Generally, this mix-up appears during the WordPress focus update process. Right when a customer begins another update cycle while an update is currently in progress. “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”. We may end up with this error message. Ordinarily, this mix-up might evaporate normally after some time.


In any case, there are circumstances where the mix-up relates. Around here at ARZHOST, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”. We get requests from our customers to fix practically identical issues as a piece of our Server Management Services.

Today, what about we see how our Hosting Expert Planners fix this for our customers. This is a run of the mill and bothering error. “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”, yet it has a very basic fix. In this article, we will address the inspirations driving why it occurs and the habits where you can handle it viably.

What causes WordPress Another update by and by in cycle’s screw up

Another update right now in process error takes after the one given under. During the middle update process, WordPress subsequently sets an update lock decision in the database.

Additionally, this decision holds us back from running coordinated reports on our site. Generally, this message is set to thus evaporate in the blink of an eye or when the update cycle wraps up. “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”. We will see how to fix this error when it doesn’t evaporate subsequently.

Why does the Another update is by and by in progress error happens

This issue regularly happens when a WordPress customer, or various customers, are simultaneously endeavoring to play out a WordPress update while a WordPress focus update is running. During a middle update, an additional segment is called a core updater. a lock is put inside the wp_options table of the site’s informational index. “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”, serves to hold some different updates back from being run while the middle update is in progress. After the WordPress focus has been revived, the core updater. lock line will be deleted. Which will allow customers to play out some different updates.

The error message will disappear then, or it will be gone normally following 15 minutes. Now and again due to server issues, the update cycle most likely will not finish and leave the core updater. lock line inside the informational collection. This would leave you remained with a misstep message. In light of everything, you ought to use one of the two procedures outlined to settle the mix-up. You can moreover use these methods if you are basically in a hurry and don’t want to keep it together for the slip-up to self-resolve.

The best strategy to address the Another update progress error

In this article, we will show two direct techniques for tending to this error, so you can either use a module or actually fix the error through phpMyAdmin. Fundamentally, these two strategies are basically something similar. They take on different systems to achieve a comparable end—dispensing with the extra core_updater.lock line from your database to settle the mix-up. Subsequently, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”. Picking which one to use reduces individual tendency. Having said exactly that, let us proceed to the means.

Using a module

The module we saw as commonly significant for settling this error is the Fix Another Update in Progress module. In the wake of presenting it, you should investigate to Settings > Fix Another Update in Progress. On the off chance that you are at present experiencing the Another update is correct now in progress bungle, then, you will see the going with the message, written in red. WordPress Update is locked. Snap the button underneath to fix it.

You should tap on the Fix WordPress Update Lock button underneath to address the misstep. This will eradicate the core updater. lock from your informational index. After a compact period is required for taking care of the issue will be settled. You will see the going with attestation message: Success! You’ve viably fixed “another update in progress!”.

Sometime later, accepting you really want, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”, you can continue with your updates by pressing the WordPress Update interface underneath the confirmation message. This will take you to Dashboard > Updates.

Using phpMyAdmin

This mix-up has an astoundingly essential fix—eradicating the core updater. lock—you can similarly settle it truly by deleting it from your database. To do accordingly, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”, sign in to cPanel using your capabilities and snap on the phpMyAdmin decision, arranged in the Databases portion.

Then, select the informational collection having a spot with your site, find the wp_options table inside, and snap-on it. Preceding proceeding, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”, we have two proposals to confer to customers that might encounter trouble finding the right database or the wp_options table. If you have at this point completed the means referred to above, you can fundamentally overlook the going with urging.

Figuring out the informational index name

In any case, if you don’t have a clue what the name of your database is, you shouldn’t pressure. You can without a doubt figure out the database name by examining your wp-config.php record. To do in that capacity, click on the File Manager decision, arranged in the Files section of cPanel.

Then, investigate your root WordPress list, consistently called public_html. Find the wp-config.php report inside, right-click on it, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”, and pick the View decision.The database-related data will be near the most noteworthy mark of the record. Quest for the going with the line of code:

  • portray (‘DB_NAME', 'your-data base name’);

The part with the your-data base name will be superseded with the real name of your informational index.

The default database prefix has been changed

For security reasons, a couple of customers might decide to change the default database prefix from wp_ to something that isn’t so extensively apparent. On the occasion that you’re using another security prefix for your informational index, instead of looking for the wp_options table, you should look for yourprefix_options. Clearly, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”, the part with your prefix will be replaced with your genuine informational collection table prefix.

Since you understand how to find both your informational index and the legitimate table inside it, you should complete the means referred to before by opening the right table. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, we can proceed to the last walks in this examining informative exercise.

Managing WordPress Data Prefix

At the point when you end up inside the wp_options (or yourprefix_options) table, look for the core updater. lock line. Then, simply press the Delete decision near it. Since WordPress database tables are consistently extremely gigantic, finding the core updater. lock section can be exceptionally inconvenient or possibly drawn-out. To help you with managing this, you can choose to show more lines per page. That is done by looking to the base and picking a greater number of lines than the default 25 lines.

Then again, you can use the Filter lines decision moreover arranged at the base. “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”, Profoundly or updater you can restrict the number of lines you truly need to investigate. Accordingly, you can sign in to your chairman dashboard, investigate to Dashboard > Updates, and proceed with any extra WordPress invigorates you expected to run.

Last Thoughts

Bungles can happen during any period of managing a WordPress site, and this joins running updates. Luckily, the WordPress Another update is at this point in process misstep can be handled with practically no issue. By following the means, we spread out in this article, you can address it in a little bundle of minutes. Additionally, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”, you will be permitted to proceed with playing out some other WordPress revives you like. Since this error is exceptionally typical and can be tricky every so often, we propose bookmarking this article for future reference.

Directions to fix WordPress ‘One more update at present in cycle’s error

For fixing this error quickly, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”. We need to delete the core updater. lock decision from the WordPress database.

This ought to be conceivable using both of the two after strategies:

1. Fix ‘One more Update at present in communication’s Error Using a Plugin

  • In any case, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”. We need to present and start the “Fix Another Update In Progress” module.

This has to be conceivable with the going with progress:

  • Go to Plugins and add one more page inside the WordPress executive district.
  • Then, type the module name we are looking for.
  • Starting there forward, pick the module and snap the ‘Acquaint Now’ button close with it.
  • Once the download completes we can see a ‘Sanction button, click that.
  • The accompanying stage is to organize the module settings. These settings will vary for every module.
  • Upon inception, go to the Settings and take Fix Another Update in Progress page. In case writes about our site are locked, we will see a message with a button to fix it.
  • Essentially click on the ‘Fix WordPress Update Lock’ button to continue.
  • The module will eradicate the WordPress focus update lock decision from our informational index.

“Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”. We will really need to see a victory message as given underneath:

2. Truly Fix ‘Another Update by and by in connection’s error

We ought to use phpMyAdmin to directly run a request in the WordPress database.

The necessary resources to follow are given under:

  • In any case, go to the informational index fragment and snap on the phpMyAdmin image.
  • Then, at that point, we need to pick our WordPress database in phpMyAdmin and snap on the Browse button near the WordPress decisions table (wp_options).
  • After that, we need to find the line with the decision name ‘core updater. lock’ and click on the eradicate button near it.

PhpMyAdmin will as of now eradicate the line from our WordPress informational index.

Additionally, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”. We can switch back to the WordPress site and proceed with reviving the WordPress site.


Thus, “Update WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress”. We saw how our Hosting Expert Planners fix the WordPress ‘Another update by and by in cycle’s slip-up for our customers.

People Also Ask

Question # 1: How do you fix it another update is currently in progress?

Answer: As this error has a very simple fix—deleting the core_updater. lock—you can also solve it manually by deleting it from your database. To do so, log in to cPanel using your credentials and click on the phpMyAdmin option, located in the Databases section.

Question # 2: Why is WordPress not updating my changes?

Answer: The most common cause of a WordPress site not updating right away is caching.  Apart from that, you may also be using a WordPress caching plugin on your own which may not be configured properly. Last but not the least, your browser may also store a cached version of your pages in temporary storage.

Question # 3: Will updating WordPress break my site?

Answer: Sometimes security vulnerabilities are corrected with new WordPress releases. Updating to the newest version of WordPress will ensure that you have the latest security fix. Not updating your version of WordPress may leave your site open to hackers.

Question # 4: Why is my website not updating?

Answer: The reason you may not be seeing the updates on your site is that your computer is displaying a cached (older) version of the page. This is what computers do to speed processing time, bringing the page to your screen from your computer instead of getting it from the source, the web.

Question # 5: How do I make changes to my WordPress website?

Answer: To open a page to edit, click on its title. This will open the WordPress editor where you can make changes to the page. Selecting the ellipses menu (the three vertical dots) will open up more menu options. Edit Opens the WordPress Editor so you can make changes to the page.