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Outlook Server Refused Connection

That was another assistance ticket got at our Hosting Experts Planners Services office here at ARZHOST, we help server owners settle essential errors on their servers. Style is a singular information overseer. Which is mainly used to receive messages and is significant for Microsoft Office Suite.

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What makes Outlook special similar to other email bosses is that it can store notes, join a schedule, and a journal. “Outlook Server Refused Connection: Here’s Why and How to Fix It” Customers may similarly include it for web surfing. Site owners generally speaking get this error on account of IMAP course of action issues, firewall limits, and that is only the start.

Today at arzhost.com, we’ll see the super 4 purposes behind this IMAP connection error and how we fix them. Moreover, we’ll see the best 8 clarifications behind this Outlook not to Connect

IMAP Connection Declined – What does this Suggest?

IMAP connection denied error suggests that the IMAP server excused the connection made by the email application. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” Customers routinely see this error when they access their messages through any webmail clients like Squirrel mail, Round cube, etc

Additionally, they see the entire error message like this:

  • Error interacting with IMAP server: localhost.
  • 111: Connection declined

Here at arzhost.com our Hosting Experts check the server logs(/var/log/messages) and the email logs (/var/log/maillog or/user/neighborhood/psa/var/log/maillog) to choose the wellspring of the issue.

What Causes Outlook Not to Connect?

Viewpoint is a free application that attempts to interact with the mail servers sometimes. There is also a decision to work disconnected in Outlook. Point of view works by bringing all of the messages into neighboring limits and permits you to see messages from your PC. Regardless, this most likely won’t work accepting that the genuine application can’t relate.

The following are a piece of the inspirations driving why this might happen:

  • Dreadful Web Connection: We can’t dismiss the verifiable legitimization for why you probably will not have the choice to interact with Outlook. If you have terrible/no web connection. Communicating with the web will be incredible.
  • Work Offline Engaged: Outlook has a part of “Work Offline” which grants customers to stay isolated with the web while using the full value of the application. Accepting that this component is enabled. Outlook won’t communicate with the web.
  • Pariah Outlook Add-ins: Outlook, as other Office things, grants customers to use untouchable add-ins in the application. These add-ins might be useful for you yet they are known to cause different issues with the real application.
  • Account Degradation: Another legitimization for why you most likely will not have the choice to relate Outlook to the association is that the record you are using is somehow degenerate or having issues of its own. Exactly when this happens. The application cannot use your record to sign into the mail server.

Degenerate Data Archive:

Another captivating clarification we ran over was where the Outlook data records were awful. The present circumstance happens strange planning, especially in conditions. Where Outlook couldn’t revive its data correctly considering a surprising conclusion.

  • Outdated Application: Microsoft releases a couple of updates including security patches for all its Office applications. These updates moreover target bug fixes that might be troubling the application.
  • Degenerate Office Installation: Outlook is essential for Microsoft Office/Office 365. The office is significant for a set-up of utilization including Word, Excel, etc if the real foundation is awful, Outlook cannot connect with the web.
  • PC in Error State: Even anyhow how this might be extraordinary. Yet we moreover went over conditions where the genuine PC was in an error state. Power cycling the PC correctly normally handles the issue.

Before we progress forward with the game plans. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” Guarantee that you are endorsed as an expense on your PC. Also, you should know the capabilities of your record which you are using in Outlook close to the webmail server address. We might be changing a couple of units.

IMAP Connection Denied – Causes and Fixes

As of now, could we inspect the really 4 purposes behind this slip-up and how our Hosting Experts block each possibility? “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” Start with the essential course of action and work your heading down as they are recorded by problem and roundness.

1) Service Outing

One of the standard clarifications behind this screw-up is the IMAP organization not running on the server. Typical IMAP servers are Dovecot, Courier-IMAP, etc IMAP organization licenses customers to get to the messages from wherever. Thusly, accepting the IMAP organization crashes. The connection misses the mark and results in an IMAP connection discharged error.

How do we fix it?

Organization excursion can happen because of traffic spikes, resource power outages, spamming, DDoS attacks, circle errors, and so forth Next, here our Hosting Planners identify the clarification and always fix it.

For example, expecting there’s high weight on the server. We at first recognize the resource that is being ill-treated. Additionally, we recognize the customer ill-using this resource and weaken it.

Accepting we consider any dead or non-responsive cycles. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” we’ll kill those dead cycles and restart the organizations. For example, on CentOS – cPanel servers, we restart the IMAP organization using the under request.

  • organization dovecot restart

Finally, we attest that the IMAP organization is tuning in on the server using the net start request:

  • netstat - plant | grep :143

2) IMAP Configuration Issues

Additionally, plan issues in the IMAP course of action record are another crucial avocation for this error. Syntactic mistake errors, etymological construction errors, wrong limits in the IMAP plan can commit errors. For example, customers customarily see this mistake while restarting the Dovecot organization on the server.

  • Starting Dovecot Imap: deacon: Fatal: Error in course of action report, etc/dovecot/dovecot. Conf line 68: Unknown setting: default_mail_env

This shows that on account of the plan issues in the report, etc/dovecot/dovecot. Conf, the dovecot organization forgot to start. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” This clearly shows there’s an invalid limit default_mail_env in this report.

How do we fix it?

Here at arzhost.com, our Hosting Experts check and right the arrangement issues in the IMAP configuration record. Specifically, we ensure there’s a genuine Hosting of the arrangement record before carrying out any improvements.

Similarly, in carrier imap servers. We run the assistance with default arrangement. For that, we Host the main arrangement record and displace it with, etc/dispatch imap/imapd.dist. If it ends up extraordinary, we investigate the principal record and. dist report and fix the mix-ups.

Further, we guarantee that the dovecot organization has been restarted viably and running fine on the server. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” Likewise, we guarantee that we can log in to the email account through any webmail clients like Round cube, Horde, etc

3) Server Firewall Limits

Another believable legitimization behind this screw-up is the imperfect firewall arrangement in the server. We’ve seen events where far-off server blocks relationships from explicit IP addresses or IP address ranges. Far off server blocks relationship from an IP address in light of strange activities. An unnecessary number of connections, etc

The default IMAP port is 143 and the Secure IMAP port (SSL/TLS port) is 993. Besides, expecting these ports are not opened in the server. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” Customers will get this screw-up.

How do we fix it?

First thing, our Hosting Planners confirm that the IP address of the customer isn’t blocked in the server firewall. For example, on cPanel servers, we use the under request to check if the customer’s IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is prevented.

  • csf - g xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Additionally, accepting that it’s delayed, we’ll rapidly dispose of the square and restore the email organization for the customer. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” Next, we track down the avocation behind the square and update the customer about the preventive moves to be made.

while we get the telnet results from the customer’s decision to check the IMAP port accessibility:

  • #telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 143
  • @telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 993

Also, we’ll kill the chargeable rule from the server firewall. Also, we adjust the firewall settings to recognize authentic relationships on IMAP ports 143 and 993.

4) Firewall Impediments at Neighborhood End

One more opportunity is that a firewall on the customer’s association or ISP blocks the port for IMAP. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” We’ve seen circumstances where an untouchable firewall or Antivirus programs on the structures block the IMAP port.

How do we fix it?

Accepting that there are no issues at the server-side. We update customers to impede the security applications like Windows firewall, Antivirus programs, etc entirely. This helps us with perceiving which program is making issues and fixing its settings.

On the other hand, in case the issue is at the ISP level. We get the traceroute and TCP traceroute results from the customer. This helps us with recognizing expecting the issue lies at the moderate level.

Step by step Directions to Fix Outlook not Connecting to Your Email Server

Little issues, for instance, Outlook not having the choice to connect with Gmail often impact your work interaction. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” Underneath you have a straightforward fix that various customers in a similar situation have applied to get this Outlook error made do with extraordinary.

To take a gander at more accommodating associates like this one. Feel free to visit our Gmail portion as well. Here at arzost.com, we’ll see 8 top clarifications about this connection being refused.

Game Plan 1: Power Cycling Your Computer

Before we start doing authentic workarounds, we will at the first effort to restart your PC and switch so this kills any mix-up plans they are in. These devices are known to get into screw-up communication incidentally due to a horrible update or unexpected terminations. Switches especially are known to get into screw-up states and stay as such until they are power cycled. Guarantee that you save your work preceding proceeding.

  • Switch off your PC and switch. As of now, take out the rule power supply and press and hold the power button for around 2-3 minutes. Now hold on for around 5-8 minutes before you plug the power supply back in and power on your devices. By and by, have a go at partner with the association after it has started sending and checking. If the issue is settled and you can connect with Outlook with no issue.

If the power cycling doesn’t work you are still unfit to relate properly. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” You should copy ahead to the resulting phase of truly checking out the web.

Game Plan 2: Checking Internet Connection

Another thing to check before we start specific workarounds is that there is a considerable web connection. Expecting there is an issue with the association or it isn’t open. You cannot interact with any servers whatsoever. In this game plan, we will give you tips on how you can guarantee that the web is working and besides. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” How to reset your switch expecting things don’t end up great for us?

  • Have a go at connecting another device to a comparative association. In case the device has Outlook. The effort to ship off it and check whether it works suitably.
  • Have a go at getting to your program and investigate the mail’s site and check whether you can recover your mail starting there. Expect that there is an issue there and you can’t connect. It suggests there is an issue with the servers.
  • Accepting you are using an open-minded or public web, it is recommended that you change to a private Usually, open and public networks have limited permission which causes a couple of uses not to work exactly as expected.

Expecting all the above tips don’t work and you can’t get to the web, you can forge ahead and effort to reset the switch as explained underneath:

Before we start resetting the switch, you truly need to note down your switch’s game plans. Each ISP has express settings got a good deal on your switch. Accepting that we reset the switch, these plans will be lost and you will have another worry.

Here, you truly need to investigate the IP address related to your switch. This is either present at the back of the device or in the holder of your switch. This can be something like ‘’. If you can’t notice the area, Google your switch model and get the information from the web.

  • Search for a button at the back of your switch and press it for ~6 seconds until the switch turns off and back on the significance of the reset.
  • Ensuing to entering the game plans (expecting to be any), interface your control focus back to the association and check. If the failure to present, the association is handled incredibly.

Game Plan 3: Turning Off Work Offline

Point of view has a part of working separated. This mode is for the most part turned on by people when they don’t have web access and still need to use Outlook and either peruse old messages or work on their workspace.

In Offline mode, Outlook won’t connect with any servers or nor receive any messages whether or not the web is available. Here in this course of action, we will investigate Outlook settings and guarantee “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” that Work Offline mode is turned off.

  • Ship off Outlook on your PC.
  • By and by, click on the tab of Send/Receive and look for the button of Work Offline.
  • Accepting the decision has become dim out, it suggests that the model is dynamic. Click on it once to deactivate it. By and by having a go at partner and check whether the issue is settled.

Game plan 4: Checking for Updates

Before we fix your Outlook record and reset the data reports. We will at first investigate whether any updates might be available for Outlook and Windows both. By and large, Office 365 (or standard Office) is revived normally. Whenever there is an update open. Office revives are significant for Microsoft Updates themselves and you don’t have to do anything.

Regardless, expecting you have dropped the approaching update or postponed it truly. Outlook will not be revived to the latest structure. Bugs are typical all through all applications whether or not they are made by Microsoft. With new updates, close by new components, existing bugs are fixed.

In this game plan, we will check Outlook and Windows both for anticipated updates.

  • Ship off Outlook. At the point when you are in the application, click on the File button present at the upper left 50% of the screen.
  • As of now, click on Office Account from the left course bar and snap-on Update Options present at the right 50% of the screen.
  • Accepting that there is no update. Windows will therefore download and present them on your PC.
  • It is furthermore recognized that you update Windows to the latest structure as well. Windows releases security patches for Office 365 things.

Accepting the issue is with your PC or a PC/notebook you should make a pass at using Restore Repair which can channel the stores and displace awful and disappeared records. This works a large part of the time. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” where the issue is started due to structure corruption.

  • Press Windows + S, type “update” in the talkbox, and open the application.
  • Once in the Update settings, click on Check for revives button and trust that Microsoft will connect with servers. If there is any update, it will be downloaded in some time therefore and presented on your PC.
  • Restart your PC after the two updates and by and by having a go at partner. Beware of the remote possibility that the issue is settled.

Game Plan 5: Repairing Outlook Account

If all the above methods don’t work, we will have a go at fixing your Outlook account on your PC. Here, an Outlook account implies the information concerning email areas or servers that you have input in the application. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” These settings may to a great extent be upset and hence causes various issues, for instance, the application not the partner.

In this plan, we will investigate Outlook Account settings and truly attempt to fix your record. Accepting that there is any issue, Outlook will normally manage it:

  • Ship off Outlook and snap on the File tab present at the upper left 50% of the screen.
  • Be close to, click on Info and a short time later select your record beginning from the drop. As of now, click on Account and Social Network Settings and subsequently click Account Settings.
  • As of now, select the Email Address which is causing the issue and snap on the Repair button present at the upper left 50% of the screen. You will as of now be incited to enter your shades or assert them.
  • It is reproved that you distribute with the secretive word and enter it again. This will kill the probability that you have entered an incorrect password. Press Next.
  • As of now, Outlook will normally effort to set up a relationship with the servers and a while later break down any issues (expecting to be any).
  • After the record is fixed, check to accept the issue is settled.

Game Plan 6: Disabling Extensions

Consistently, the majority of the Extensions open for Outlook are by confirmed designers. In any case, only one out of every odd one of them works properly and some even struggle with Outlook settings and cause it not to work or partner. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” Here, what you should do is weaken all of the growths and thereafter make a pass at partner.

Expecting the connection is compelling. It infers there was an issue with an extension(s). Then, you can enable them independently and a short time later break down which one is causing the issue:

  • Ship off Outlook and investigate to File > Options. Click Add-ins from the left course bar in the Options.
  • At the lower part of the right-board. You will the button of Go Nearby Manage. Click it once.
  • By and by, uncheck all of the growths and snap OK.
  • Restart the Outlook application and check whether the issue is settled. In case it is, you can follow the methodology to examine the irritating include as explained beforehand.

Game Plan 7: Transformation Outlook Data Record

Before we reinstall/fix the Office 365 foundation archives, it justifies altering the entire Outlook data record. Angle saves its data to an external record. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” This is a sort of limit with regards to the application which it uses in its shops. In this plan, we will delete the data record. Then, when we ship off Outlook, it will rapidly see that the data record is lost and a short time later undertaking to replicate. It is without any planning. This will settle corruption issues (expecting to be any).

Before we progress forward with the plans. It should be seen that all of your email rules will be taken out as a result. To exchange your rules to an area that you import again, later on, follow these methods:

1: Open Outlook and a short time later investigate to the going with:

  • Home/Rules/Manage Rules
  • what's more subsequently:
  • Alerts/Options/Export Rules

2: As of now, keep on exchanging rules for every one of your letters drops to a temporary envelope. You will use these lines to import all of your rules back later on when enfolded up with the rest of the course of action.

By and by we can proceed with adjusting your Outlook Data File:

  • Investigate Account settings as we did in Solution 5 while fixing the record.
  • By and by, click on the tab of Data Files and directly following picking the Email account welcoming on certain issues, click on Open File Location. Now, you can either Rename the report or move it to another area.
  • As of now, open Outlook again. It will therefore attempt to change your data record. After it is patched up check to expect the issue is settled.

If the issue is settled, you can import all of the rules you exchanged to the temporary envelope and all that will be identical again.

Game Plan 8: Repairing/Reinstalling Outlook

If all the above systems don’t work and you are at this point inadequate to get Outlook working. We can make a pass at fixing/reinstalling the application. “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” Here, you have to at first undertake to fix the suite (Office 365). If the fixing doesn’t work, you can forge ahead and attempt to reinstall it completely.

During the time spent reinstalling. You might be expected to have to foundation executable with you comparably the thing key:

  • Press Windows + R, type “appwiz. CPL” in the trade box, and press Enter.
  • Once in the application boss, track down the segment of Microsoft Office. Right-click it and select Change.
  • Select the decision of Repair from the going with window and press Continue.
  • By and by hold fast to the on-screen rules and when the cycle is done. Restart your PC and check to expect that you can ship off and get Outlook to work with essentially no issues.


To lay it out simply, “Outlook The Server Refused the Connection” Outlook connection denied error can happen because of server firewall limits, IMAP configuration issues, and that is only the start. Today at arzhost.com, we’ve discussed the super Top clarifications behind the next imperfection and how our Hosting Expert Planners fix them.


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