What type of information is contained in a dns mx record?

Mail exchange records are the DNS record system that delivers the email to your address. In another word, the MX record tells the user. Which email servers accept incoming mails and were sent emails are rout? If your mail exchange record is not pointed to the correct location then you didn’t get emails. There are many host customers who host their websites and mail servers are the host. When you add an email address then all emails related to DNS records automatic created. you must know what type of information is contained in a DNS MX record.

what type of information is contained in a DNS MX record?

Example of MX record: MX record contains two parts:

  1. Priority
  2. Domain name

           0 mail.arzhost.com

  • In this example ‘0’ shows the priority.
  • The lowest value is your priority.
  • arzhost.com is your mail server to which you connect. The mail server is depending upon which company is hosting your emails.
  • If you have more than one server and all have the same priority then it chooses one random.

While if your name server is hosted by an Arzhost then they control your MX record. If are host is not hosting your name server then which company host the name server? They can change your DNS and MX records. If you want to use a regular host mail service using a domain non-are hostname server. Then you can set up your custom DNS mail record. At your outside DNS provider use the mail DNS information from your host panel.


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