why is my upload speed so slow?

There are many reasons that’s make our internet speed slow. Sometime when we get connections from internet service provider (ISP). When we get high speed connection and we see that our upload speed is too slow then download speed. When a business man want to share heavy files to his clients. Files takes time to transfer and the company lost his valuable time. When a gamer play online games speed of internet should be very good. If upload speed is slow then he face many lags. When we upload files and send data anywhere we see that data transfer is very slow. There are many reasons for speed and people search for “why is my upload speed so slow“.

Reasons why is my upload speed so slow

  • Old hardware
  • Use of poor cables
  • Weak WI-FI security
  • Too many users
  • Problem from ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Data restrictions from ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Bad browser

Port and hardware problems:

When we have an 8MB connection and our cable or port support only 3MB upload speed. Then our internet speed will be slow. Sometime our router or DSL will be older that should be upgrade. Sometime our ISP’S have old hardware infrastructure. That will makes slow upload speed.

Wifi Security:

If WiFi password is not protected. Then unauthorized person can use Wi-Fi that makes the speed slow.

Bunch of devices:

Sometime too many devices connect to the internet that makes the internet speed slow. You can login to your router and check the status of connected devices.

How to increase upload speed?

If you have a Wi-Fi connection then use Ethernet cable it will boost your internet speed. Upgrade your hardware infrastructure and check your wires. They should be in good condition. Update your hardware drivers and software’s that will maximize your upload speed. Avoid to share your internet password to anyone. Use a good search engine and avoid slow browsers.

If you want to upload your heavy data or videos then don’t upload on peak time.

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