Naxsi vs Mod Security

Mod Security adds ca half be reducing popular total dealing with. Mod Security (with for all intents and purposes no standards) is speedier than Modified (Naxsi with Common Hacks/Rules) ca 30%. Changed Naxsi with ca 4k standards (blacklist), equivalent plan to Mod Security is ca 98% all the more inactive.

That is the explanation, most Web Hosts need to engage firewall programs like Mod Security, NAXSI, etc to watch these server hacks. “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, Yet both of them are free, the choice of Naxsi versus Mod Security depends by and large upon the server plan.

Around here at ARZHOST, we help server owners to pick and plan these web claim firewall programs as a part of our Maintenance Services for Web Hosts. Today, “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, what about we look at the benefits and disservices of NAXSI and Mod Security.

NAXSI – What is it and Why?

Nginx Anti-XSS and SQL Injection (NAXSI) is a web application firewall that is expressly planned for Nginx servers.

Taxi helps with engaging against aggressors that add powerless substance on the site. Additionally, “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, gives a method of avoiding code mixtures to the informational index used by the locations.

By and by, let us have a close-by look at the huge potential gains and disadvantages of NAXSI.

Specialists of NAXSI

“Naxsi vs Mod Security”, The huge benefits of NAXSI include:

1. Direct standard set

NAXSI protects destinations with an essential standard set that uses a score-based system. It scores every URL interest with a score. Right when this score is more noticeable than the breaking point regard set in the game plan, NAXSI subsequently obstructs the site interest.

On the off chance that the sales URL contains possible malignant characters like “<“, /[slash], or drop, that normally increase the score. “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, Additionally, such URLs are upset from executing on the server.

2. Supports Whitelist

It is a strange benefit that NAXSI grants to make a lot of whitelist rules. These standards say that particular malignant model matches in picked applications are okay and NAXSI licenses them.

To make things more direct, NAXSI goes with an instrument called Nxtool. This device thusly gains from the site traffic and makes the whitelist. Additionally, if over 20% of your customers have the same set-off factor in their site requests, it will be recorded as genuine. “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, All such requests go through the webserver.

3. Impenetrable to WAF evade techniques

Exactly when the firewall rules became serious, software causes have found substitute methods of bypassing them. Regardless, NAXSI manages possible diversion techniques like encoding the URL, “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, the connection of strings in the requesting, etc

4. Fast and easy to stay aware of

NAXSI doesn’t eat up a huge piece of server resources. In like manner, it needn’t waste time with any irregular updates as in Mod Security. “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, Once presented, it works constantly without any trip.

Scams of NAXSI

Disregarding the way that there are many benefits, “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, NAXSI goes with its disadvantages as well.

1. Learning mode for every application update

NAXSI has 2 modes, Live and Learning. It is in the learning mode that NAXSI makes the whitelist rules. Thusly, whenever there is an update in the site code, we need to run NAXSI in learning mode and change rules to allow real traffic.

Subsequently, “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, makes an overhead especially when there are constant code changes in the site.

2. Kind of Webserver

There is a critical disadvantage that NAXSI is fitting only for Nginx systems. It will not work for Apache or IIS. Thusly, it, by and large, restricts the decisions available for the kind of web server.

From our association with directing servers, we see that NAXSI works mind-boggling in Docker-based applications. In like manner, “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, our Hosting Expert Planners regularly propose and set up NAXSI for applications like Own cloud, Elastic search, etc.

People Also Ask

Question # 1: How good is ModSecurity?

Answer: ModSecurity is a very helpful and cooperative tool even for beginners. It is very easy to apprehend and use. Review collected by and hosted on

Question # 2: Do I need Mod_Security?

Answer: For eCommerce purposes, ModSecurity is an essential piece of PCI DSS compliance, helping satisfy Requirement 6.6 by helping shield your site against external threats. Therefore, we strongly advise against disabling or uninstalling the module.

Question # 3: Should I disable Mod_Security?

Answer: We will not recommend disabling Mod-Security on your account. Mod_security module helps to protect your website from various attacks. If mod-security is disabled on your account, your website will be at risk from vulnerabilities.

Question # 4: Is AWS WAF ModSecurity?

Answer: So let’s dive into how we’re accomplishing this further with ModSecurity and AWS WAF. ModSecurity is one of the most popular WAF (web application firewalls) available. ModSecurity has existed for Apache for a long time and the newer libmodsecurity 3. x is bringing that functionality to Nginx.

Question # 5: What is better Apache or Nginx?

Answer: NGINX performs 2.5 times faster than Apache according to a benchmark test performed by running up to 1,000 simultaneous connections. Another benchmark running with 512 simultaneous connections, showed that NGINX is about twice as fast and consumed less memory.

Mod Security – What is it and Why?

Mod Security is one of the well-known web application firewalls that supports web servers like Apache, IIS, Nginx, etc. “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, keeps a library of harmful models, in any case, called Signatures. Exactly when the requesting URL facilitates with any of the imprints, they are hindered.

Anyway, it is an uncommon gadget to recognize cross-site setting up, Trojan attacks, etc, in like manner has its advantages and negative imprints.

Specialists of Mod Security

“Naxsi vs Mod Security”, Mod Security goes with specialists like:

1. Squares ordinary attacks

Mod Security goes with a Core Ruleset that arrangements with for all intents and purposes known attacks the web. So there is no additional need to create rules to block most certainly known frail applications.

2. Supports Virtual fixing

Moreover, Mod Security gives the decision of “Virtual Patching”. Virtual fixing helps with preventing an undertaking in the server due to a recently discovered shortcoming.

All things considered, “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, when there is another WordPress or PHP-based attack, you essentially need to fix your Mod Security application for a brief reason. That prevents further locales attacks using this shortcoming. In like manner, you get greater freedom to revive each powerless WordPress site.

3. High Customization

Furthermore, “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, Mod Security licenses to form unequivocal principles for the applications worked with on the server. It gives space for custom changes when there is some particular kind of attacks that are by and large fundamental for your applications.

Scams of Mod Security

“Naxsi vs Mod Security”, Again Mod Security has its piece of cons also.

1. Extreme to stay aware of the ruleset

All Mod Security rules are essentially standard verbalizations, which can be hard to stay aware of. Moreover, “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, when there is an unreasonable number of rules, it transforms into a veritable test to allow incredible traffic and square the malignant attacks.

Our Hosting Expert Planners consistently get helpdesk requests from customers where Mod Security hinders genuine requests too.

2. Higher resource use

Mod Security much of the time shows high resource use when there are countless standards organized. “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, the Higher the number of destinations running on the server, the higher will be the resource use on the server. So the choice depends upon the server specifics also.


With suitable performance and mindful tuning, web applications firewalls like Mod Security and NAXSI essentially help to avoid possible web waiter hacks. Today, “Naxsi vs Mod Security”, we’ve seen the relative assessment that helps our Hosting Expert Planners to pick Mod Security or NAXSI.


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