Rewrite rule ^index.php$ – [l]

Rewrite Rule proves the request. shape is an ordinary clarification that organizes with the ideal string from the URL, which is what the watcher types in the program. substitution is the way to the real URL, for example the method of the record Apache employees. flags are optional limits that can change how the standard capacities.

.htaccess consideration rule wires setting a mix of adjust condition (Rewrite Cond) tests nearby a differentiating rule (Rewrite Rule) if the past conditions pass. As a rule, these guidelines have to be set at whatever point after the Rewrite Engine on line in the.

Modifying non-existing associations with index. Php

The going with diverts associates with records or envelopes that don’t exist to index. Php. Regardless, if the report or record exists, it stacks normally:

<If Module mod_rewrite.c>

Rewrite Engine On

Rewrite Base/

Rewrite Rule ^index\. php$ - [L]

Rewrite Cond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}! - f

Rewrite Cond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}! - d

Rewrite Rule. /index. Php [L]

</If Module>

What to change in the models under?

The models under can be gone into your .htaccess record definitely as showed up. Essentially attempt to change the certifiable path to the record so the .htaccess report acknowledges where it’s found. Furthermore, if you see the space, change this to your own region name.

Redirecting all URLs

The going with line redirects all URLs on your site to the new site.

Redirect 301/

Redirecting a singular URL

Using Redirect in an .htaccess record enables you to redirect customers from an old page to another page without keeping the old page. For example, expecting you use index.html as your rundown record and, later rename index.html to home.html, you could set up a redirect to send customers from index.html to home.html. For example:

Redirect to a local site record


Redirect to an external site report


The essential way

The chief route to the old record ought to be a local UNIX way, NOT the full way. Along these lines, if the .htaccess report is in the inventory/, you would avoid/home/username/ in the local UNIX way. The primary/addresses the list. In case the old report was around there, you would follow the/with the old record name.

The resulting way

The second path to the new record can be a close by UNIX way, yet can moreover be a full URL to association with a page on a substitute laborer or a comparable specialist.

Instances of sidetracks

Divert from an index to a HTML record

RedirectMatch 301 ^/blog/about/blog/about.html

Divert from an index.html document to an alternate registry


Divert from index.html to default.html


Divert a neighborhood/private registry to another site’s private index


Using Regular Expressions

If you need to use a Regular Expression to redirect something, use the RedirectMatch command:

RedirectMatch "^/oldfile\.html/?$" ""

Redirecting flop messages

You can in like manner redirect 404 bumbles. Maybe than throwing a 404 page, this derails the greeting page of the site.

Error Document 404

Redirecting an old list to new library This distracts in an old library (/blog/records) to another account (/narratives). The report should exist in the new list to work.

Rewrite Rule ^blog/records/(.*)$/newarchives/$1 [R=301,NC,L]
 	Redirect non-existing pages to index.php

If a visitor attempts to get to a page that doesn’t exist, they are given a 404 bungle. You can rather redirect any sales to a non-existing page to your index.php record (or any document archive) by adding the going with code in your .htaccess:

    decisions +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
     	RewriteEngine On
     	RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}! - f
     	RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}! - d
     	/index.php [L]

    In case your rundown page isn’t index.php, just change the last line to your certifiable rundown record. By then the visitor is redirected back to your greeting page.

    Thusly packing a division

    This model redirects the ROOT region’s URL to any subdivision. In this model, it subsequently stacks

      RewriteEngine on
       	RewriteRule ^$/subdir1/[L]
       	Driving www in the URL
       	RewriteEngine On
       	RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^
       	RewriteRule (. *)$1 [R=301, L]

      Taking out www in the URL

      RewriteEngine On
       	RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^
       	RewriteRule (. *)$1 [R=301, L]

      Revamping a URL

      This model renovation a URL to another URL. This renovations to id? id=1.

      RewriteEngine On
       	RewriteRule ^ ([0-9] +) .html/abc.php? id? id=$1 [QSA, L]




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