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Authentication Token Manipulation Passwords

We use the password request in Linux to set or change customer account passwords, regardless, while using it, we may encounter the error: “Authentication Token Manipulation Error Password”.

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The most effective way to fix a check token control error on Raspberry Pi is by tweaking the archives of the presented picture. As a component of our Server Management Services. Around here at ARZHOST, we support our customers with a couple of Linux requests.

Today at, let us see how to fix this screw-up.

Password: Approval Token Control Error in Linux

Lately, we had a customer who tried to sign in to his CentOS server with the username “inspiration”. He was striving to change the mystery expression using password utility. In any case, “Verification Token Operation Error Secret code”  inside the space of seconds he gets them going with the error message:

  • # su - are
  • $ password is
  • Changing mystery word for customer weave
  • Changing mystery state for weave
  • (current) UNIX secret word:

Password: Authentication token control error – How to fix it?

Pushing forward, “Authentication Token Manipulation Error Password” lets us see the events our Hosting Experts Planners prescribe to fix this.

1: Set Correct PAM Module Settings

A possible justification for the screw-up can be some unsuitable PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) settings. “Authentication Token Manipulation Error Password” It can make the module ill-suited to secure the new confirmation token entered.

We can find the various settings for PAM in, etc/pam. d/:

  • $ ls - l, etc/pam. d/
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 142 Mar 23 2017 abrt-cli-root
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 272 Mar 22 2017 atd
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 192 Jan 26 07:41 chfn
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 192 Jan 26 07:41 chsh
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 232 Mar 22 2017 config-until
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 293 Aug 23 2016 crond
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 115 Nov 11 2010 send off
  • lrwxrwxrwx 1 root 19 Apr 12 2012 finger impression auth - > finger impression auth-ac
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 659 Apr 10 2012 finger impression auth-ac
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 147 Oct 5 2009 stop
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 728 Jan 26 07:41 login
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 172 Nov 18 2016 new role
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 154 Mar 22 2017 other
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 146 Nov 23 2015 password
  • lrwxrwxrwx 1 root 16 Apr 12 2012 mystery word auth - > secret word auth-ac
  • -rw-r- - r- - 1 root 896 Apr 10 2012 mystery word auth-ac

For instance, “Authentication Token Manipulation Error Password” is a misconfigured, etc/pam. A d/ordinary mystery word record can achieve this slip-up. At here, we can fix this issue by running the pam-auth-update request with root approvals:

  • $ sudo pam-auth-update

2: Set Correct Permissions on Shadow File

To/etc/shadow archive stores certifiable passwords for customer accounts in a mixed association. “Authentication Token Manipulation Error Password” Wrong agreement in this record can in like manner cause the mistake.

To check the assents on this record, we run:

  • $ ls - l, etc/shadow

Then, to set the right assents on it, we use the chmod request:

  • $ sudo chmod 0640, etc/shadow

3: Remount Root Partition

We may similarly see this error if the/portion is mounted as examined so to speak. This suggests no report can change. “Verification Token Operation Error Secret code”  Therefore, we can’t set or change a customer’s mystery word.

To fix this slip-up, we need to mount the root fragment as examined/form:

  • $ sudo mount - o remount, rw/

4: Allow Free Disk to Space

Accept, our circle is full. In such a case, we can’t change any archive on the circle especially when the record’s size is planned to increase. “Authentication Token Manipulation Error PIN” This may finally cause the mistake.

Here at, we can effort to wipe out any unlucky records with the objective that there is no issue of absence of room.

To make the space, it is more clear if we use tools like FSlint or Bleach Bit. They can help us with observing unwanted records and cleaning up the circle next giving more space.

5: Reboot System

Another possible procedure is to effort to reboot the structure. “Authentication Token Manipulation Error PIN” This may fix the issue every so often.

We can do this using:

  • $ sudo reboot

6: Fix and Fix File System Errors

If nothing except if there are different choices procedures work, we can effort this method. Minor collecting drive or file system mix-ups can moreover cause the error being referred to. “Authentication Token Manipulation Error Password” Linux plate separating machines, for instance, fsck can fix such errors.

In any case, our Hosting Experts Planners propose providing shot fsck orders on test Linux servers with the help of system managers, of course, accepting we are learned about fsck and it works.

How might I fix the confirmation token control error?

Around here at, “Verification Token Operation Error Secret code”  we must to reliably recollect to unmount a fragment before we run fsck on it.

1: Change the mystery key record for Linux OS

  1. Install the SD card in another contraption
  2. The card should contain a record named cmdline.txt
  3. Open it in Notepad (or other .txt record peruse)
  4. Change the text to have init=/compartment/sh at the end. It must taken after this:
  5. lpm_enable=0 console=serial0,115200 console=tty1 root=PARTUUID=04ceb741-02 rootfstype=ext4 elevator=deadline fsck. repair=yes root wait init=/container/sh
  6. Save and exit > Insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi
  7. Right when affected sort: mount - o remount, rw/ (and go over if a misstep message appears)
  8. Type password pi
  9. Type the new mystery express
  10. Then, type sync
  11. Type chief/sbin/init
  12. Safe leave Raspberry Pi

Then, put the card into the PC again and destroy the init=/compartment/sh mix you added. Save the movements and supplement the card into the Raspberry Pi. “Authentication Token Manipulation Error PIN” You should have the choice to use the new mystery state.

2: Change the mystery expression Archive for Ubuntu

  1. Implant the SD card in another device
  2. Look for the firmware vault > customer data record (in YAML plan).
  3. Look for the going with the line: password: slip by: legitimate
  4. Change to slip by counterfeit
  5. Save and exit.

Install the SD card into the Raspberry Pi and you should have the choice to sign in using the Ubuntu username and secret expression.

We believe that one of these game plans was helpful. “Authentication Token Manipulation Error Keyword” If you have any opinions associated with this point. Assuming no one minds, leave a comment in the committed region underneath.

To Summarized

In this way, password: confirmation token control error in Linux happens. “Authentication Token Manipulation Error Keyword” when we effort to change the mystery word through the password request. Today at, we saw how our Hosting Experts Planners fix this error.


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