Tier 3 Data Center Uptime

Tier 3 Data Center Uptime is classifications based on how well servers that store data and information perform.

The level of security and amount of potential downtime you might encounter over the course of a year depends on the tier of the data center levels you use.

The four data centers are ranked from I to IV, with I being the least effective and IV being the most effective.

Due to the increased frequency of attacks on SMBs, executives and decision-makers are very concerned about guaranteeing business continuity. Given that 50% of all companies lack the funds to recover from a data breach, downtime is costly for SMBs and frequently catastrophic.

Simply put, where you store your data matters, and given how many companies are moving their corporate data to the cloud. It’s critical to understand the differences between the servers that manage your data.

Today, we’ll examine the Tier 3 Data Center Uptime rating system as a whole. How do the various tiers compare to one another, and what it implies for SMBs?

What Exactly Is a Tier 3 Data Center Uptime?

A site with redundant and dual-powered servers, storage, network links, and other IT components is referred to as a Tier 3 Data Center Uptime.

One of the most widely utilized types of data center tiers. It allows for the powering of IT components with a variety of active, independent sources of power and cooling.

A Level 3 data center is an alternative name for Tier 3 data center requirements.

What Exactly Is a Tier 3 Data Center Uptime

With redundant capacity and data center infrastructure components, a Tier 3 data center combines and surpasses the characteristics and capabilities of Tier 1 and Tier 2 data centers. It is the third level or tier of data centers that the Uptime Institute has ever introduced.

IT components can be changed or removed, just like in a Tier 2 data center, without affecting regular data center operations.

There is very little planned or unplanned downtime because of the redundant and continuously operational power supply. It promises 99.982 percent availability with an annual downtime of about two hours or less.

Data Center Tiers by Uptime

  • Tier I: 99.671% uptime; maximum downtime of 28.8 hours per year
  • Tier II: 99.741% uptime; maximum downtime of 22.7 hours per year
  • Tier III: 99.982% uptime; maximum downtime of 1.6 hours per year
  • Tier IV: 99.995% uptime; maximum downtime of 0.4 hours per year

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