Automatically Add New Top Level Pages to This Menu

Have made another page without to be checked Automatically add new undeniable level pages to this menu and automatically made another page that was implanted in the current menu.

From there on engaged the choice of Automatically add new undeniable level pages to this menu and made another page. It was moreover inserted to the current menu the new made page.

What are Top Level Pages?

A general page is a clipboard page, generally made through the Page-New method, that is definitely not an embedded page. The system makes numerous general pages in every day practice, regular movement. Your activities can make other undeniable level pages. Most undeniable level pages are named, and have a connected class.

  • Engaging or weakening the setting of Automatically add new Top level pages to this menu doesn’t accept any part, seems, by all accounts, to be that doesn’t do nothing this setting.

You can add classes, pages, or custom associates with a menu. Classes and pages ought to be made before they can be added as menu things here. Regardless, you can check the option in contrast to automatically add new top level pages, box to add pages as you make them. You can in like manner change your menu design by moving the different things. Expecting a thing is indented under another, it’s a subsection of that menu class.

In case you could help about, if there is something that this setting is used for,

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