DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN

OpenVPN is an incredible tool to do get feature point connections. However, consistently a singular wrong development during the plan can break the connection and result in errors.

One such error in OpenVPN is “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”. Around here at ARZHOST, we help customers with settling OpenVPN connection errors as a part of our Managed VPN organizations.

Today, we’ll talk about the best 5 purposes behind the mix-up can’t resolve have addressed in OpenVPN and how we fix them.

Can’t resolve to have an address in OpenVPN – What does this suggest?

Customers typically face this error when trying to make an OpenVPN connection. This screw-up suggests that the DNS servers wouldn’t resolve the hostname. Here “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”, our Hosting Expert Planners check the server logs and point by point error looks like this:

  • 2019-01-21 20:19:01 MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1489260308, RESOLVE,
  • 2019-01-21 20:19:01 RESOLVE: Cannot settle have the address: vpn.xx.xx.xx.xx.com: node name nor surname gave, or not known

Can’t resolve to have an address in OpenVPN – Causes and Fixes

By and by, what about we see the rule explanations behind this mistake and how our Dedicated Hosting Planners fix them.

1) Firewall restrictions

One of the ordinary purposes behind this error is the customer’s local firewall blocking the relationship with the OpenVPN server. Besides, firewall rules can hinder the DNS relationship on the system. The Antivirus program presented on the customer’s structure can in like manner hamper the VPN closeness.

Thusly, in such cases, our Expert Technologist briefly weakens the security applications and the Antivirus program individually. “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”, Likewise, we can sort out which application is blocking the connections and fix its settings.

Also, we word to allow the going within firewall:

  • Circle support interface or hostname itself.
  • The interface is made by OpenVPN.
  • UDP groups on port 53 for DNS requests.

Besides, we ensure that the ports required for the OpenVPN to pass on are associated with the switch settings.

2) Incorrect hostname

Similarly, a language mix-up in the hostname or an inert host shown in the OpenVPN settings can provoke this error. As a matter of first importance, our Expert Technologist confirms whether the host is dynamic using the ping request.

  • ping vpn.xx.xx.xx.xx.com

Besides, we truly investigate the DNS accessibility of the hostname using tunnel and lookup orders:

  • tunnel vpn.xx.xx.xx.xx.com
  • lookup vpn.xx.xx.xx.xx.com

Accordingly, “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”, we certify that whether the customer uses a generous and right hostname.

Accepting we track down any issues with the hostname, we’ll contact the customer and update them to use the right hostname. On the other hand, we update the customer to use the express IP address rather than the domain name.

3) DNS servers

Accepting that doesn’t work. “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”, this error can be achieved by the DNS settings.

Occasionally, DNS servers don’t resolve the server name translating it to the IP address. This can be a direct result of DNS spoofing in specific countries that control locales. Toward the day’s end, the DNS waiters in these countries won’t resolve the hostname.

Give some unsuitable IP addresses provoking a dead association. Our Expert Technologists adequately fix this by helping the customer with changing the DNS servers on their PC to the ones outside the country. There are many free DNS servers open like Google, OpenDNS, etc

  • Google DNS: and
  • OpenDNS server: and
  • For example, on a Mac structure, we change the DNS servers from System Preferences > Network > Select the relationship through which you interface > Advanced > DNS > DNS servers > Update the new DNS servers > OK > Apply.

Most importantly, we update the customers to change the association connector settings as well.

4) OpenVPN client plan

Still, this mistake can in like manner be achieved by misconfigured OpenVPN client plan. “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”, A model OpenVPN arrangement takes after this.

  • client
  • dev tun
  • proto TCP
  • remote vpn.xx.xx.xx.xx.com 1194
  • resolve-retry unlimited
  • remote-cert-tls server
  • no-bind
  • persevere through key
  • suffer tun
  • activity word 3
  • pkcs12 D:\\{cert}. p12

A singular wrong entry in this record can impact the working of the VPN organization. In such cases, our Server Specialists get the OpenVPN client arrangement and right some unsuitable entries to fix the issue. Sometimes, we truly need to change the show from TCP to UDP in the course of action to fix the issue.

5) Incorrect host record entry

Moreover, mixed-up sections in the, etc/has a record of your system may achieve this screw-up. Ideally, the localhost section should be in the, etc/has a record of your structure, so that localhost name can be settled. Missing localhost entry or mistake errors in this archive will make issues.

  • 0.0.1 localhost

Here, our Hosting Expert Planners get them. “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”, etc/has entry hints from the customers and guarantee that the chief area is given as under.



People Also Ask

Question # 1: What does it mean when a DNS test fails?

Answer: “DNS Server Not Responding” implies that your program couldn’t build up an association with the web. Commonly, DNS mistakes are caused by issues on the client end, regardless of whether that is with an organization or web association, misconfigured DNS settings, or an obsolete program.

Question # 2: How do you fix a DNS error on a Chromebook?

Answer: You should simply: Open your DNS (Settings > WiFi > Choose your WiFi > Network). Then, at that point, flip the name servers to Google’s DNS, then, at that point, save. That will reset the DNS settings and flush the store.

Question # 3: Can VPN cause DNS issues?

Answer: DNS has name goal issues in a VPN entryway to door arrangement revolve around comparable issues that are experienced with VPN customers: Local and Remote organization has can’t resolve interior organization names. Neighborhood and Remote organizations has can’t resolve Internet have names.

Question # 4: How do I find my DNS?

Answer: To see or alter the DNS settings on your Android telephone or tablet, tap the “Settings” menu on your home screen. Tap “Wi-Fi” to get to your organization settings, then, at that point, press and hold the organization you need to arrange and tap “Alter Network.” Tap “Show Advanced Settings” assuming this choice shows up.

Question # 5: When I use VPN my internet stops working?

Answer: Individuals utilize a VPN for various reasons these days including business-related prerequisites, protection concerns, or unblocking limited substance. If you lose Internet association after interfacing with VPN, check DNS settings, switch servers, or attempt an alternate VPN supplier.

What to do accepting that the program stops working later DNS crash and burn?

The DNS inquiry bombarded error is a net connection error. The Google Chrome error message communicates. This page isn’t open. The server can’t be found, considering the way that the DNS question failed. Accordingly, customers can’t open any site pages in Chrome.

“DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”, Sort out some way to fix this underneath:

1. Consider using a substitute program

Expecting Google Chrome keeps showing you the mix-up message significantly later you struggled all researching plans, you should make a pass at using another program taking everything into account.

On the occasion that affection Chromium-based projects like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, then, we endorse you change to Opera. Not solely is it awesomely stunning and lightweight, yet it is also unquestionably consistent, getting many updates that persistently stay aware of in top condition.

It still goes with extremely supportive instruments, for instance. “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”, a basic advancement blocker, or a VPN, allowing an error-free examining experience, yet also a private one.

2. Clear Chrome’s treats and save

Clearing Chrome’s treats and save might kill misconfigured program data, which may conceivably resolve the “DNS question failed” screw-up. To clear Chrome’s store, click the Customize Google Chrome button.

  1. Select More tools and Clear program data on the menu to open the window shown directly under.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Select All time on the Time range drop-down menu.
  4. Select the Cached pictures and records, Browsing History, and Cookies, and other site data check boxes.
  5. Then, press the Clear data decision.

If the manual strategy appears as though a ridiculous issue, you could for the most part choose a pariah PC all the more perfect. Expecting you do end up contemplating this decision, ought to go for the most elite, and that is CCleaner.

Under this supportive utility. Your PC will be scoured of every single slight piece of data it considers silly. Opening up circle domain, “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”, and giving a show lift to your PC.

3. Open the Internet Connections Troubleshooter

  1. Open Cortana with the Windows key + Q hotkey.
  2. Enter the expression ‘explore’ in the request box.
  3. Select Troubleshoot settings to open the window in the portrayal clearly under.
  4. Select Internet Connections, and snap the Run the agent button.
  5. Then, go through the proposed objectives from the agent.

4. Change the DNS Server

  1. Right-click the Start button and snap Run to message that extra.
  2. Input ‘ncpa.cpl’ in the Open box.
  3. Right-click the unique relationship with select Properties.
  4. Then, select Internet Protocol Version 4, and press the Properties button.
  5. Select the Use the going with DNS server will in general radio button.
  6. Input ‘’ in the Preferred DNS server text box.
  7. Then, enter ‘’ in the Alternative DNS server box.
  8. Click the OK button on the Internet Protocol Version 4 window.

5. Flush the DNS

  • Click the Type here to glance through the button on Windows 10’s taskbar.
  • Enter ‘cmd’ as the pursuit console.
  • Right-click the Command Prompt and select Run as the head.
  • Input ‘ipconfig/flush DNS in the Command Prompt as shown underneath, and press the Enter key.

Flushing the DNS store will clear that hold. “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”, Which is a direct expected objective for the DNS question dissatisfaction error.

6. Restart the Network Stack

  • Enter Command Prompt in the pursuit box.
  • Right-click Command Prompt in Cortana and select Run as manager.
  • Input netsh Winsock reset list in the Command Prompt and press Enter.
  • Enter netsh Winsock reset record in the Prompt, and press the Return button.
  • Close the Command Prompt, and restart Windows.

A couple of customers might need to restart a defiled association stack. “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN”, fix the DNS question blasted error.


In this way, the “DNS Lookup Failed on Host OpenVPN” error in OpenVPN can happen because of firewall disorders, OpenVPN client configuration errors, and so forth. Today at arzhost.com, we’ve analyzed the best 5 purposes behind this mix-up and how our Hosting Expert Planners fix them.



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