All of our dedicated servers can be used with the latest Windows operating system versions. At Arzhost, you get an easy-to-use web hosting space for your business applications. With network management along with services that track the progress of your activity.


Manage your projects in a dedicated Windows environment, designed for professional usage on a “windows dedicated server hosting”. The server configuration used for our dedicated server is designed to suit professional needs.

Advantages of Windows Dedicated Servers

In a Windows dedicated server hosting environment, you get a server that serves your hosting needs exclusively with no other renters allowed on the system.

Hosting organizations looking for a stable, secure and reliable server hosting experiment prefer using dedicated servers. While they are known to satisfy all the above-mentioned needs of a hosting environment and more.

You can also get rot access to the server to allow you to configure the server settings to comply with your business needs:

  1. Install applications that you feel are appropriate for your business website demands
  2. Enjoy superior performance and high consistency
  3. Get additional resources whenever you need them

Essential demands of Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Arzhost offers the huge key feature of “windows dedicated server hosting”. It is important to remember that not all dedicated servers are the same and neither are the hosting solutions offered by Dedicated service providers.

Hopefully, they will give you a clearer insight into what to look for:

  • Operating system choices
  • Server configuration
  • Hardware choices
  • Control panel options
  • High-alert security
  • Server management
  • High availability
  • First-class technical support
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • Unlimited traffic & bandwidth
  • Great scalability

How do windows dedicate server hosting work?

Get “Windows dedicated server hosting” is a service where the web hosting provider an entire server computer to a single user. Windows dedicated device is not shared with any other clients, and all of its resources are available for use.

While Arzhost provides dedicated server hosting services as per your server demands. Shared hosting or VPS hosting, the principle on how these services work is the same. While the web hosting provider takes a server computer and breaks it down into separate user accounts for shared hosting. Different virtual machines for VPS hosting using special function hosting server software.

Buy Windows Dedicated Server Hosting with Bitcoin from Arzhost

With the international attention towards Bitcoin, Arzhost is starting to accept bitcoin payment with its growing inspiration. While Bitcoin gained popularity because it is the world’s first distributed digital currency.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting with Bitcoin from Arzhost

We provide full administration and root access with all our windows and Linux dedicated servers. All software and server configurations of the server will be of your individual choice. While our data centers are prepared with top-notch server hardware and are constantly being checked. It is maintained by industry-leading professionals’ uptime is guaranteed.

While as a result of its popularity and success, bitcoin has inspired a multitude of other cryptocurrencies to bring into being. Our supportive desk gives you 24/7 available reliability.

Why choose Windows Dedicated Server Hosting?

Arzhost is the greatest platform where the customers charge a physical server running on the Operating system. Dedicated servers are generally considered to be the ideal option. While when you want to have complete resources, privacy, and superior security.

While with the latest technological development and rising competition amongst the server providers, the dedicated device has become affordable.

At Arzhost, our specific advantages of Windows technology are its compatibility with all the operating systems and languages. You must pay a higher price for your Windows dedicated server hosting. While Arzhost offers a dedicated server at a very reasonable cost for our customers. Some specifications are below:

  1. Administrative control
  2. Complete & secure privacy
  3. Reliability
  4. Unlimited bandwidth & traffic
  5. Anti-DDoS protection

Final Thoughts

Windows dedicated servers impact online businesses positively. While especially for growing and attracting organic traffic to their websites. Today at Arzhost, you can get a cheap dedicated server through Bitcoin and enjoy the best “windows dedicated server hosting” plan for your business website.

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