Magento Access Denied for User

It’s extremely disturbing when your site shows Access Denied regardless. When you give the right capabilities. “Magento Access Denied for User” Magento site owners routinely see Access Denied errors because of incorrect manager logins, wrong positions, etc.

Around here at ARZHOST, we contribution with siting owners settle such errors as an element of our Outsourced Technical Care for the web has.

Today, we’ll look at the best 4 purposes behind this mistake and how we fix them.

What is Magento’s Access Denied’ Error?

Access Denied screw-up happens when customers getting to the page don’t have real access honors to see it. In this manner, to see it, the customer needs suitable approvals.

Magento site owners normally manage this issue. “Magento Access Denied for User” when the effort to get to the Magento headboard or a custom module.

Likewise, the ordinary clarifications behind this error are given under:

  • Making another customer and with a foolish occupation given out.
  • Mistaken head login capabilities used.
  • While informing a Magento increase with the store using the downloader.

Magento ‘Access Denied’ screw up – Why and How to fix?

“Magento Access Denied for User” We should now discuss widely the basic roles behind Magento Access Denied screw-up and how our Hosting Expert Planners fix them.

1) Wrong Customer Confirmations

One of the typical clarifications behind this mistake is that the seller uses incorrect logins to get to the headboard.

Subsequently, our Hosting Expert Planners first really take a look at the Magento customer capabilities. “Magento Access Denied for User” If it doesn’t work, we reset this login through the request line.

Magento manager logins are taken care of in a mixed association in the table admin_user of Magento informational index. Consequently, we use the request line to get to this database and reset the mysterious expression.

For example, we use the going with the request to reset the Magento customer secret word from the request line.

  • UPDATE 'admin_user' SET 'secret expression' = MD5('PASSWORD') WHERE 'username' = 'USERNAME';

2) Wrong Occupation Designated to Customer

This can happen to expect that Magento vendors make new customers for overseer board. “Magento Access Denied for User” But no authentic access honors are given out.

In such cases, our Hosting Expert Planners log in to the Magento board as a head customer and right the entry opportunities.

  • We consign suitable positions to the new customer from System > Permissions > User > Click on customer > User occupations.

3) No Divisions for New Increase

This for the most part happens when sellers add one more Magento development through downloader and access the plan settings of this expansion.

Since Magento doesn’t refresh the divisions of the new increase subsequently, customers see the Access Denied error in the Magento board.

Ordinarily, a re-login to Magento expensive board will work. “Magento Access Denied for User” Expecting that this fails, our Hosting Expert Planners log in as expensive customers to Magento and reset the overseer approvals.

  • We reset the director praises from System > Permissions > Roles > Click Administrator work > Role Resources > Set it to All > Save Role.

Customers can now successfully get to the new expansion.

4) Issues with Custom Module

Lately, one of the Magento site owners contacted us with a Magento manager board access error resulting in enabling a custom module for his store.

Exactly when we checked, there was a dispute with the Magento overall course of action archive system.xml, and the config.xml record used to plan custom modules. Truly, a part of the module entries, for instance, pack names, adminhtml names are missing in the config.xml record.

Here at, our Hosting Expert Planners consider the system.xml. “Magento Access Denied for User” config.xml records and adds the missing areas that are good the issue.


To lay it out simply, Magento Access Denied error can happen because of mistaken head logins. “Magento Access Denied for User” wrong customer occupation, to say the very least. Today at, we’ve discussed the super top 4 purposes behind this error and how our Hosting Expert Planners fix them.


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