Which Bitcoin Server Should I Use?

The COVID-19 pandemic’s uncertainties have made cryptocurrency use quite common. More businesses are now accepting digital currency as a form of payment, and the number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased. Now the question is that Which Bitcoin Server Should I Use? The total value of all bitcoin transactions is predicted to surpass $10 billion this year, up 70% from 2021.

Cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly be extremely important in the metaverse. Where every transaction will take place online. Numerous professional investors are becoming interested in these expanding potentials and the rising demand for cryptocurrencies.

The market capitalization for cryptocurrencies hit an all-time high of $3.3 trillion in November 2021. Information is essential in bitcoin trading, just as it is in regular stock trading. To prepare for their next move, traders must understand more about the market.

Which Bitcoin Server Should I Use? Fortunately, you don’t have to work for a cryptocurrency platform to gain access to intimate knowledge about unconventional assets. No, all you need is a group of people who share your viewpoints.

The best place to locate them is on Discord. A well-liked chat program that has over 1,000 servers dedicated to cryptocurrencies. The top crypto Discord servers, arguments for joining them, and instructions on how to do so are all listed on this page. Here at Arzhost, learn more about the bitcoin servers actually should I use.

What is Crypto Discord Server?

In heart, a crypto A discord server is an online forum where users may talk about news, deals, and plans relating to cryptocurrencies. The 6.7 million active servers on the instant chat service include these communities.

Each server has its own culture and set of requirements for its users. Any rule-breaker can be banned or expelled by server administrators and staff members. Anybody can join some public Discord servers. Therefore, anyone can use them. However, the majority of bitcoin servers are personal.

What is Crypto Discord Server

Information is typically kept on these private servers for use by the community. Also, they have verification procedures in place to keep spammers out. Channels and chat rooms are additional divisions of servers. A server may have several channels, each of which focuses on a different area of interest.

For instance, the majority of crypto servers provide channels for trade signals, technical analysis, non-fungible tokens (NFT), and decentralized financing (Defi).

Some of the most active cryptocurrency communities may be found on crypto-focused Discord servers. They have influenced how members trade cryptocurrencies. Which has led to profits for some individuals. Even some blockchain businesses have joined these servers to get customers to trade on their exchange.

What Makes a is Crypto Discord Server Worth Joining?

Which Bitcoin Server Should I Use? The advantages of joining a crypto Discord server are numerous.

1: Devoted Community

Users on cryptocurrency Discord servers are truly interested in trading cryptocurrencies. Some of these users are already professional traders who are either whale traders or market timers.

You may learn a lot about the market and maintain your focus and goals by interacting with these like-minded individuals.

2: Timely Updates and News

Information is in high demand due to the sharp and dynamic nature of the bitcoin market. Data is necessary for traders to navigate the choppy market. The most recent events are updated on the crypto Discord servers for traders and hobbyists.

Which Bitcoin Server Should I Use? Industry thought leaders can also provide their insights on current assets, market research, trade signals, and trading opportunities through this platform.

3: Organized Information Flow

Discord, in contrast to other social media platforms, provides functions that aid users in finding their way through the website. Subchannels can also be used to divide themes into various pages in addition to channels.

Members would be able to backread posts more rapidly and see which questions have already been answered quickly. Additionally, servers have bots that keep the community clean of spam.

Getting Started with Crypto Discord

Which Bitcoin Server Should I Use? While some servers are private, some are public. Each category has a variety of methods for you to join.

Public servers

1: The Discord app or website

By selecting Explore Public Servers, you can find servers whether you’re on a desktop or using the Discord app on a mobile device. On the leftmost navigation bar, a compass icon serves as a representation of this. This will open a list of highlighted Discord communities when you click it. You can join any of these communities by just clicking on them on any of these servers, which host some of the biggest communities on the site.

Use the search box at the top of the Explore Public Servers window to look for a specific community.

2: Server-run by influencers

Additionally, you can locate the Discord servers maintained by your favorite influencers. The majority of tech adherents, gaming influencers, and blogs have their Discord communities.

Getting Started with Crypto Discord

For instance, the American membership site Patreon offers a private Discord server just for its patrons. Creators can talk about anything on the server, from gaming and merch to performance and marketing, in the channels that are available to them.

3: Finding Discord servers

Two trustworthy websites for finding Discord servers are Disboard.org and Discord. me. On the homepage of Disboard.org, you may easily search for a topic, or you can scroll down to see Popular Tags and Categories to browse servers.

On the homepage of Discord.me, you may browse through the most popular servers or use the navigation bar to go through the categories. You can find Discord servers at random by using the Random Server option, which is located on the left-hand menu.

Private Server

Which Bitcoin Server Should I Use? You need a private server invitation, which is typically available from other community members. Many of these participants post an invitation link on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Once you accept an invitation, you might have to go through some verification processes to show that you are human and not a robot.

private server

Be careful about the following advice from just about anyone online before you start using a crypto Discord channel.

Even if it’s a good idea to interact with a group of people who can inspire you to achieve your goals. It’s still preferable to conduct your research.

The best Discord servers for news and debate about cryptocurrencies are listed below.

Top 9 Crypto Discord Servers

1: Crypto hub

Crypto hub

A Crypto hub is the best place to start for new users. The server is entirely free and has over 12,000 users. One of the most welcoming crypto-related platforms is this one. To offer new traders a head start, it features beginner guide channels on trading 101, HODL, cryptocurrencies, crypto coin exchanges, and NFTs.

The majority of trade signals on the server are based on futures or agreements between investors bet on the future value of a coin. Additionally, there are sporadic giveaways within the neighborhood, most often in the form of bitcoins.

Alerts for Cryptohub choices, outside freebies, NFTs, meme coins, and APY/Yield Farms are available to premium users. By contacting the administrator via the support channel, you can get a four-day premium trial. You can cancel your $10 monthly premium subscription at any time.

Which Bitcoin Server Should I Use? Although Cryptohub is a public service, there are several verification procedures you must complete to access it.

2: The Crypto Nation

The Crypto Nation

The Crypto Nation is another channel newcomers should watch. With a little over 1,000 members, it’s a tiny but trustworthy community of cryptocurrency lovers.

NFTs, Defi, and ADA coins are some of their most popular themes. Basic market analysis and technical issues for novices are the main topics of conversation.

Additional information on whale trades, coin reviews, reading materials, novice how-tos, and monthly technical indicators for traders are also provided.

3: r/CryptoCurrency


r/CryptoCurrency, one of the biggest bitcoin communities on Discord, is better suited for newcomers just beginning their cryptocurrency journey. Over 92,700 people who come from all backgrounds and skill levels make up its present membership.

When users are engaged on the platform, they often earn points and eventually level up. As they advance in level, they can access other channels for more serious conversations with other traders.

The NFTs, yield farming, mining, and alternative coin channels on r/CryptoCurrency are all covered. Additionally, they include channels for technical analysis, trading view tools and price requests, instructional resources, and insights and analysis of the market.

Additionally, the administrator arranges voice events on the server, including movie and game nights.

4: Elite Crypto Signals

Elite Crypto Signals

Despite several of its founding members having experience in the cryptocurrency business since 2012, Elite Crypto Signals was founded in 2018. There are more than 29,000 users on this public server, and a sizable number of them are serious investors.

Experience and knowledge from Elite Crypto Signals. The server’s main goal is to give users information on reliable entry and exit points for trading. It uses technical and fundamental analysis to inform its trade signals.

Elite Crypto Signals places a lot of emphasis on its premium function, which costs $50. This article offers to reveal how to close a deal and invest during a bad market. Daily updates with extremely valuable trade signals are also part of this.

The server features an associate program as well. By only inviting individuals onto the server, users can upgrade to premium membership. Members can obtain a premium membership for one month with 30 invites, or a lifetime membership with 200 invites.

5: Larva Labs

Larva Labs

The creators of the well-known on-chain NFTs CryptoPunks, Meebits, and Auto glyphs, Larva Labs, were founded in 2017. The first crypto Discovered platform specifically designed for NFTs was this server.

One of the more organized crypto Discord communities is the Larva Labs server. It only has a one-member channel despite having more than 63,600 members. Users primarily talk about bids on CryptoPunks there.

Which Bitcoin Server Should I Use? A CryptoPunks bot joins the conversation to make real-time announcements of punk offers and sales.

6: Axion Crypto-Community

Axion Crypto-Community

Users from various backgrounds are drawn to the one-big-family atmosphere of the Axion Crypto-Community. The fact that it has more than 38,000 members some of the friendliest users around is therefore not surprising.

In the discussion Which Bitcoin Server hosting Should I Use? Axion users actively debate trading. Trade and investment, entry and exit points, and trade signals dominate discussions. Technical analysts on the server predict future cryptocurrency movements and then alert users to purchase and sell signals.

The platform also offers a ton of educational material about cryptocurrencies. Members can even consult a playbook at any moment for carrying out trades and investments.

Additionally, Axion offers VIP subscriptions that can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. This subscription offers priority access, staff-only premium chat, on-demand technical analysis, and VIP-only premium chat. Costs for a trial subscription are $20.69.

To join the community, you must click a verification code, therefore pay close attention to the instructions in your direct messages.

7: Contaminated Futures

Contaminated Futures

The main area of concentration for Filthy Rich Futures is bitcoin futures, which can be quite profitable throughout the year. Along with being welcoming, the crew is also well-versed in sound technical analysis and trustworthy trading signals.

Nearly 18,000 people make up its community, which is focused on NFTs, games, and tokens. The majority of them also engage in active futures trading.

Users can obtain the premium subscription for Filthy Rich Futures by becoming a member, boosting the server, or participating in the trade chat. The staff’s products are covered in instructional and informative content available only through premium access.

The server also includes a streaming feed, a news channel, and a futures guidebook. Members also get access to an Excel worksheet on the server where they can track their trades and receive suggestions on how to become better traders.

8: Cracking Crypto

Cracking Crypto

A trading group that focuses on cryptocurrencies is called Cracking Crypto. Its employees are full-time traders with backgrounds in Forex and cryptocurrency trading platforms. The server makes the case that it is the most accessible and open trade group.

Users of Cracking Crypto’s premium members have access to the trade journals, in-depth videos, and courses of the team. Members can pick up the fundamental technical skills of cryptocurrency trading, from planning to portfolio allocation.

9: Cryptodra


Which Bitcoin Server Should I Use? Go to Cryptodra if you’re looking for something more sophisticated. In 2016, Cryptodra began trading, and since 2017, it has done so profitably.

Cryptodra differentiates itself from the competition by utilizing order books and derivative market data instead of technical research. He also employs a data-driven methodology to provide in-depth insights into the cryptocurrency industry.

The market’s current events and the best times for members to buy, sell, or hedge their investments are primarily the emphasis of Cryptodra. Even though there are only a little over 1,600 members, they are really serious cryptocurrency traders.

Members of a premium membership receive a Zoom call that goes over every aspect of cryptocurrency trading, from risk management to trading psychology, and discusses the drawbacks of reading order books and technical analysis. Additionally, it offers premium market research, group chat, regular Zoom calls, and one-on-one consultations with Cryptodra.

The cost of a lifetime membership is $699. Although it’s not inexpensive, Cryptodra is open about his stellar record. Members receive a general market overview and conversation for everything relating to cryptocurrencies without the premium feature.

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