Read UDP: Unknown Error (Code=10054)

Open VPN uncommonly chips away at your electronic cover. Oftentimes, Open VPN clients don’t work successfully and show up connection errors also. This Windows error message suggests the connection was reset. which probably implies you need either port sent viably or firewall planned exactly.

One such error is Open VPN error 10054. “Read UDP: Unknown Error (Code=10054)” happens when the OpenVPN server connection gets reset. Around here at ARZHOST, we address Open VPN connection errors for our customers as a part of our Managed VPN Services.

Today will see how our Hosting Expert Planners examine and fix OpenVPN error 10054.

What causes Open VPN error 10054?

OpenVPN manages a client-server model. In essential words, the OpenVPN client begins a relationship with the OpenVPN server. “Read UDP: Unknown Error (Code=10054)”, Further, all correspondence occurs through this channel. That is how OpenVPN manages the security of customer data.

Occasionally, when this connection is reset, it shows the slip-up:

  • ##Jan 23 17:41:39 2019 read UDP: Unknown mix-up (code=10054)
  • Jan 23 17:42:10 2019 TLS Error: TLS key trade fail to occur inside 60 seconds (truly investigate your association accessibility)
  • #Jan 23 17:42:10 2019 TLS Error: TLS handshake failed

This slip-up shows that the UDP bundles couldn’t go to the Open VPN server.

As of now, “Read UDP: Unknown Error (Code=10054)”, let’s see the top reasons that can cause this connection reset error.

1. Wrong firewall settings

VPN connection reset can happen given some unsuitable Firewall settings on the PC that runs the Open VPN client. As the firewall impedes the connection, the data packs don’t show up at the server.

To a great extent, “Read UDP: Unknown Error (Code=10054)”, even the firewall at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) moreover can cause Open VPN error.

Lately, when a customer uncovered issues with Open VPN error 10054, it was the ISP firewall affecting the connection. Here, the ISP switch was giving all of the devices a comparable public IP address, which made conflict.

2. Wrong port sending

Whenever VPN uses Network Address Translation otherwise called NAT firewall, then, there is a requirement for remote port sending. Here, port sending propels all moving toward a relationship with planning with the port number to within PC with the express area.

Regardless, when there are mistaken port sending rules set in the Open VPN server, it can again achieve Open VPN error 10054.

People Also Ask

Question # 1: How do I fix network Socket Error 10054?

Answer: Solution 1. Check Peer Peer connection

  1. If the address of the computer or host is correct.
  2. The other computer or the host, if it is still on or disabled.
  3. Make sure the network between you and the other computer is still up.
  4. Check the network configuration of the other computer if it is unreachable.

Question # 2: What port should OpenVPN listen to?

Answer: By default, the OpenVPN Access Server comes configured with OpenVPN daemons that listen on port 1194 UDP, and OpenVPN daemons that listen on port 443 TCP. While the best connection for an OpenVPN tunnel is via the UDP port, we implement TCP 443 as a fallback method.

Read More———-

Question # 3: Does OpenVPN port forward?

Answer: One of the greatest benefits of OVPN is that it allows port forwarding when connected. By forwarding a port, you can, for example, run a web server on your device even though that device is connected to OVPN.

Question # 4: Where is the OpenVPN client config file?

Answer: 4. x subnet should have a port forward rule that says forward UDP port 1194 from my public IP address to 192.168. 4.4. Open up the server’s firewall to allow incoming connections to UDP port 1194 (or whatever TCP/UDP port you have configured in the server config file).

Question # 5: What is a socket error on the Internet speed test?

Answer: As it turns out, the ‘socket error’ when running an Internet speed test with your browser can be caused by your firewall – even if you’re using the built-in firewall (Windows Firewall). This scenario is most encountered on a Wi-Fi connection. Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Next, type ‘firewall.

How do we fix Open VPN error 10054?

We just saw the ordinary purposes behind the error. As of now, “Read UDP: Unknown Error (Code=10054)”, let’s research how our Hosting Expert Planners fix the OpenVPN connection.

1. All things considered investigate server connection

First thing, we investigate the relationship between the home PC to the OpenVPN server. For this, we use the telnet request in the association

  • telnet <VPN address> <port>

Accepting the connection doesn’t fill in true to form. “Read UDP: Unknown Error (Code=10054)”, We then, mind the server side to check whether connections are showing up at the Open VPN server from this particular client.

2. Shocking firewall

On the off chance that connections are on no occasion, showing up at the server the client PC firewall will have an impact on it. To disengage this firewall dependence, our Dedicated Engineers prescribe customers to slow down the firewall and repeat the telnet check. For example, in the case of Windows customers, we demand that they cripple Windows Firewall absolutely and have a go at interfacing.

Again, if there are further screw-up messages, “Read UDP: Unknown Error (Code=10054)”, it suggests there is something past the PC firewall.

3. Adjust port sending rules

Presently, we check the port sending rules in the Open VPN server. We look for language errors in the rules and fix them. “Read UDP: Unknown Error (Code=10054)”, handles the Open VPN error 10054, and makes Open VPN end up extraordinary.


To lay it out simply, Open VPN error 10054 happens mainly due to firewall settings or wrong port sending rules in the Open VPN server. Today, “Read UDP: Unknown Error (Code=10054)”, we saw the normal clarifications behind the mistake and how our Hosting Expert Planners restore VPN openness.



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