How to configure outlook in android phone pop3?

This system is suitable for some Android machines running Android 4.4 or higher. Screen catches were taken from a Google Relationship 4. Various devices will be equal.
To brain Office 365 POP on an Android device, play out the going with:

1. From the home screen, tap the App bureau > Settings > Accounts > Add Account.

Certain Android machines require a POP or IMAP account be added through the Email application.
If this is the chief record, keep on offering 3.
In case this isn’t the essential record, select Settings > Accounts > Add Account.

Enter the referenced verifications and pick Guide Setup

2. Tap POP3.

3. Enter the email address and tap Next.

4. Enter the password and tap Next.

5. The contraption will try to recuperate the record settings subsequently. On the Account game plan page, tap POP3.

6. Enter the Incoming settings for the record and tap Next.

• Customer Name: email address
• Secret key: email secret key
• Specialist:
• Port: 995
• Security Type: (SSL/TLS or SSL Accept All Certificates)
• Eradicate email from specialist: How to configure outlook in android phone pop3 User tendency

7. Enter the Outgoing settings for the record and tap Next.

• SMTP Server:
• Port: 587
• Security Type: STARTTLS (or TLS, TLS Accept All Certificates)
• Require Sign in: Check the holder
• Customer Name: email address
• Secret expression: email secret expression

8. Review the record settings, carry out any enhancements and tap Next.

9.  Give an optional record name at whatever point needed and tap Done




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