MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary

A screw-up we now and again see in MySQL servers while reviving, “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary”. Restoring or copying databases is: Error No: 1062 or Error Code: 1062 or ERROR 1062 (23000)

Around here at ARZHOST, couldn’t execute the Write rows event on the table my database name. table; Duplicate segment 174465 for key PRIMARY, Error code: 1062; regulator error HA_ERR_FOUND_DUPP_KEY; the events ace log MySQL-bin.000004, end_log_pos 60121977

What is MySQL Error No: 1062?

MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary”, screw up 1062 is shown when MySQL notices a DUPLICATE of a segment. You are endeavoring to implant.

We’ve seen essentially 4 clarifications behind this error:

  • The web application has a bug that adds fundamental key by gigantic options and drains quite far.
  • MySQL bunch replication endeavors to re-install a field.
  • An informational collection dump record contains duplicate lines because of a coding error.
  • MySQL list table has duplicate segments.

In phenomenal cases, this mix-up is shown when the table ends up being excessively wonderful. “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary” yet let’s not worry about that for the present.

Bit by bit directions to fix Error No 1062 when your web application is broken

Every database-driven application like WordPress, Drupal. Open Cart remembers one customer or helpful record from another using something many allude to as a fundamental field. This fundamental field should be recorded for each customer, post, etc

Web applications use a code like this to insert data:

  • Expansion INTO table ('id','field1','field2','field3') VALUES ('NULL','data1','data2','data3');

Where it is the exciting primary key, “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary” and is set to auto-increment. (That is a number installed will reliably be more unmistakable than the beyond one to avoid duplicates).

This will work right if the value inserted is NULL and the informational index table is set to auto-increment. Some web applications, unfortunately, pass the value as

  • Characteristics ('','data1','data2','data3');

Where the essential field is barred. This will insert sporadic numbers into the fundamental field, rapidly growing the number to the best field limit (typically 2147483647 for numbers).

“MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary” All following requests will again effort to over-create the field with 2147483647, which MySQL unties as a Duplicate.

Web application error game plan

Exactly when we see a potential web application code error. The specialists at our Website Support Services make a fix to the application report that fixes the informational index question.

We have the non-sequential fundamental key table to be fixed. For that, we make another part (otherwise called field), set it as auto-expansion. A while later make it the fundamental key.

The code checks out along these lines:

  • change table table1 drop fundamental key;
  • change table table1 add field2 into the not invalid auto-increment fundamental key;

At the point when the fundamental key fields are stacked up with progressive characteristics, the name of the new field can be changed to the past one. So that all web application requests will proceed as in the past. These orders can get very amazing, amazingly fast. “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary” if you don’t have the foggiest idea. How these commands work, it’s best to get ace assistance.

People Also Ask

Question # 1: What is meant by the duplicate entry for key primary?

Answer: When creating a primary key or unique constraint after loading the data, you can get a “Duplicate entry for key ‘PRIMARY’” error. If the data in the source database is valid and there are no duplicates you should check which collation is used in your MySQL database.

Question # 2: What is a duplicate entry?

Answer: Definition of duplicate (Entry 3 of 3) 1a: either of two things exactly alike and usually produced at the same time or by the same process. b: an additional copy of something (such as a book or stamp) already in a collection. 2: one that resembles or corresponds to another counterpart.

Question # 3: How do I fix a duplicate entry in MySQL?

Answer: Unique values are labeled with row number 1, while duplicates are 2, 3, and so on. Therefore, to remove duplicate rows. You need to delete everything except the ones marked with 1. This is done by running a DELETE query with the row_number as the filter.

Read More————

Question # 4: How do I ignore duplicate records in SQL?

Answer: To remove duplicates from a result set, you use the DISTINCT operator in the SELECT clause as follows: SELECT DISTINCT column1, column2, FROM table1; If you use one column after the DISTINCT operator. The database system uses that column to evaluate duplicates.

Question # 5: How do you prevent duplicates in SQL queries?

Answer: When the result set from a SELECT statement contains duplicate rows. You may want to remove them and keep every row data to be unique for a column or combination of columns. You can use the DISTINCT or DISTINCTROW identifier to eliminate duplicate records.

The best strategy to fix MySQL replication Error Code: 1062

As a result of variability’s in the organization or harmonizing MySQL is once in a known effort to create a section when it is free in the slave. Subsequently, when we see this slip-up in a slave, we effort both of the going with depending upon many elements, for instance, DB create traffic, period of the day, etc

  • Remove the segment – This is the quicker and safer method of continuing if you understand that the line being formed is just about as old as of now present.
  • Skirt the line – If you don’t know there be a data accident, “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary”, you can have a go at keeping away from the line.

Bit by bit guidelines to delete the line

“MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary” First remove the line using the fundamental key.

  • remove from table1 where field1 is key1;

Then, respite and start the slave:

  • stop slave;
  • start slave;
  • select sleep (5);

At whatever point it is done, “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary” truly investigates the slave status to check whether replication is continuing.

  • show slave status;

On the off chance that everything is extraordinary, you’ll believe “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary”, Seconds_Behind_Master to be a number. If not, your replication is broken and it ought to be fixed.

The best technique to keep away from the line

“MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary”, For this, you can set the Skip counter to 1.

Here’s how it could look like:

  • stop slave;
  • set overall SQL_SLAVE_SKIP_COUNTER = 1;
  • start slave;
  • select sleep (5);

Then, truly investigate the slave status to check whether replication is continuing.

  • show slave status;

Again, on the off chance that everything is incredible. You’ll believe “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary”, Seconds_Behind_Master to be a number. If not, your replication is broken and it ought to be fixed.

Proceed cautiously

Ending and starting the slave can’t cause any issue except if you have an outstandingly clamoring database for any situation. The remove clarification, skipping, and returning to a wrecked replication requires ace data about MySQL affiliation and working

If you don’t have the foggiest idea of what these orders will mean for your database. “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary” we approve your chat with a DB director.

The best strategy to fix MySQL restore errors

“MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary”, Restore error generally show up as:

  • Screw up 1062 (23000) at line XXXX: Duplicate segment XXXXXX for key X

While restoring informational index dumps, this error can happen given 2 reasons:

  • The SQL dump record has duplicate areas.
  • The record archive is duplicate lines.

To find what is turning out gravely. We look at the consistent lines and check whether they have something almost identical or different data. Expecting its comparable data, the issue could be a result of duplicate rundown lines. If it is different data, the SQL dump record ought to be fixed.

Guidelines to fix duplicate sections in database dumps

The current situation can happen when something like two tables is dumped into a singular report without checking for duplicates. To decide this, the single heading we’ve used is to make one more fundamental key field with auto-expansion. subsequently, change the requests to implant NULL value into it.

Then, continue with the landfill. At the point when the new fundamental field table is populated, “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary”, the name of the field is changed to the old fundamental table name to save the old inquiries.

The change table request will look like this:

  • adjust table table1 change portion ‘new primary’ ‘old primary’ varchar (255) not invalid;

If your record report is polluted

There’s no upfront method of fixing a documented record if there are duplicate areas in it.

You’ll need to delete the record archive and restore that report either from lines or from another server. Where your informational index dump is restored to another DB server. The means included are extremely minded confusing to run through here. “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary” We recommend that you counsel a DB ace if you hypothesize the rundown record is damaged.


MySQL error no 1062 can happen in light of buggy web applications, damaged dump records, or replication issues. “MYSQL Error 1062 Duplicate Entry for Key Primary” Today at ARZHOST, we’ve seen the various habits by which the justification behind this error can be recognized. How it might be settled.



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