Joomla Could Not Connect to MYSQL – How We Fix It?

A bad database setup or a mistyped database username or password can cause this.

  • One such issue is "Database Error: Unable to connect to the database: Could not connect to MySQL."

Around here at ARZHOST routinely receive requests from clients for help with Joomla cannot connect to MySQL difficulties as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, we’ll look at the most typical reasons for Joomla MySQL connection problems. “Joomla Could Not Connect to MYSQL”, As well as how our Hosting Expert Planners fix them.

How did we resolve the MySQL difficulties in Joomla?

By default, Joomla keeps all of its content in a database. For the website to work effectively. The database connection must also be correct. In essence, Joomla has a configuration file that provides the database information for the website.

For example, the following variables define which database is utilized.

  • #public $user = 'Database User';
  • @public $password = 'Password';
  • ##public $db = 'Database Name';

Based on our server management experience. We’ve seen clients face troubles with the Joomla database. The error page usually looks like this:

Joomla Could Not Connect to MYSQL”, Take a look at how our Hosting Expert Planners dealt with some of the most prevalent problems.

1: Wrong username and mystery key

Lately, one of our customers contacted us with a MySQL issue later in the site development. He was getting a screwup message like:

  • Informational index Error: Unable to connect with the database: Could not communicate with MySQL.

Then, our Hosting Expert Planners saw that the issue was relied upon by the wrong username and mystery key used for the database.

In this way, we made another extra username with another mystery key. Consigned it to the informational collection, then. “Joomla Could Not Connect to MYSQL”, changed the configuration.php with the new username and mystery word nuances.

That is worked adequately and the site started showing the right page. A mysterious word reset of the current database customer moreover helps with handling such mix-ups.

2: Incorrect permissions on files

When it comes to database maintenance. Clients frequently run into problems like Joomla can’t connect to MySQL. It can also happen after a server upgrade or the addition of a new database to an existing website.

When adding new databases to a website. Another customer ran into a MySQL problem:

  • Error 2 in database connection: The error he got was that he couldn't connect to MySQL.

Our Hosting Expert Planners discovered that the configuration.php file’s permissions were incorrectly set. As a result, the file permissions were changed to 644. “Joomla Could Not Connect to MYSQL”, By default file permissions should be set to 644.

3: There is a problem with the database server.

The problem “Database connection error (3): Could not connect to database” can also occur while trying to connect to the wrong database server.

The database server is localhost when Joomla and the database are on the same server. If the configuration.php file is incorrectly set up. “Joomla Could Not Connect to MYSQL”, The website may experience MySQL difficulties.

Our Hosting Expert Planners check the configuration.php file and make sure the database host is set to “localhost” when this happens.


In summary, wrong database settings or the usage of the incorrect database username or password commonly. “Joomla Could Not Connect to MYSQL”, causes Joomla to be unable to connect to MySQL. Today at, we got to see how our Hosting Expert Planners fixed our Joomla MySQL issues.

Some FAQS Related to This Article

Question # 1: What should I do if I get a MySQL connection error?

Answer: “Blunder setting up an information base association” MySQL/MariaDB mistake

  • Ensure MySQL is running.
  • Confirm the information base association from the order line
  • Confirm the MySQL username
  • Reset the client’s MySQL secret word.
  • Ensure the client has the right advantages.
  • Check the data set association from the web.
  • Check the MySQL hostname.

Question # 2: Can’t interface with MySQL server on localhost Python?

Answer: You really want to begin your MySql server in your nearby framework. Your Python connector can’t interface with your MySql server. Assuming you have your MySql server in the distant framework, then, at that point, determine the IP:3306.

Question # 3: What is a MySQL error?

Answer: On the server-side, mistake messages might happen during the startup and closure processes, because of issues that happen during SQL explanation execution, etc. The MySQL server keeps in touch with some blunder messages to its mistake log. While These demonstrate issues important to data set managers or that require DBA activity.

Question # 4: How would I change the data set in Joomla?

Answer: Sign in to the administrator board of your Joomla site and snap on the System – > Global Configuration choice from the top menu. It will divert you to a page where you can refresh every one of the fundamental and touchy settings for your site.

Question # 5: Why can I not connect to localhost?

Answer: Your concern comes from your Tomcat and Apache setups. At the point when you type in localhost into Internet Explorer, it consequently supposed you’re associating with port 80. You must ensure that Apache is accurately designed to work with Tomcat.

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