WordPress has two or three particularly confounding issues that can thoroughly shut down your site, but don’t provide a ton of guidance concerning what’s causing the issue. “This Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties.” error is one such issue.


Around here at ARZHOST, we would be generally ready to agree that this WordPress error is genuinely puzzling. Hazy cautions that offer little hint concerning what is causing the issue can be hard to fix.

As a part of our Server Management Services. “WordPress Site Not Working: How to Fix It”, we assist our customers with a couple of WordPress questions. Today, let us see how to enough purpose this error.

WordPress error “The site is experiencing particular inconveniences”

Show of destructive error protection remember for WordPress 5.2 features an error message communicating:

This error message can appear in two ways:

  • "The site is experiencing particular inconveniences."

This error, nevertheless, happens only for public pages.

  • "The site is experiencing specific difficulties. Assuming no one cares, either way, peruse your site chairman email inbox for headings."

On the other hand, “WordPress Error – This Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties”, happens when we endeavor to go to a page in the WordPress overseer board.

In more current WordPress interpretations, the assortment of this error examines:

  • "There has been an essential error on your site".

This appears toward the front of the site.

  • "There has been an essential error on your site. Compassionately peruse your site manager email inbox for rules."

This appears on the backend.

WordPress will then, send an email to the manager’s email address. It contains an association with getting to the backend and trying to fix the error. Accepting that we don’t move toward the manager email or can’t get WordPress messages, it is difficult to find the error.

For the most part, it is a regular mix-up. It doesn’t recommend that the site be eradicated or completely broken. If there is an invalid PHP code. “WordPress Error – This Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties”, WordPress 5.2 or more will show this error.

A likely wrongdoer is either a theme or a module update, or possibly a middle WordPress update. We may in like manner go through this slip-up during the time spent a customized update. It will show until the update is done.

How to fix this mistake?

In particular, we can ensure that our WordPress executive email address is correct and we receive cautioning messages.

1: Research mode

With Debug mode, WordPress will show any PHP errors it encounters whenever we effort to get to the site.

Likewise, we can set it to make a log record to look at while holding the error back from being shown unreservedly. Right away, we need to find the wp-config.php record. “WordPress Error – This Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties”, will be in the root WordPress list.

With cPanel, to do this, we can go through File Manager, or we can FTP into the server directly. To make a private log record, we need to add the going with code. We can add it wherever above/* That's beginning and end, quit modifying! Happy adding to a blog. */

  • define ('WP_DEBUG', legitimate);
  • define ('WP_DEBUG_LOG', legitimate);
  • portray (‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', fake);

At the point when done, hit save and subsequently restore a page on the site. Then, we go to the/wp-content/envelope in File Manager or FTP to see the report log. What we are searching for is a line examining ‘PHP Fatal Error:’.

For example:

  • PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclarebp_members_screen_display_profile () (as of late reported in/…/BuddyPress/bp-people/screens/profile.php:22) in/…/BuddyPress/bp-people/screens/profile. Php on line 32

This shows the way close by the record name and name of the module causing the issue.

Thusly, we will know whether the issue was a module, theme, or WordPress focus issue. At the point when we know, we can eradicate those and the site will be back, in actuality.

Then, we enlighten the producer in regards to the subject or module as for the issue to fix the bug. Before proceeding with the examining, assurance to back up the site records first.

Once done, “WordPress Error – This Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties”, take out the code lines we added to the wp-config.php record and save.

2: Address subject disputes

To investigate this, from the start. “WordPress Error – This Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties”, We need to notice the subject in File Manager or FTP program.

  • Click wp-content and a short time later track down the subject
  • Rename the powerful subject. Then, we check if wp-executive starts working again. If it does, the issue was with the point.
  • In such a case, enlighten the maker about the bug. They can help us with handling.
  • On account of nothing changes, we change the subject back to its strange name. The issue was not achieved by our subject.

3: Address module conflicts

If we disregard to get into the WordPress directory portion. “WordPress Error – This Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties”, We access the public_html file with File Manager or FTP.

  • Investigate to wp-content, then, modules, and rename the modules coordinator.
  • Sometime later, accepting the site reloads, the issue was one of the modules.
  • Expecting this is the situation, we can change the name of the modules coordinator back.
  • By and by, change every module name to another and back one by one to see which causes the issue.
  • At the point when found, eradicate the liable party.

4: Update variation of PHP

The issue can similarly be because we have not changed to the latest PHP. Lately, one of our customers went over a PHP deadly mix-up considering the way that the variation was not maintained by WordPress any more drawn out.

Make note that any version of PHP under 5.6 doesn’t work anymore drawn out. Whether or not we run PHP 5.6, we might encounter the mistake. Along these lines, to avoid it later on. “WordPress Error – This Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties”, our Experts Technologist needs to revive PHP to 7+.


Along these lines, but for the most part a regular error. WordPress Site Not Working: How to Fix It, It can moreover happen on account of various reasons. Today at arzhost.com, our Hosting Expert Planners give the solution and we saw how we can fix them.

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