550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied

Screw up “550 5.7. 1 Relaying denied” while sending outside messages through Microsoft 365. Explains one inspiration driving why outside messages from or to Microsoft 365 are excused. Very likely, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, the email server isn’t precisely set up to get and hand-off messages from your connection.

In our work as Website Hosting Expert Developer for online associations, we settle many emails given every day. A consistently experienced email sway error looked by the web has, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, website owners and server owners is:

‘554 5.7.1: Relay access denied’ error infers that either the sender has bombarded security checks or the recipient’s mail server is misconfigured, and today, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, we’ll explore:

  • What causes the Relay Access Denied error?
  • How we fix it for server owners (eg. web working with the provider)
  • How we fix it for mail customers
  • How we thwart this mix-up in our customer’s (eg. web has) servers.

What causes Relay Access Denied Error?

Exactly when a mail is sent, it at first goes to the sender’s letters server (otherwise called MX). Then, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, it’s RELAYED to the recipient’s MX, and starting there to the recipient.

Here, TWO servers are involved – Sender’s MX and Recipient’s MX. If both of these servers reject the mail, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, a Relay Access Denied screw up is shown to the sender.

Case 1 – Sender’s MX excuses the mail

Each mail server requires its customers to give a username and mystery expression to send sends. This is to keep spammers out. However, all the time generous mail customers disregard to turn on the connection in their mail clients, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, and the MX excuses their mail.

Around here at ARZHOST manage the site support of a couple of associations. A concise look at the assistance tickets we handle shows that 95% of ‘Hand-off Access Denied’ errors are achieved by off-base SMTP settings.

Accordingly, when customers come to us facing this slip-up, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, the essential thing we check is their mail client settings. By coordinating customers with the right settings unequivocal to each mail client and mail server, we help them with sending messages without this misstep.

Case 2 – Recipient’s MX excuses the mail

The recipient’s mail server will recognize a mail given that it can confirm that the recipient is a considerable customer in that server. For eg. on the off chance that the recipient’s record is dropped or lethargic, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, it won’t recognize the mail.

Our Hosting Expert Developer has routinely followed the start of these errors to:

  • Unseemly sender MX plan (eg. SMTP auth settings disabled)
  • Inactive or dropped recipient mail address
  • Recipient’s DNS MX records featuring some inadmissible server (routinely after a development)
  • Recipient’s customer database error

Help me with fixing this error!

We’ve seen two assortments of this error in web working with servers:

  • 554 5.7.1 Relay Access Denied – The recipient’s mail server logs show this slip-up when a mail is excused.
  • 454 4.7.1 Relay Access Denied – This slip-up is found in server logs when the recipient server is momentarily unsuitable to recognize sends. The mail movement will be attempted again later.

In this way, if a site owner has started seeing these slip-ups after a new config change, or migration, or new server plan, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, we check out the MX arrangement of the space and resolve any errors in that.

If ships off a couple of mail servers are ricocheting, the mail server’s course of action could be erroneous. If ships off a few recipient areas are ricocheting, the issue might be unequivocal to those records.

How do we settle the error for server owners?

Around here at ARZHOST, our planners go probably as the Website Support Team of the web has, VPS has and serious server providers. “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, These server owners see the “Hand-off Access Denied” error in two conditions:

  1. Right when a mail customer endeavors to send a mail and gets a ricochet.
  2. Right when sends from a faraway space is excused by the server, and mail customers report it to the server owner.

Anyhow, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, we’ve seen the bumble recorded in mail server logs. It looks something like this:

  • Jan 23 03:10:57 mysev postfix/smtp [15921]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from mail-wg0-f53.google.com []: 554 5.7.1 <user1@vdomain1.com>: Relay access denied; from=<sender+caf_=sender=sender@gmail.com> to=<user1@domain1.com> proto=ESMTP helo=<mail-wg0-f53.google.com>

Coming up next are several reasons we’ve seen, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, and how we settle them:

1. Customer confirmation system could be broken

All high-level mail servers have a method of approving a customer before it recognizes a mail to be sent. Thusly, on the off chance that we notice ALL of the mail server customers getting this bumble, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, we rapidly check the customer confirmation settings of the mail server.

For example, in the Postfix mail server, the underneath setting engages SMTP approval. On the off chance that this is injured in the arrangement record, all of the customers will get “554 5.7.1: Relay access denied”.

  • smtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_sasl_authenticated

Such disillusionments in mail server capacities regularly happen on account of mail programming updates or working system overhauls.

In our Website Support Services, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, we prevent upgrade error or config issues by testing the updates in a test environment first, confirming for config conflicts, and complete testing features post-overhaul.

2. Check informational collection might be terrible

A couple of servers, for instance, Plesk servers store customer login nuances (username and secret word) and check IP nuances in informational collections. For instance, in “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, Plesk Qmail servers store nuances of approved IPs in a MySQL informational index table called smtp_poplocks.

Every so often, these databases could get somewhat or completely hurt on account of report system error, circle errors, etc and different mail customers can not send sends. A quick informational collection of trustworthiness checks and fixes help us with fixing this issue.

Informational collections store essential data like confirmation information, for mail organizations, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, yet for various organizations like web, business applications, etc Along these lines, to avoid the business individual time, we screen the database trustworthiness relentless.

With our all-day, every-day noticing and the leaders, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, we help our customers look out for their servers, and immediately fix server errors any time. This helps our customers with staying aware of organization quality and business uptime.

3. Outside sending server besieged your server’s adversary of spam check

In cPanel server the chiefs, this is a circumstance where we’ve seen that the mail server customers can’t get sends from outside parties, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, and the server responds with “Hand-off Access Denied”.

This happens when the external sending letters server bombs your server’s adversary of spam check. For example, this Exim mail server (myserv.com) excused mail from an external server (otherserver.com) considering the way that it besieged an adversary of spam check called “Sender Verification Callout”.

  • 2015-06-12 05:12:36 H=(myserv.com) [xx.xx.xxx.xxx] sender really look at misfire for <user1@dom1.com>: response to "RCPT TO:<user1@dom1.com>" from otherserv.com [yy.yy.yy.yy. yy] was: 554 <user1@dom1.com>: Relay access denied
  • 2015-06-12 05:12:36 H=(myserv.com) [xx.xx.xxx.xxx] F=<user1@dom1.com> excused RCPT <user2@dom2.com>: Sender check failed

There are three unique ways we settle this:

  1. We take a gander at the mail logs and if we notice repeated instances of real sends being hindered by an especially antagonistic spam check, we update this particular foe of spam rule.
  2. If the issue is expressed to just one external mail server, we contact their head to make their servers pleasant to the counter spam check.
  3. In explicit circumstances where we understand that the sender is an authentic and trust-praiseworthy one, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, we evade the check for that server by adding it to our white-list.

Antagonistic to spam checks are significant, yet they can hurt your business if not used judiciously. Using the mail center servers we stay aware of, we stick to RFC steady spam checks and complete only those systems that are endorsed by a bigger piece of expert communities.

For eg., “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, there is a huge load of intense DNS-based blacklists that routinely spam-list certifiable expert centers. We guarantee that fundamental trusted, supposed records are used in our customers’ servers.

4. The recipient mail account is dormant or misconfigured

A mail server recognizes simply sends that are addressed to its customers. For eg., the mail server of whitehouse.gov will recognize simply ships off [employee-name] @whitehouse.gov.

Anyway, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, seen two circumstances where a recipient server can’t certify a customer as real.

  • The recipient mail server’s customer informational collection gets awful, and it can’t inquiry a customer as authentic.
  • The recipient has set some unsatisfactory IP as their space’s MX DNS record, and sends are attempted to be passed on to some inadmissible server.

This issue can’t be fixed at the sender’s letters server. “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, Regardless, we question the error nuances from the mail server logs and contact the recipient MX executives to give a fast objective.

5. Mail customer’s email client arrangement wrong

This is far beyond anyone’s expectations the most notable justification for this error. At the point when we check the mail logs and certify that the mail server is ended up incredible (that is, no deterred mail line, moderately few skipped sends, etc), “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, we look at the mail customer’s email client course of action and fix it.

Blundering on the ordinary issues is explained in the portion underneath.

People Also Ask

Question # 1: What is 550 5.7 relaying denied?

Answer: Error “550 5.7. 1 Relaying denied” while sending external emails via Microsoft 365. Explains one reason why external emails from or to Microsoft 365 are rejected.  It’s likely that the email server isn’t correctly set up to receive and relay messages from your organization.

Question # 2: What does the recipient reject Access denied?

Answer: Access Denied error when there’s a shield put in place by the recipient: The recipient of the spam filter has marked a similar message as spam in the past. Email gets bounced due to a domain policy that blacklists or defines every email coming from this particular address as spam.

Question # 3: What does this mean 550 5.4 1 Recipient address rejected Access denied?

Answer: The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.4. 1 @.com: Recipient address rejected: Access Denied (state 14). Can anyone suggest why the slightly different responses? A relay error means that the destination domain is not on the permitted relay list on the SMTP server you are sending through.

Question # 4: What does it mean if Recipient’s address is rejected?

Answer: When there is an issue with an email account, the sender may receive a “Recipient address rejected” status message also known as a “bounce.” The following are some common “Recipient address rejected” status messages and their typical meaning: The recipient has exceeded their storage quota. The recipient does not exist.

Question # 5: What does it mean when a message is rejected?

Answer: The “Rejected” delivery status happens when the messages are not delivered by the carriers due to Number Blockage or Velocity Block of Numbers. Most carriers prefer to use regulations to control the flow of spam. These filters will send back “Rejected” status if the message is undelivered due to Spam Filtering.

How do we settle the error for mail customers?

“Move Access Denied” error is returned when the mail server can’t confirm the mail customer. “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, Coming up next are two or three ordinary conditions where this error is returned.

1. Exactly when the server’s approval settings have changed

If there has been another adjustment of your mail organization, like a change of email provider, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, then again if your mail provider moved you to another server, it is possible that the method for customer check has changed.

For instance, you may have been using POP-before-SMTP already, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, but the new server vocations “SMTP check” by and by. Thusly, we at first certify the going with nuances for the mail customers:

  • Mail server name – Eg: mail.yourserver.com
  • Mail server IP – Eg:
  • Customer name
  • Secret word
  • If to engage SMTP check

2. Exactly when the confirmed IP changes on phones

In servers that are masterminded with POP before SMTP, space owners with PDAs report unpredictable hand-off errors. This happens when they change the Wi-Fi space of interest or their 4G/3G/2G association changes their IP given break-in incorporation.

The email server would suggest the old IP as the confirmed one, while the region owner’s cell would use the new IP address.

We thwart these issues by approving the SMTP secret key connection. For example, in Parallels Plesk servers, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, we disable POP3 authorization and SMTP approval is turned on as usual.

3. Exactly when the region owner endeavors to interface with some unsatisfactory server

The current situation happens with as of late enrolled space owners. They would either have a go at sending sends before the record game plan is done, use their ISP’s mail servers, or keep using their old working with server’s hostname or IP address.

Since the change needs to happen at the space owner’s device, we revolve around lightning-fast objectives using little by little rules modified for their mail client.

We keep a storage facility of step-by-step email plan settings for all mail clients, in all notable working systems and PDAs. Thusly, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, we can generally give an objective in only 10 minutes.

4. Right when an external party bombs your server’s spam check

On the off chance that customers can’t get sends from an external party, it is possible that their servers besieged an adversary of spam check. “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, We check the degrees from the mail server logs and get it settled by arriving at the remote mail server chiefs.

5. Right when the mail server is broken

The customer confirmation system might be broken through the mailing station server, or your mail was named as spam. “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, More on that is portrayed in the section above.

Mail organization is possibly the principal web-based help that helps regular arrangements. An understanding that should be denoted, a proclamation that ought to be sent, market design data that ought to be presented – none of these can stop – We know!

What exactly is exchange access denied botch?

Right when you send an email, your email client sends the email to your mail server. Your mail server then, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, sends it on (Relays) to the recipient’s email server. Their email server then passes on it to the recipient.

If you don’t viably confirm to your dynamic mail server before sending the email, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, then, your server will deny the email from being moved on to the recipient’s server. This is done to keep a spammer away from having the choice to send letters using your server without fitting capabilities.

If you do confirm fittingly, you can regardless end up with this mix-up. The recipient’s server can deny the hand-off, if their spam channels have perceived the email as spam, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, or as coming from a spam source (IE: your server is on a blacklist). In case this happens, their server excuses the email, and you will again get hand-off access denied error.

What to do when you get this error as a customer?

The key thing you should do is browse your email settings with your email provider. Guarantee you have the fitting Mail server, Username, and Password. Moreover, check whether you needed to use SMTP Authentication, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, then again if you truly needed to use POP before SMTP.

If you are using POP before SMTP, you can run into sporadic issues with cells. This is made by your data network changing due to vulnerable consideration, of course assuming you change beginning with one Wi-Fi space of interest, onto the following. What’s happening is your IP address may be changing, so you are by and by sending email from another IP address instead of the IP address you at first approved with.

To hinder this, you can have a go at changing to SMTP Authentication to test expecting your email provider has that engaged as well. If that misses the mark, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, you may need to contact your email provider and solicitation that they enable SMTP Authentication on the mail server.

Finally, there could be spam channels turning into an indispensable factor on the recipient’s server. Assuming this is the case, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, you should have your email provider look through the mail servers’ log records to get more information on the most ideal way of thwarting this.

What to do when you are the owner of the mail server?

There are 2 reasons a server owner may run over this.

  • An end customer endeavored to send an email, and they are sent this screw up in a skirt back
  • An individual endeavoring to send an email to a customer on your server is getting the error, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, and they have uncovered it to you

You should see something like this in your log records.

  • 2016-10-10 14:05:23 1btaGg-0004ei-Mf ** email@address.com R=dkim_lookuphost T=dkim_remote_smtp H=someserver.com [] X=TLSv1.2: ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:256 CV=yes: SMTP screw up from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<email@address.com>: 554 5.7.1 <email@addrss.com>: Recipient address excused: Access denied

The customer approval structure could be missing the mark

Accepting ALL of your end customers are getting this error, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, this is the most plausible cause. You’ll need to check out the servers’ connection arrangements.

For example, on the off chance that you were running a Postfix server, you ought to guarantee that SMTP approval is engaged. To do this, check the plan record, and guarantee that “smtpd_recipient_restrictions” is set like this

  • smtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_sasl_authenticated

On occasion, when server writing computer programs is revived, it can change arrangements. So in case your server has been running fine here and there, out of the blue it stops, then, sensible the item has been revived lately. For instance, in “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, cPanel subsequently checks for invigorates day by day. There have been times where they completed an update that has broken things, and either one more update is put out, or you truly needed to change a couple of settings.

If you are invigorating genuinely, you ought to examine having a test server game plan that you can test your reports on first. Then, if all that seems to run fine on your test server, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, you can do it to your live environment.

The connection database could be awful

On servers like Odin Plesk, they store the username, secret expression, and approved IP address in an informational collection. That database, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, like any informational collection could turn out to be terrible for many reasons. You can fix the table with a direct request line.

  • MySQL check - r psa smtp_poplocks - adman - p

This will check the table called smtp_poplocks and fix it on the off chance that it’s screwed up.


Probably 80% of our calls and moving tickets concerning email issues when in doubt, not just hand-off denied error, “550 5.7 1 Relay Access Denied”, are achieved by the customer having erroneous settings. Expecting you are certain that your server is ended up incredible, you should go over the settings with your client to ensure they have everything orchestrated precisely to work with your server.


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