propels.

1: Reorder the going with URL into the program.


2: Click on the “Continue” button.

3: Confirm whether the issue proceeds.


To lay it out simply, “IMAP Server Not Responding iPhone” an error message isn’t responding happens due to terrible email settings or considering minor issues with the email server or web connection. Today at, we saw how our Hosting Experts Planners assisted our customers with settling the error.

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