How much does an SSL certificate cost

Choosing a correct SSL (secure socket layer) certificate is a big challenge for website owner. you must choose correct SSL certificate because security should be your first priority. Which SSL certificate you choose. How much does an SSL certificate cost? it depend on your website rather it’s a blog website or ecommerce website. Both required a good SSL certificate. Now a day’s people have limited time to go in markets for shopping.

Now they prefer online shopping and payment through his cards. If your website has bad quality SSL then hacker can attack on your website. Might be possible that hacker steal data and use it on wrong way. you should make your website secure. Consumer should trust on you and they feel free to use your website. If you worried about the security of website. Then contact to arzhost and don’t think that how much does an SSL certificates cost. They provide you a good solution in reasonable price. There are different types of SSL certificate domain:

Validation, organization validation and extend validation.

1. Domain validation:

Domain validation is the basic secure level of website. you can buy in few minutes you will provide your email to arzhost. They send you an email you open it and you must ensure that the link which you receive from arzhost. Should start with webmaster, postmaster, hostmaster and administrator.

2. Organization validated certificate:

Additionally organization validated certificate is almost like domain validation. Organization validated is less popular and people didn’t use it. Most of the business man and different companies. In which they don’t share any identity or payment transaction they can use it.

3. Extend validation certified:

it is the most secure and popular certificate. If you want to use this certificate you provide your all information of domain and organization. Most of the ecommerce companies are using. People feel free to share his information and buy anything from website. When you buy online from any website you should see the green padlock. It show that the website is secure and trustful. 70% of companies are using to make his website secure.

How much does an SSL certificate cost

How can we register domain:

if you want to register your domain on then you follow these steps.

  1. Type on your browser.
  2. you are in arzhost website.

step 2 arz home page

3. Move the cursor on the store and click on it. you can see there are different services of arzhost.step 3 arz store

4. If you want to use the SSL service then click on it.

5. you are in the services of SSL and its packages.

step 5 arz ssl packages


6. Now choose any SSL e.g. you want to use comodo EV SSL click on it. And enter the required information.

step 6 choose domain

7. Arzhost provide all extension e.g. .com, .net, .biz, .info etc. we can choose any of them.

8. you can add your new domain.

9. you can transfer of domain from another registrar.

10. can can use your existing domain and update your name server.

we hope that you know that How much does an SSL certificate cost and different services of SSL.


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