FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing

This mix-up is caused on account of the awful settings in the FTP server. Misconfiguration of FTP client when latent mode setting injures, and considerably more. FileZilla is free programming. “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, has two variations for instance FileZilla Client and FileZilla Server.

The Client has cross-stage support yet the Server just sponsorships Windows. This application is used to move records between PCs on an association. In any case, “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, lately, a huge load of reports has been coming in where customers experience “Fail to Retrieve Directory Listing” error while trying to interface with the server.

That is the explanation we consistently get requests from our customers to address the slip-up like “FTP can’t recover list posting” as a component of our Server Management Services. Today, around here at ARZHOST.COM, “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, we’ll see how our Support Engineers fixed the issue for our customers.

What is the “FTP can’t recuperate library posting” error?

“FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing” This error “FTP can’t recuperate record posting” suggests that the customer couldn’t get to the archives from the FTP server. Customers experience a misstep message like this.

  • Error: Failed to recuperate file posting

As of now, in “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing” We should see the explanations behind the error and the reliable response to fix it.

What Causes the Fail to Retrieve Directory Listing Error on FileZilla?

In the wake of getting different reports from various customers, we decided to investigate the issue and defined a lot of plans that killed it for most of our customers. In like manner, “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing” we researched the reasons on account of which this issue is set off and recorded conclusively the most typical ones underneath.

  • Windows Firewall: In many cases, the FileZilla server worked locally yet not in a good way. Whenever a connection try was made locally this screw-up was set off. This error is set off considering the way that FileZilla’s connection was being thwarted by the Windows Firewall.
  • Despite the way that the unique case for a particular port might be incorporated the Firewall, “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, uses an “Idle Mode” to send and get records. This is done on discretionary TCP ports. Appropriately, these ports are thwarted by the Firewall and this error is set off.
  • Encryption: There are a couple of kinds of connection encryptions that you can use while trying to interface with the server. Yet some are more secure than the others they can oftentimes cause issues even with the genuine relationship by holding the relationship back from being set up.

Since you have an essential understanding of the possibility of the issue, we will forge ahead towards the courses of action. “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, Attempt to execute these in the specific manner where they are familiar with evade struggles.

People Also Ask

Question # 1: What does the FTP RETR command do?

Answer: A client issues the RETR command after successfully establishing a data connection when it wishes to download a copy of a file on the server. The client provides the file name it wishes to download along with the RETR command. The server will send a copy of the file to the client.

Question # 2: What is rfc959?

Answer: RFC 354 obsoleted RFCs 264 and 265. The File Transfer Protocol was now defined as a protocol for file transfer between HOSTs on the ARPANET, with the primary function of FTP defined as transferring files efficiently and reliably among hosts and allowing the convenient use of remote files storage capabilities.

Question # 3: How do I enable FTP in Chrome?

Answer: Open Chrome and type “chrome://flags” in the address bar.

  1. Once in the flag’s area, type “enable-FTP” in the search bar stating “search flags”.
  2. When you see the “Enable support for FTP URLs” option tap where it says “Default”.
  3. Tap the “Enable” option.
  4. Hit the “Relaunch Now” option at the bottom of the page.


Question # 4: How do I FTP all files in a directory?

Answer: To transfer files to another computer, open an FTP connection to that computer. To move files from the current directory of your computer, use the put command. The asterisk ( * ) is a wildcard that tells FTP to match all files starting with mine. You can also use a question mark ( ? ) to match a single letter.

Question # 5: How do I open a blocked port?

Answer: Open firewall ports in Windows 10

  1. Navigate to Control Panel, System and Security, and Windows Firewall.
  2. Select Advanced settings and highlight Inbound Rules in the left pane.
  3. Right-click Inbound Rules and select New Rule.
  4. Add the port you need to open and click Next.

The course of action 1: Creating a Firewall Rule

If the Firewall is ruining FileZilla from interfacing with the web. It will not fill in true to the form. The error will be set off. Consequently, in this movement, “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, we will be first limiting the ports for FileZilla and thereafter adding uncommon cases for them in the Firewall. To do that:

  1. Dispatch the “FileZilla Server” on the “Server” PC.
  2. Snap-on the “Modify” decision and select “Settings” from the list. Clicking on “Adjust” and select “Settings”
  3. Snap-on the “Detached Mode Settings” decision from the left sheet and check the “Usage Custom Port Range” decision.
  4. Enter “2100” in the principal box and the second box. Entering 2100 in the two the compartments
  5. Snap-on “Okay” to save your settings.
  6. Press the “Windows” + “I” attaches simultaneously to open settings.
  7. Snap-on “Update and Security” and select “Windows Security” in the left pane. Selecting “Update and Security”
  8. Snap-on the “Firewall and Network Protection” decision and select the “Advanced Settings” button. Clicking on “State of the art Settings”
  9. Left-click on the “Inbound Rule” decision and subsequently right-click on it again.
  10. Select “New Rule” from the list. Selecting “New Rule”
  11. Under the heading “What Type of Rule you want to make”, check the “Port” decision and snap on “Next”. “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, Checking the “Port” decision
  12. Check the “TCP” decision and check the “Specific Local Ports” option. Checking “TCP” and the “Specific Local Ports” decision
  13. Write in “21,2100” in the space and snap on “Next”.
  14. Note: set up for 21 create the port that you picked while making the server
  15. Check the “Grant Connection” decision and snap on “Next”. Clicking on “Grant Connection”
  16. In the accompanying screen, check the “Private”, “Space” and “everybody” options. Checking the Private, Domain, and Public decisions
  17. Snap-on “Next” and enter the name which you want for this rule. Entering the name for the norm
  18. Snap-on “Finish” to add this norm.
  19. Repeat this comparable cycle for “Dynamic Rules” to add a comparable standard for it too.

The course of action 2: Changing Encryption

The Encryption plans might be causing the issue. As needs are, in this movement, “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, we will be changing the encryption for the connection. For that:

  1. Open “FileZilla Client” on the “Client” PC.
  2. Snap-on “Record” and select “Site Manager”. Clicking on File and picking “Site Manager”
  3. Expecting the server, you want to connect with isn’t presently in there select “New Site”.
  4. Add the hostname, username, and secret key for the relationship.
  5. Snap-on the “Logon Type” dropdown and select “Common”.
  6. Snap-on the “Encryption” dropdown and select “Simply Use Plain FTP”. Changing Encryption Settings
  7. Make the relationship and confirm whether the issue proceeds.

The course of action 3: Changing FTP Configurations

The FTP settings in all likelihood won’t be arranged exactly as expected because of which the stumble is being set off. As needs are, “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, in this movement, we will be changing certain FTP courses of action. To do that:

  1. Open “FileZilla Client” on the “Client” Computer.
  2. Snap-on “Adjust” and select “Settings”. Clicking on “Change” and select “Settings”
  3. Snap-on “FTP” under “Connections” and check the “Dynamic” option. Clicking on FTP and checking “Dynamic”
  4. Check “Grant Fallback to other trade modes on Failure”.
  5. Snap-on “Unique Mode” under the “FTP” heading and check the “Ask your functioning system for External IP Address” option. Clicking on “Powerful Mode” and checking the “Ask your functioning structure for External IP Address” decision
  6. Snap-on the “Separated Mode” decision and check the “Fall Back to Active Mode” option. “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, Clicking on “Latent Mode” and checking the “Fall Back to Active Mode” decision
  7. Snap-on “Okay” to save your settings and confirm whether the issue perseveres.

The course of action 4: Altering Host Name

Occasionally, while making a relationship with a specific host changing the hostname to begin a particular show might fix the misstep. Consequently, “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, in this movement, we will alter the hostname. For that:

  1. Open “FileZilla Client” on the “Client” PC.
  2. Snap-on the “Hostname” decision.
  3. Enter the going with before the veritable hostname of the waiter
  • sftp://
  1. Enter the rest of the nuances and check whether the issue drives forward.


Thus, ARZHOST gives you the solution “FTP can’t improve library posting” mix-up can happen on account of a misconfiguration in firewall settings, incorrect inactive port reach, and that is just a hint of something larger. Today, “FTP Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing”, we’ve analyzed the super 4 purposes behind this error and how our Hosting Expert Planners fixed them.


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