The Tier 1 Data Center Definition categorization levels were created by the Uptime Institute more than 25 years ago, and they continue to serve as the global standard for data center uptime performance today.


Our Tier 1 Data Center Definition provides an explanation of the infrastructure required for tier data center standard operations. According to the needed level of system availability, tiers are assigned.

These categories are reliable and objective methods for comparing the infrastructure performance of various sites and coordinating infrastructure investments with corporate goals.

As the creator and most reputable source for data center Tier Certification, Uptime Institute. You can rely on our Tier Certification ratings to evaluate your capabilities and meet your performance requirements.

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What Exactly Is a Tier 1 Data Center?

A Tier 1 Data Center Definition is a specific kind of data center with just one supplier for servers, network connections, and other parts.

What Exactly Is a Tier 1 Data Center

It is one of the most basic types of data center tiers and is devoid of any redundant or backup supply of operational services and data center infrastructure parts.

  1. A Level 1 data center is an alternative name for a Tier 1 data center.
  2. The entry-level data center tier is known as a Tier 1 data center.
  3. It was developed by the Uptime Institute and is used to give balanced availability classification for data centers.

A Tier 1 Data Center Definition lacks any redundant sources of servers, network/Internet links, storage, power, and cooling resources and only has the bare minimum level of tier data center standard architecture. As a result, it is not suitable for business or mission-critical data center services.

A Tier 1 data center typically offers a 99.671 percent availability guarantee and has only 28.8 hours of outage annually.

Tier-1 Data Center Requirements

Tier-1 Data Center Requirements

The most essential infrastructure level for supporting information technology in the workplace and beyond is Tier 1 Data Center Definition. The following requirements must be met by data center Tier one facilities:

  • A particular cooling system that is active after hours.
  • An engine powers a generator in the event of a power outage.
  • Use an uninterruptible power supply for power sags, outages, and spikes (UPS).
  • A place where computers are located.

Tier 1 Data Center Definition provides protection from human error but not against unforeseen failure or outages. Examples of redundant equipment include pumps, generators, UPS modules, and chillers.

The plant will need to totally shut down for preventative maintenance and repairs. Otherwise, there is a risk of unplanned interruptions and catastrophic system failure.

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