Tier 4 Data Center Certification

The Uptime Institute created a system for classifying Tier 4 Data Center Certification based on the typology of their essential infrastructures in the late 1990s. This classification ranges from Tier I for the lowest-performance infrastructures to Tier IV for the highest-performance infrastructures. A thorough audit conducted by Uptime Institute is required before each Data Center is eligible to receive a Tier 4 Data Center Certification.

They give companies the chance to make sure that their products and services adhere to a set standard as determined by an impartial organization utilizing standards from around the world.

Some clients stated in 2005 that they preferred to be housed in a Tier IV Data Center. White papers were issued at the time. But there was no official certification process.

This is the reason we made the decision to construct Luxembourg’s first Tier-IV-ready data center that year. In 2013, the Resilience Centre South obtained Tier IV Constructed Facility certification, making it the first data center in Luxembourg, the third in Europe, and the ninth in the world to do so.

Clients who manage sensitive data must have confidence that their IT service provider will provide excellent performance and availability for their vital networks and services. In order to fulfill our commitments and offer extremely high levels of resilience and security.

Tier 4 Data Center Certification

ARZHOST has built up a unique experience in building, deploying, and running essential IT infrastructure throughout the years. Modern infrastructure is used in Tier 4 Data Center Certification to provide continuous availability. Client systems and data are secure in all Tier IV attributed fault tolerant Data Centers thanks to redundant hosting capabilities.

According to “design and constructed facility” requirements, they were built. The only observable proof of the quality of their Data Center service provider’s delivery is the certification provided by Uptime Institute.

What activities are supported by the Tier IV Data Center? How is this skillful?

Six business areas make up ARZHOST’s offering a wide variety of comprehensive integrated IT services: advice, managed services, cloud, security, resilience (Business Continuity), and data center. With a single provider that is fully conversant in the nuances of each IT component, this positioning allows each customer to create their projects from top to bottom.

To match our client’s expectations, we have modeled four different routes: digital transformation, customized projects, start-up and innovation, and European business expansion. Profiting from our experience results in improved replies and shortened lead times.

Tier 4 Data Center Certification

The need for the financial sector to incorporate security “by design” into their infrastructure initially influenced ARZHOST’s product line. Every industry, including banking, insurance, other financial firms, government, e-commerce, health, Fintech, defense, state institutions, and space, now places higher importance on security.

In 2018, ARZHOST developed a complete strategy for cyber-resilience that offers crisis management and ensures business continuity. This strategy places a high premium on preserving our client’s business operations. There are seven essential steps in the process of continuous improvement. Starting with a business impact analysis (BIA):

  1. Prepare
  2. Identify
  3. Protect
  4. Detect
  5. Analyze
  6. Respond
  7. Recover

Additionally, built on ISO standards is this procedure.

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