How to Check If the Site is Down?

There are different reasons why your website may be down. Here I am going to discuss some troubles that may occur and how we can check if the site is down.

Website Down Reasons

Here are the 5 most important reasons why your site is down. These are:

  • DDoS attack.
  • DNS connection problem
  • CMS complications
  • Unreliable web host
  • Poor coding

If you want to confirm your account, then first you need to log in to your panel. If your account is currently perched due to failure to pay, then a large red suspended notice appears at the top of the screen. To repair this, click the “make payment” button to pay which re-enables your account. A computerized email is delivered to you once the payment has been made and then the system robotically re-enabled your account.

The DNS for your site must then proliferate again online which may take several hours and after that, your site resolves again. There is a high risk of data failure. To avoid data hammering make sure that you have already backup your data.

If you make repeated login attempts in a short period, then it can be seen as an attempt to hack the user. And in order of security issues, the system may slay the user to prevent potential malevolent activities.

How to check page is down

How to check page is down

If the search page is down, then the first step you require to take is to verify if the site is down at all locations or if it is just you who are facing such a problem.

How to check the site is not found

If it is only you who are facing a problem and your computer is unable to view it or the site is not found, then it might be because of the reason that you recently modernized your DNS.

Check the site to see if the new DNS is competent in your location. Proxy sites permit you to find a way around the network issues and analyze the site from different locations.

If the proxy site loads your website, then it confirms that this site is resolving online. But if you still cannot view it, then you need to try flushing DNS and clearing your cache.

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But if your account has not been poised and your registration is current but still you cannot get in touch with your domain even with proxy sites then you need to check to make sure that your computer server is up. You can do this by pinging your domain or by running a traceroute to your server. But if you still cannot accomplish the traceroute or ping the server, then you need to make contact with the support.

If your traceroute shows numerous hops times out, then please get in touch with your ISP for support. Make sure that the files for your site are in the acceptable directory.

How to login via SSH or FTP

If they are assigned to the incorrect use or they are in the faculty directory, then it may avoid the site from loading. Login via SSH or FTP and make sure that the files of the site are in the correct directory.

How to login via SSH or FTP

And if you have accomplished any type of DNS changes freshly then your DNS may take more time to proliferate online. This includes the following changes:

  • Adding host
  • Changing name servers
  • Adding a custom DNS
  • Changing hosting

Mostly, the changes revise online within one day or in 6 hours although nameservers can acquire up to 72 hours which means 3 days. You still have 30 days to replenish the registration if your domain has expired.

And if your site is using a lot of resources, your processes are mechanically killed which may be the reason for your site to go down.

Site down checker:

A site down checker is available that tells you if your site is down. This will give you a fast report and complete information about rank code responses.

What will happen when a website shuts down?

What will happen when a website shuts down

When your website shuts down, your followers and audience would not be able to enter the content on your website any longer and your website may still be positioned on the Google search but after a few days, it will vanish from the Google search rank.

How can we check if a website is down?

Here are the quick step-by-step points to check if a website is down.

  • First Check the Internet connection
  • Check your web host
  • Then check your email
  • Check your DNS
  • Please Check your Registrar
  • Check your CMS
  • Call your web host
  • Call your developer

These are the reasons why your site is not found.

Sometimes, the issue occurs in your internet connection not in your website so you also need to check the internet connection if there is any problem related to it.


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