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Php Send SMTP Mail

Php Send SMTP Mail

Today here at Arzhost, we discuss Php Send SMTP Mail. You send emails from your web server when you utilize the PHP mail function. If the FROM address is incorrectly specified or if your email is not hosted by Arzhost, this may result in problems. Since email is transmitted from the mail server rather than the web server, sending mail using SMTP is advised. For further information, see the PHP mail troubleshooting article.

Using SMTP, there are a few ways for sending PHP mail. For instance:

  • PHPMailer usage
  • use the PEAR Mail bundle.

How to use the PEAR option is described in this article. When ought one to employ this choice? Use this option only if you’re developing a personalized mail form. Instead of sending over SMTP. You should use the included tools or plugins if you’re using software like WordPress.

What is PHP mail?

The built-in PHP function known as Php Send SMTP Mail is utilized by PHP scripts to send emails.

Php Send SMTP Mail

The following parameters are accepted by the mail function:

  • Inbox address
  • Subject
  • Message
  • email addresses with CC or BC
  • It’s an economical method of informing users of significant occurrences.
  • By including a contact form on your website that sends the provided material, you may allow visitors to get in touch with you by email.
  • It allows programmers to email themselves system errors.
  • It can be used to email subscribers to your newsletter.
  • It can be used to provide links to users who have forgotten their passwords.
  • It can be used to email links for activation and confirmation. When signing up new users and checking their email addresses, this is helpful.

Why and when to utilize mail PHP?

Using PHP, Php Send SMTP Mail, the fundamental syntax for the PHP mail function is as follows:

  • <? php
  • mail ($to_email_address, $subject, message, [$headers], [$parameters]);
  • ?>


  • “$to_email_address” is the email address of the mail recipient
  • “$subject” is the email subject
  • “$message” is the message to be sent.
  • “[$headers]” is optional, it can be used to include information such as CC, BCC

The abbreviation for carbon copy is CC. A complaint email addressed to a corporation can also be sent as CC to the complaints board. This is done when you want to send a copy to an interested party. The abbreviation BCC stands for blind carbon copy. It’s comparable to CC. The other recipients will not see the email addresses listed in the BCC section.

Protocol for Simple Mail Transmission (SMTP)

Simple Mail Transmission Protocol (SMTP) is used by Php Send SMTP Mail to send an email. The SMTP settings would be pre-configured on a hosted server. The “php.ini” file located in the PHP installation folder can be used to change the SMTP mail settings.

Setting up your local host for SMTP If you are using xampp on a Windows computer, look for the “php.ini” file in the “C: xampp php” directory.

Open it with a text editor such as Notepad. In this example, a notepad will be used. Select Edit from the menu.

  • Select the Find... menu.
  • You'll see the locate dialogue menu.
  • Select Find Next from the menu.

Find the Entries

  • [Mailing service]
  • If you want to use an array, leave the semi-column in place in XAMPP.
  • Mercury-like SMTP Server
  • ; localhost for SMTP
  • and smtp port is 25

Remove the semi-colons from the beginning of SMTP and SMTP ports. Then change SMTP to the address of your SMTP server and SMTP port. Your configuration should appear as follows.

  • SMTP = ""
  • smtp port is 25.

Keep in mind that your web hosting providers can offer you the SMTP settings. Add the following lines if the server requires verification.

  • user auth = user
  • example password = auth password
  • Save the new alterations.
  • relaunch the Apache server.

PHP Mail Example

Now let’s look at an example of sending straightforward mail.

  • <? php
  • $to email = 'name @ company. com';
  • $subject = 'Testing PHP Mail';
  • $message = 'This mail is sent using the PHP mail function';
  • $headers = 'From: no reply @ company. com';
  • mail ($to_email, $subject, $message, headers);
  • ?>

Secure Mail

  1. Emails are vulnerable to interception by recipients who weren’t intended.
  2. This might reveal the email’s contents to those who weren’t intended.
  3. This issue is resolved by secure mail, which uses HTTPS to transfer emails (Php Send SMTP Mail).
  4. Before sending a message, HTTPS encrypts it.


To send mail from PHP programs, utilize the built-in PHP function mail (). Sending secure mail requires performing validation and sanitization tests on the data. Data purification and validation can be done quickly and easily using the built-in Php Send SMTP Mail function filter var ().


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