You may get a “space confound” a mistake when interfacing with a ARZhost mail worker in the event that you utilize your OLD ARZhost mail worker subdomain.
For Example;


Connected clearly to your web Host mail specialist:

Earlier, it was possible to use to relate (where is your real space name). Promise you are potentially using your mail worker name while partner. This should be one of the going with, in the point that you’re using IMAP or POP to relate.

Report in the approved in Mac Mail or iPhone:

A message shows up if you’re utilizing your site’s mail subdomain ( rather than the mail subject matter expert (as shown as of now).
You can either change the server name you use with the rules above, or recognize the new verification in your mail application. This revelation is absolutely alright for you to recognize. At the point when your mail client saves the new confirmation, your email client works consistently again.

Mac Mail customers:

There two or three definite issues with Mac Mail not saving the new confirmation all along. You may need to see The Server you are Connected to is Using a Security Certificate that Cannot Be Verified on many time with the ‘Continue’ button. A couple of customer’s report that several try, the report is saved. If it really can’t relate after these tasks, promise you use the mail worker name for you (e.g., or

iPhone (iOS) customers:

Open ‘Settings > Mail > Accounts’, tap the record and address, and there after return the host name. If this doesn’t work, have a go at setting up email as another record. Go to ‘Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account’.

In case you need further help:

In exceptional cases, Mac OS may hold past SSL confirmations still the Mail account having been dispensed with and Keychain Access being released of related assertions and passwords.
If you track down that any of the above propels don’t resolve the issue, have a go at killing your record absolutely from Mail, get out Keychain Access of * confirmations, and dispose of any saved passwords for your record. By then, reboot your Mac to flush any extra plan of the record from your structure.