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Fix the 550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients Error

That was another assist with the request that we got at our Outsourced Expert Technologist Services. “#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”, Where we settle support requests for web working with providers.

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Around here at ARZHOST, the working with customer kept on getting the error “550 enduring dissatisfaction for something like one recipient” from one of her contacts.

What causes “550 incredibly strong prevention dejected” email error?

The particular kickback mail got by the customer was:

  • This message was made normally employing mail movement programming.
  • A message that you sent couldn't be passed on to somewhere around one of its recipients. This is a dependable screw-up. The going with address(es) failed
  • have [168.xx.xx.105]
  • SMTP error from the remote mail server after the finish of data
  • 550 very strong frustrations for no less than one recipient ( blocked)

From the weave message, the recipient mail server hindered mail to “#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients, To address this, we truly need to at first track down the justification for the error.

550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients

Thusly, our Hosting Expert Planners fixed the expected purposes behind the recipient server to hinder messages with the mix-up “550 very strong frustration” which fuse:

550 Permanent dissatisfaction obstructed email issue is conceivably the most notable blunder working with customers may insight. In this part, we are discussing a piece of the typical explanations behind this error code appear.

“#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”, They are:

  • Right when the recipient’s email working with the server thwarts your IP.
  • The email address of the recipient isn’t found or doesn’t exist.
  • The recipient’s email inbox is full and can’t receive extra messages.
  • Momentarily weakened recipient’s email.
  • The working server names your email as spam and squares the mail.

All things considered, the legitimization for the error “550 very solid disillusionment for somewhere around one recipients” lies at the recipient’s end. In any case, inexplicit conditions, the clarification can be on the sender’s end as well.

1. Sending server IP boycotted.

Spam noticing associations like Barracuda, Spamhaus, etc keep a summary of servers that routinely send spam sends. To fight against spam, most mail servers block sends from such boycotted servers.

Here for our circumstance, we confirmed that our mail server was not recorded in any blacklists and it had a great web reputation.

So unmistakably that was not the legitimization for mail dissatisfaction. Another possible justification behind the error was that the here and their recipient server acknowledged the sender as coercion.

“#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”, Permit us to check how this can happen.

2. Horrible SPF record for the region

Many email servers use a security feature called SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to ensure the validness of the email sender. This SPF record picks the servers that can send letters for the space.

Right when sends start from servers that are not referred to in SPF record of room, mail servers acknowledge them as distortion sends and reject them.

Here, for the present circumstance, the space was using a custom Spam channel organization from the Web Host. “#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”, Be that as it may, the IP address for Spam direct was missing in the SPF record, and the server excused the mail.

We corrected the SPF record for as:

  • com. 600 IN TXT "v=spf1 a MX a: ~all"
  • We added the segment in the SPF record for

Starting there forward, we sent a test mail to This time the SPF check by the recipient server passed and mail was adequately passed on.

Recipient server issues:

Accepting you’ll see a message like any of these, you should contact the recipient by various means (telephone, Facebook, or another kind of contact) mentioning that the recipient contacts the email server’s working with the association or the associate director of the association (under corporate messages) to fix the issue. Ideally, you should propel the error message to the recipient using a working email address. “#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”, So the person being referred to can progress to the individual answerable for the email server’s plan.

Now and again you may send an email to some unsatisfactory email.

In 80% of cases “550 #5.1.0 area excused” error is achieved by sending letters to some unsuitable area. Truly normal mistake, that can cause such errors. Messages may in like manner be bounced accepting you are sending an email to a non-existing area, or an area that is at this point not being utilized on the recipient server.

  • If the issue is in the authenticity of the recipient area – you will get "550 5.1.1: Recipient address excused".

To settle this, “#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”, you just need to check if an area you are sending an email is existent and formed precisely.

Misconfigured MX record on the recipient region

The other legitimization behind bounced email may be related to the misconfiguration of the recipient’s MX record. In case the area that you are conveying something explicit is settling wrongly – the recipient’s server cannot manage an email account and the email will sway.

To handle this, you should check the MX records of recipient space by going with the request:

  • tunnel MX

Expecting you notice any misconfiguration in MX records. You should contact the recipient’s server support with a request to handle the issue. “#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”, Note that this slip-up is on the recipient’s side, not yours!

Recipients mail server misconfiguration

A large portion of the mail servers is tuned with wellbeing endeavors and custom security game plans. Such security arrangements like firewall and spam channels are ordinarily used to block lamentable messages from showing up at the waiter and spam filtering.

Regardless of anything else, you truly need to appreciate whether or not the recipient’s firewall is obstructing your server:

  • telnet 25

Expecting a firewall or spam channels are bouncing your email. “#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”, Confirm the recipient’s channels and blacklists.

Sender server issues:

We should now review two or three error messages you can check whether something is off with regards to your email server plan of course expecting that your email server is hailed as a wellspring of spam. “#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”. The establishment for instance, “550 #5.1.0 area excused” errors may be achieved by sender server issues.

You are sending spam

The greater part of mail servers (like Postfix and Exchange) have a decision to bounce messages from non-certain messages. Moreover, most mail servers check out blacklists before pushing the mail to the recipient, and if your mail server is boycotted. Your email will be deflected.

To guarantee your sends are not considered spam. Check to accept that your SPF records exist and RDNS is planned exactly:

  • have your_IP_address

Similarly, in “#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”. You truly need to guarantee that your IP address isn’t boycotted.

Your email account is hacked

Software engineers are not resting nowadays, and you can’t be 100% sure that your record is secure and guaranteed. Accepting you notice any messages that you didn’t send. Some spam that is been sent from your record without your commitment. Truly investigate the logs and assurance you don’t have any substance for mass spam mailing.

The first thing you need to do is keep an eye on the unlikely event that there are any spamming scripts. “#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”, Expecting that there is no such change in the mysterious word, using a type of strong sporadic mystery key generator and cutoff the permission to your mail only for quite a while.

Sender server misconfiguration

Without a doubt, even such direct issues in an arrangement like the plan of recipient region as a local space in the sender server may cause email deflecting. “#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”, Most certainly, that is odd, but simultaneously inspiration to twofold check your mail server game plan


“#550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients”, email error in a general sense happens given the impediments at the recipient mail server. Today at ARZHOST, we’ve seen how our Hosting Expert Planners corrected the sender region settings and fixed the error.

People Also Ask

Question # 1: What is the permanent error for email?

Answer: Permanent errors indicate when the recipient’s server returns the email to the sending server. This usually applies when the address of one or more recipients is no longer active and therefore can’t receive messages anymore.

Question # 2: What is a 550 permanent failure?

Answer: 550 Long-lasting disappointment obstructed email issue is perhaps the most widely recognized error facilitating clients might experience. At the point when the beneficiary’s email facilitating server hinders your IP. The email address of the beneficiary isn’t found or doesn’t exist. The beneficiary’s email inbox is full and can’t get additional messages.

Question # 3: Why are my emails coming back as undeliverable?

Answer: Accepting the email is skipped back to you as “undeliverable” it could infer that the receiving email server is momentarily distant, over-trouble, or basically couldn’t be found. If the server has crashed or is under help (in that capacity, momentarily distant), you should clutch send the email again.

Question # 4: What causes a mailer daemon?

Answer: At the point when you receive mail from a “MAILER-DAEMON” or a “Mail Conveyance Subsystem” with a subject like “Bombed Conveyance” or comparable, it implies that an email you sent was undeliverable and has been “arzbed” back to you. These messages are created consequently and generally incorporate a justification behind the conveyance disappointment.

Question # 5: Why are my Outlook emails not being received by recipients?

Answer: Actually take a look at your spam, garbage, and additionally other conceivable inboxes/organizers. Look for the messages that you might be absent with the hunt choice to check whether they are winding up in an alternate organizer. Eliminate and once again add the email account on the Viewpoint application. Check for any forthcoming updates for your gadget or for the Standpoint application.


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