SQL Server Error 53 and 17

SQL server failure 53 and 17 sqlstate 08001 occurs while making an ODBC relationship on the Microsoft SQL. We consistently get this error while trying to connect with the SQL server using the login shades.

Around here at ARZHOST, we have considered a couple such SQL-related issues to be significant for our Server Organization Services for the web has an online expert association.

Today here, “SQL Server Error 53 and 17”, we’ll explore the justification behind this error and how to fix it.

What causes SQL server error 53 and 17 sqlstate 08001 to occur?

As of now, we should see what gets this error going. “SQL Server Error 53 and 17”, There are different purposes behind this error to occur. Here are some of them.

  1. Entering the wrong SQL Server Instance name while developing database connection and mixing up port number and username or secret word will provoke this error.
  2. SQL Server Instance isn’t accessible considering firewalls or another clarification.
  3. Blockage of pores like Telnet port 1433 or port number on which SQL Server is running.
  4. Debilitating TCP/IP or Named Pipes show in SQL Server Configuration Manager. Still, in case of Remote Connection is incapacitated for this SQL Server Instance
  5. SQL Server can’t be found on the association which infers either IP address isn’t reachable or that the TCP port number is either not open or isn’t the right port number or is upset by a firewall, etc
  6. SQL Server Browser organization is stopped and not working.
  7. Not opening UDP port 1434 in SQL server

How do we fix SQL server error 53 and 17 sqlstate 08001?

One of our customers advanced toward us with the under error. “SQL Server Error 53 and 17”, By and by, could we see how our Hosting Expert Planners fix this slip-up for our customers.

Here are the resources to be followed by the local machine:

  • In any case, click on Start >> Control Panel >> Open Administrative Tools >> Data Sources (ODBC).

Then, you will be encouraged with a window with the under tabs:

  • From those, click on Go Tab – User DSN >> Click on ADD >> opened window >> Create New Data Source >> SQL Native Client or SQL Server >> Finish.

Here, you will get a New Window to Create New Data Source for SQL Server:

  • Enter the underneath.
  • Portrayal = SQLEXPRESS

Then, select Server or type the name of Server with the correct way as underneath:

  • Server = COMP1\SQLEXPRESS (your PC name\SQLEXPRESS)

Starting now and into the predictable future, click on Next >> On the accompanying window, you want to pick Window or Server Verification and snap-on Next.

As of now, you will get one more window with the decision to Change the Default Database and Attach the Database Filename. Expecting that you wish to change the default database, then, snap and change. Go to Next.

On the accompanying window. “SQL Server Error 53 and 17”, click on Finish:

  • Running organization tests
  • Trying connection
  • Connection set up
  • Supporting decision settings
  • Isolating from server

Expecting you receive the above message then the connection is ended up incredible. By and by, click on OK Button to fix this issue.

“SQL Server Error 53 and 17”, Various tips that our Plans give is that:

  • Have a go at connecting using IP address and port number instead of putting the server name in the connection string.
  • Ensure that SQL Server organizations are running fine and its open.
  • Look at the firewall gradations. A firewall should be open between your client machine and the informational collection server. Port 1433 and 1434 should be enabled. Telnet the two ports to guarantee ports are open.


To lay it out simply, “SQL Server Error 53 and 17”, this slip-up occurs while making an ODBC relationship on Microsoft SQL. Today at arzhost.com, we saw the objective of this SQL error.

Some FAQS Related This Article

Question # 1: How do I fix SQL Server Error 17?

Answer: How we fix ‘SQL Server doesn’t exist or access denied’ blunder

  • Assuming the firewall on the server is hindering any approaching associations then, at that point, check the firewall settings for the server working framework.
  • Really look at whether the TCP/IP and Named Pipes are empowered or not utilizing the SQL Server arrangement devices.

Question # 2: What is SQL Error 53?

Answer: The insights regarding SQL blunder 53 are given as “An organization related or example explicit mistake happened while building up an association with SQL Server. The server was not found or was not available to confirm that the example name is right and that SQL Server is arranged to permit far-off associations.

Question # 3: How would I empower TCP IP association in SQL Configuration Manager?

Answer: On the Start menu, click All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2012 > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Configuration Manager. Click SQL Server 2012 Services. Grow the SQL Server 2012 Network Configuration hub, and afterward select Protocols for MSSQLServer (SQL Instance Name). Right-click TCP/IP, and afterward click Enable.

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