Phoenix Area Data Centers

The 50-acre property on which Phoenix Area Data Centers is constructing three new data centers will simplify your search for digital infrastructure in Phoenix, one of the top five data center markets. The campus, which will be located in Goodyear, a suburb of Phoenix, will have a total IT capacity of 160MW, with the first two-story building supplying 16MW.

A total of one million square feet 800,000 of which will be rentable data center space will be housed in the expanding complex. We are prepared for your high-density applications with an average density of 250W/SF, with options to go higher or lower.

We are happy to provide you with all the benefits of selecting Phoenix Data Centers. You’ll discover a special blend of people and technology: environmentally friendly and dependable cooling and power; adaptable room layouts and strict physical security; facilities that keep your staff happy.

All are supported by operational excellence at every location as we carefully adhere to our exacting service and delivery standards around the world.

Data Centers and Colocations in Phoenix

Our Phoenix data center site puts clients in close proximity to the network, cloud, and content ecosystems that are present in the metro area. It also gives customers access to a number of carriers, three different connection entrance channels, and a strong fiber infrastructure.

Data Centers and Colocation in Phoenix

Phoenix has two data centers:

  1. Phoenix’s top connectivity data center is located at 120 East Van Buren.
  2. One of the most rapidly expanding areas for corporate application hosting and disaster recovery
  3. Practically every national network backbone has fiber crossroads.
  4. Tax-exempt status is accessible until 2033.

With new capacity available in the largest data center in Arizona, our data tier center offers cutting-edge design and technology.

With our scalable services and flexible design options, we are prepared to serve your rapidly expanding requirements.

Business Possibilities in the Greater Phoenix Area

Phoenix Area Data Centers is a popular site for conducting business on a national and international scale since it is the fifth-largest city in the US and has one of the fastest-growing local economies.

Numerous corporate and mid-market businesses as well as a burgeoning startup ecosystem are located in this significant metro area. Key advantages luring businesspeople to the city include low housing, energy, and IT infrastructure costs, as well as the accessibility of qualified staff and a wide range of state incentives.

Aerospace and defense, technology and innovation, and business and financial services are some of the sectors in Arizona that are experiencing a significant economic recovery.

Business Possibilities in the Greater Phoenix Area

Along with the digital media industries, bioscience and healthcare are both steadily expanding. A market thus diverse provides a foundation for robust competition in several industries. The availability of qualified professionals further supports economic progress.

Companies have access to skills in a variety of sectors because of the state’s high-quality educational institutions, which include Arizona State University (ASU), the University of Arizona (UofA), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and Glendale and Scottsdale Community Colleges.

Strong Community of Cybersecurity

Research and advocacy in the field of cybersecurity are among the state’s most significant developments in recent years. Phoenix Area Data Centers has seen a substantial increase in security awareness and innovation in recent years thanks to the presence of numerous national and state cybersecurity institutions there.

Data center security services are continually developed and improved by Phoenix area security specialists.

Strong Community of Cybersecurity

We cooperate with the most powerful groups in achieving that goal, such as the Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA), the ISC2 Phoenix Chapter, the ISACA Phoenix Chapter, and the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC).

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s #AZCyberTalent program, which links workers, companies, and educators in the AZ cybersecurity ecosystem, is supported by the Phoenix area as well.

Moral and Social Responsibilities

Phoenix Area Data Centers takes part in veteran hiring initiatives to enable knowledge transfer between generations and build a skills gap. Our offices bring together business professionals and interns, enabling them to collaborate for the best outcomes.

To provide fair opportunities for everybody and foster a diverse workplace where its employees can advance and flourish, the Phoenix area also supports industry efforts including the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, women in technology, and Project Athena.

Modernized Equipment

With superior systems, high-performance gear, knowledgeable employees, and more than 100,000 square feet of raised floor space, Arzhost provide servers according to your tier data center requirements and the most comprehensive range of IT options for commercial enterprises.

Companies can select the precise services they require to supplement their in-house IT, ranging from high-performance dedicated servers to cutting-edge security services.

Modernized Equipment

All of the phoenix’s products and services include a 100% uptime guarantee, exceptional DDoS protection, and a variety of interconnection choices:

  1. Comprehensive data backup and replication systems provide 100% availability.
  2. You gain organizational and international benefits from having a global data center presence.
  3. Choose from a variety of choices, such as a comprehensive infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portfolio.
  4. Phoenix area is a good option for businesses of any size because of its complete scalability.
  5. With every purchase or upgrade, migration services are offered.
  6. A model based on operating expenses provides exceptional business value.
  7. You gain a competitive edge by having enterprise-level performance from your gear, software, and personnel.
  8. Modern data center operations and technologies enable advanced capabilities.

The Phoenix Area Data Centers can offer great connections thanks to Meet-Me-Room with over 30 carriers. AWS Direct Connects accessibility gives companies more freedom to innovate and develop.

Features of the Network and Security

You have a variety of connectivity options at Arzhost web hosting servers including ethernet, point-to-point, dedicated server, VPS server, and others, thanks to cutting-edge network technology. Arzhost services, which offer dependability and fast transfer, come bundled with the phoenix area data center Tier I BGP Carrier Blend Network.

Arzhost offers a cutting-edge DDoS-protection system that reduces the danger of failure to 0.001 by utilizing the most recent security technology.

All data center uptime solutions come with free 20 Gbps DDoS protection, and physical and online security teams are on duty 24/7/365 to further guarantee data security.

Multi-factor authentication systems, multi-tier security zones, and high-perimeter walls are additional security measures.

IT Deployment and Management with Assistance

Arzhost approaches each organization we work with individuals with the goal of providing access to the IT resources and tools required for success. For help with platform setup and management, contact our staff. Modernizing your IT does not need overtaxing or reorganizing your internal personnel.

We can assist you during the deployment process because we have on-site full-time, 24/7 NOC technicians and dependable staff of solution experts. We will offer you immediate support and knowledgeable assistance whenever you need it because your data is stored with us.

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