How to create a new file in Linux?

Allow how to make another record is a critical skill for anyone using Linux reliably. You can make another record either from the request line or from the work region report chief.

To make another record you need to have create approvals on the parent vault. Else, you will get an approve reject fail.

There two different ways to deal with make and adjust a report when startup into an ARZhost specialist. This article to make how to use two word processors:

  • Nano — Best choice for learner
  • vim — More features than Nano, yet what’s more difficult to use. vim is a good choice for front line customers

How does Nano Controller record?

  • Nano is an essential, modeless, WYSIWYG request line content device associated with most Linux base.
  • To open another reasonable Nano record, run the request: Nano.
  • There is help to move for every limit in Nano.
  • To replace text in the record, first open the request bar with CTRL (^W) and a while later press CTRL (^R).

How does VIM Controller record?

  • Open another or existing record with vim filename.
  • Type I to switch into insert mode so you can start adjusting the record.
  • Enter or change the substance with your files.
  • At whatever point you’re done, press the takeoff key Esc to escape install mode and back to arrange mode.
  • Type: wp to save and leave your record.

Making a File with the Redirection Operator

Redirection allow you to get the yield from a request and send it as commitment to another request or record. There are two unique approaches to redirect respect a record. The > executive will overwrite a current report, while the >> chairman will join the respect the record.


In this instructional exercise, you divide some way to make How to create a new file in Linux another record in Linux from the request line using various orders and redirection. In case the request line isn’t your thing you can without a very remarkable stretch make an unmistakable book archive using the right-click menu in the File Manager.

If you have questions, don’t stop for a second to leave a comment under.




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